Do not spill water: which celebrities are friends with each other?

Bosom friends can be found in Hollywood. They help each other in matters of love and professional issues, buying houses together, and even called the names of the buddies of their children. What stars are friends with each other, and what the history of this friendship?

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Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham


"She is the most kind, sweet and loyal best friend that you can dream of. We've been through a lot together," says Eva Longoria about Victoria Beckham. The stars began to make friends in 2008 when Beckham couple moved to Los Angeles- David then signed a contract with the local football club. The actress and designer is constantly met at the same events because eve at the time was also married to an athlete, basketball player Tony Parker.

After the marriage, "desperate Housewives" was over, Victoria was by her side and supported her. A new level of relationship stars came out once the Beckham invited the Hollywood actress to become godmother to their daughter Harper. When Eva Longoria wants to get married again, Victoria has agreed not only to witness, but decided to come up with a unique wedding dress, promising that he would be "romantic and sexy". The dress exceeded all expectations nestroganoj eve, who said that a friend did everything possible to make your wedding day was special for her.

After the Beckham family returned to England, friends stopped to chat. Stars regularly visit each other – for example, Victoria traveled to Hollywood to congratulate her friend on getting a star on the walk of Fame, and Eva flew to England for the presentation of new collections.

David Beckham and Tom cruise


The star wife Victoria and David Beckham. He also has good friends, a friendship which lasts a long time. With Tom cruise it communicates over a decade. Celebrities began to make friends after moving the couple of Beckham in Los Angeles. United stars did General Outlook on life and work – so they had a single PR Manager and even a collaborative project of the biker club. Wife stars also became friends. In honor of Tom's wife even named one of his sons. The assurances of the Western media, the rift in the relationship began because of the enthusiasm of Tom's Scientology. The actor tried to pay football player and his family in their faith so zealously that Beckham it became irritating. In an interview in 2007, David stated that he was to star other respect, but a Scientologist to become no plans. Despite differences in matters of religion, the stars continue to be friends, frequent the pubs together, and sometimes come off big. A few years ago, during a party dedicated to the presentation of its own brand of whisky, David Beckham in company with Tom cruise and guy Ritchie climbed up to the triumphal arch. The purpose of this unusual climbing – to make the Threesome selfie at the memory.

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma stone


Jennifer Lawrence and Emma stone – not only bosom friend, but also a favorite of the paparazzi. The fact that girls like having fun spending time together and goofing around so that the photographers come to a complete delight from the resulting images. So at the award ceremony Governors Awards in 2017 they put on quite a show – made faces and danced on the red carpet. Funny and a bit silly antics accompany their stellar friendship permanently. Together actress was going to attend the award "Golden Globes" January 7, 2018. On the appearance of Jennifer Lawrence was a whole team of stylists, when the actress found out that a friend changed her mind and to go anywhere does not want. But the star of "the hunger games" was not offended and laid out on his page in Facebook video, which instantly went viral. It star with one eye made up gives interviews and talks with a smile about the situation with the campaign for the award.

Jennifer aniston and Courteney Cox


Jennifer aniston and Courteney Cox were friends on screen and in life. They started to chat during the filming of the series "Friends", which started in 1994. "Courtney is very fair, extremely loyal and caring. I have many times slept in her living room, falling asleep in tears under her whisper "All is well". Courtney was for me fire and water, as I was always there when she needed help," says Jennifer aniston reporters. Girlfriend had gone through difficult moments – they supported each other during the divorce with brad pitt and David Arquette. Stars even lived together at one time – they bought a Villa in Mexico. Journalists regularly write about the quarrels Actresses, but despite all the rumors they are still my friends.

Brad pitt and George Clooney


The support of friends is needed in difficult moments, and representatives of a strong half of mankind. During the painful divorce from Angelina Jolie strong male shoulder brad pitt was set up by George Clooney, who's always had a known passion of man. According to Western media, the actor even forbade them to come together. However, the friendship of actors that began many years ago during the filming of "ocean's Eleven friends" is not affected.

Nicole Kidman and Naomi watts


Nicole Kidman and Naomi watts first met at the casting – both wanted to advertise swimwear. Nicole was only 16 years old, and Naomi, 15. The first meeting took place far from Hollywood in Sydney. After a trial the girls got to talking and decided to book a taxi together. Kudos to Nicole came faster, but she's not arrogant – on the contrary, always supported the less fortunate Naomi. The actress shared with a friend and the problems and joys – and Naomi was there during a difficult divorce with Tom cruise and Nicole it was her first call when she received the long-awaited "Oscar" in 2003.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe


Australia began a friendship and the other stars. Russell Crowe arrived home after filming "Gladiator" and I saw in the local TV series Hugh Jackman. A personal acquaintance on Australian Studio has grown into a strong friendship. Russell has played a major role in the career of a new acquaintance, which then in Hollywood, no one knew. From the role of Wolverine in "X-Men" actor suddenly refused and asked the filmmakers to watch a demo Hugh Jackman, who in the result and approved. By the way, in 2012, the friends first appeared together on the set – both played in the musical "Les Miserables." According to the crew, they are constantly teasing each other and laughing.

Salma hake and Penelope Cruz


Similar thing happened with other Hollywood stars. When Penelope Cruz came to Los Angeles for the shooting of his first film in the US, she didn't know anyone, except for Salma hake. A friend met her, has kindly offered to stay at her place and had a tour of the city. The stars have been friends for 20 years, they are happy to pose together on red carpets and are often caught by paparazzi in everyday life. By the way, the Actresses starred together in the movie "Bandidas", which was released in 2006. Fans point out that stars are similar, like sisters.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce Knowles


Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce are quite similar in appearance, but they have many common topics for discussion and interests. Here are just a few years ago, the star suddenly stopped talking. In press the information appeared that the husband of Beyonce, rapper Jay-Z, cheated on the star. This was stated by fashion model amber rose, mentioning also that the culprit of the disorder in the family has it Gwyneth Paltrow. She told about it on air of the program "Make Speidi Famous Again".

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck


These Hollywood stars are friends since childhood. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck met when both were 7 years old. They lived on the same street in Cambridge, Massachusetts and often played together. In adolescence, the boys decided that they both want to become actors. The future star began acting in films, but the first role, the desired success has not brought. The situation changed radically when Matt and Ben wrote the screenplay and sold it. After the release of the film "Good will hunting" novice actors who played in it together, woke up real stars. For the script they received the "Oscar" and "Golden globe" and the work fell on them from the horn of plenty. Interesting fact: it turned out that the actors share common roots. According to the study of the Historical genealogical society of New England, they have a common great-grandfather in the tenth lap. William Noltehe is from Ipswich in England, was a Mason in the SEVENTEENTH century.