"Division of territory": how to zone the Studio to the living room and bedroom?

It happens that a young family have to live in a cramped Studio apartment, where there is no division into living room, bedroom and nursery. Ideas of dividing space in this case come to mind as a forced measure. With proper design, even this room can become a comfortable, functional and harmonious, combining the direct purpose of each room.

And if the overall dimensions of the Studio, to share "private" and "guest" area literally needed.

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Flour of choice: determined by the style

If you mention design, you can choose any style in the interior, except for Baroque, Rococo and classicism. These styles are suitable for large areas with a lot of free space because of their inherent attributes visually weigh down the housing area. So the coveted pomp is better to forget.

But Eastern, African or Japanese style will be the best aesthetic solution in the design of the apartment. Zoning of the room into the living room and bedroom you can skillfully complement the "dilution" of styles. For example, the area of the living room is made in the style of a Loft, while the bedroom will have high-tech.

In a one-bedroom flat average area is to create an atmosphere of Fusion, combining fundamentally different interior items and accessories. Fusion is a kind of freedom in the design of the design where there is not a single prohibition.

You can implement in such a room the elements of any chosen style, and definitely will not regret it, because the emphasis in this case is exactly the combination of various textures, ethnic attributes, textile components, decorations and finishing materials.

The "divide" Studio correctly

Thinking through ideas correct division of housing, you should consider the location of specific items. Area where to locate your bed, it is best to hide from prying eyes by attractive curtains or screens. For children's "game" can take a separate bright area, fenced weightless transparent partition.

With furniture you have to work hard: it is important that she is not shy and not piled space and fit seamlessly into the style of your home. By the way, wooden furniture can become a tool of separation, creating a sense of the obstacles, but does not weigh down the interior.

Zoning of living and sleeping room is very important for modern people. The most preferred in the real estate market today are Studio apartments. Spacious area, interesting layout and affordable price makes them especially popular among young families and singles who just want to live separately from their parents.

Naturally, every buyer wants to combine into his new living space a mini-office for work, a place to meet friends and a secluded area for private recreational purposes.

In developing the design of zoning living room and bedroom, it is important to take into account the technical characteristics of the apartment, number of Windows and doors, arches, shape of the dwelling. For example, divide a square room is much more complicated than rectangular. And inconveniently placed door can become a barrier to the formation of a perfect place to sleep.

We encourage you to "look" to all the above aspects even at the time of purchase of housing. And design own design better and does before the start of the inspection of the property.

Select materials

With the help of which you can separate areas in the room?

  • The podium. An excellent attribute that can separate the bedroom from the kitchen, living room and nursery. Leading designers recommend to complement its construction installing a false wall or canopy over the bed;
  • False-partitions. A kind of screen light texture, can visually divide the room, actually leaving it the same. Can be made of glass, wood or plastic, have a skeleton, lattice or ornamental form;
  • Curtains. The most economical option of zoning bedrooms and living room, a completely separate part of the room from each other. Some prefer to use a dense cotton fabric, heavy satin with a "rich" pattern, or a light satin. Artists are advised to select material on the basis of the existing design of Windows;
  • Stationary and mobile partitions. To the fixed options include arches, plasterboard systems, accordion doors, or glass blocks. It is advisable to introduce into the room with lots of Windows, otherwise the structure would impede the natural light one area. Mobile partition – a screen or shelves, the location of which can be easily changed, not applying to this effort. This option is optimal for those planning zoning child's room, living room and bedroom in one premise;
  • Wardrobe. Is the best choice for those who appreciate minimalism and decided to refrain from acquiring large amounts of furniture. This is the universal subject of separation, allowing not only to zoning but also to accommodate all the necessary things.

Tricks design in functional zoning of premises

Because this separation involves the simultaneous relaxation and wakefulness several family members, the selection of options of zoning and design living room and bedroom have to be designed from the comfort.

Special attention should be paid to the lighting: it should not be shared (overhead). Each zone is desirable to highlight in an independent manner. In the recreation area it is possible to arrange floor lamps and led lamps. The living room should be paid special attention: this part should be the lightest. For the bedroom is recommended to select soft sources of scattered light.

Key aspects of competent zoning of a single space:

  • Place the part under as Seating closer to the front door to the room;
  • The bedroom should be in a secluded area, in any case not in a passage place;
  • If possible, plan zoning so that on the bed got natural sunlight;
  • Play with the Wallpaper: it will also allow you to separate one part of space from another. In the living room to bring out the bright contrasting colors in the bedroom, use muted pastel shades of finishing materials;
  • Combine styles. Make a partition in a modern high-tech, living in an ethnic African design, the bedroom to a moderate minimalist;
  • Don't forget about the decor. Accessories in a small apartment needs to be restrained, neutral and miniature. If space allows, you can install three-dimensional paintings, massive lamps and flower pots fancy shapes;
  • If your apartment is too small and you can use a single folding sofa, make sure that you purchase comfortable orthopedic mattress;
  • Bedside tables in this case will serve as a coffee table;
  • You have a house plan small library? Note the racks with continuous shelves, creating the effect of weightlessness and perfectly transmits light;
  • Functional sofas and beds equipped with large drawers for towels and linen – a great way to avoid excessive furniture clutter;
  • The beds in the bedroom area in soft pile carpet a light shade;
  • In place of the reception is possible to have contrasting Wallpapers with your favorite image;
  • Hanging chairs and shelves are still relevant: they do not load the space and does not occupy much space;
  • The idea of zoning the living room and the bedroom you can draw similar pictures on the Internet, or create yourself, by creating a sketch;
  • Every piece of furniture should simply be entered in the General conditions, to be logically thought out and practically applied. It is recommended to abandon surround sofas, large chairs, square tables and massive wardrobes.

Even if the zoning was perfect, it is important to remember to respect the household. If you are a people person, and love to receive guests, and your husband works a lot, we suggest you to buy full Studio without the separate kitchen. Give preference to traditional one-room apartment to receive guests from time to time in the dining room.

We wish you success in your design endeavors! Let our tips help you to make their homes comfortable, cozy and harmonious.