Detachable living area from the kitchen without having to build a bulky wall

The kitchen is actually a heavenly dwelling place where each of us spends time with family, eats fragrant meals and rest from everyday worries. The kitchen space of the model apartments are not just small, but tiny. In this regard, the residents there is a fair desire to expand the room, combined with living room.

Detachable living area from the kitchen without having to build a bulky wall

There are also studios, which combine living room and kitchen provided initially. In this case, the owners often wish to visually separate the "dining" area from the main to enhance the interior and to create the effect of differentiation.

In any case, the zoning of the kitchen and the living room is sometimes not just popular, but a necessary maneuver to create a design.

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The main issues cooking zoning: eliminate odors, choose the style

The main question fairly exciting any owner for zoning of the space kitchen and living room – the smell of food, which can be quite caustic. The trend of combining parts of the apartment came to us from the West, where women don't take so much time cooking. They just prefer to reheat ready-bought foods or convenience foods.

For us, this tradition is not as relevant, so the first thing you have to think, struggling to zoning the kitchen and living room – neutralizing scents. Install over the stove the most powerful extract, get automatic air fresheners and humidifiers, do not buy dense textiles for framing furniture in the room.

Zoning plan kitchen & living room can be made in any design and style. From yourself we recommend you stick to "high technology"high-tech, techno and loft are the most comfortable and practical. Of course, you may prefer the classical or Gothic, but if you decide to optimize space, previously listed styles will be the best solution for you.

As for the cuisine, it will blend with a country or ethnics. Manner to draw table in the spirit of the country came to us from the Americans. Without distinctive design, it is impossible to imagine a kitchen of American homes!

Turning preconceived ideas of zoning living room and kitchen, don't forget to take into account the stylistic integrity of perception of the total composition, the psychological aspect of your household, preserving the functionality and comfortableness of the room. Try to plan your home, so it was equally comfortable for all inhabitants.

Without borders: solaruim combined kitchen and living room

Variants of differentiation of the kitchen and living room in the house diverse and multifaceted, and everyone can find in them specific idea. To divide space in the home through furniture, finishing materials, and even portable structures.

The most common and viable option – the construction of easy curly wall of plasterboard. This not only helps to achieve the desired goals, but additionally decorates the space in the interior.

If you do not want to separate two zones of a fixed partition, you will benefit from the following ideas:

Detachable living area from the kitchen without having to build a bulky wall
  • Bar – a great way to protect kitchen area from the living room or dining room. This solution not only harmonious, but also very functional. If you have a small family, it will be placed at the counter for Breakfast, lunch or dinner. And when you in the house the guests have arrived, they can be placed at the table, located nearby in the living room. Bar as a discriminating element will make the interior extra gloss, elegance, nobility and a kind of charm;
  • Kitchen table. Another way of "furniture" zoning. You can simply place the dining table close to the kitchen. Thus, you get a separate living room, miniature dining room and space for cooking;
  • Paul. If the zoning of the kitchen and the living standard of the partition you do not like, you can delimit the space with finishing materials for the floor. Let the kitchen will be a laminate or hardwood floor, and the room is a decorative tile, or soft carpet. Experiment with color contrasts. Flooring living make rich and intense, and neutral tones leave for the kitchen floor;
  • The top, which is called "kitchen island" – another idea for a comfortable demarcate areas of the Studio. Unfortunately, it has one significant drawback: weak functionality. Its purpose is designed is that the storage elements of a kitchen Arsenal. However, on the tabletop you can install special glass or metal apron which will reliably protect the interior of the living room from the splashing of oil, sauces and bouillons;
  • Arch. A radical way of zoning in the design of the kitchen and living room – structure of the arch. This option will thoroughly spend your time, energy and funds, however, are guaranteed to justify themselves. Arched openings will fit perfectly in any design and will satisfy even connoisseurs. If you're conservative, make the arch in accordance with generally accepted standards. If a direct opening for you too boring and similar, be creative! The archway can be make round, oval, diamond-shaped and notched;
  • The podium. One more radical method of dividing will be a perfect solution in the design Studio. Give your kitchen the podium and additionally protect the glass the front baffle. So your guests will lose the opportunity to watch culinary preparations and the inevitable mess after them.

Color solutions are at your discretion. The main thing – correctly to place accents. If the room is not too large bet on bright colors. For spacious rooms will suit brighter shades, creating contrast and attracting attention. Kitchen combined with living room, perfect design in the style of "Provence".

We recommend you to perform the bulk of the furnish in the following colors:

  • Enchanting purple;
  • Noble Burgundy;
  • Classic white;
  • Neutral olive;
  • Natural beige;
  • A playful terracotta;
  • A delicate pink;
  • Magical turquoise;
  • The blue serene;
  • Discreet gray.

The play of light: how to set "priorities"

Detachable living area from the kitchen without having to build a bulky wall

In any zoning it is important not to forget about lighting that can play in split space key, independent role. With the help of light sources can be beneficial to shade place and highlight functional areas.

A variety of floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, lamp shades and floor lamps further accentuate the individuality and self-sufficiency of each separated region.

If you still aimed at the construction of the podium, we recommend that you create a lower the backlight. This will create a magical atmosphere of peace and relaxation in your home. But used part of the kitchen is to highlight the most vividly. For this apartment strongly fit a single ceiling light.

Smart design Studio apartment in any time not "steal" your home space, and creates a special atmosphere filled with grandeur and lagnasco. If you started to design your own, follow our simple tips, and your idea is guaranteed to come to life at its best!