Domestic injuries in children: what to do if the baby caught her hand?

Small children sometimes learn about the world so that adults can not do without sedatives. It is inevitable, because the basic reflexes are laid in childhood. If a kid once "burned" (directly or indirectly), he will behave more careful in the future, it will develop the most important instincts of self-preservation, which will be important throughout life.

Domestic injuries in children: what to do if the baby caught her hand?

Therefore, to protect him from any danger not only useless, but also detrimental to its own development. Kids often pinch fingers in doors.

Of course, this injury is very painful, but generally safe for health. However, if your child pinched his finger for the first time, you've probably scared not less, and even more of it.

Pampered kids often carry their worldview into adulthood, they are more vulnerable and unwary in certain emergency situations.

Pinch your finger and any adult. What can we say about the children with their inherent curiosity about the environment?

This trivial at first glance, the injury is quite painful, and can cause a lot of wailing and screams. How to give first aid to a child in this situation and mitigate his pain? Does it make sense to go to the doctor, and in what cases it is most important? Let's consider all the major issues concerning this type of household injuries in children.

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Provide first aid

As we mentioned, no serious consequences of this injury as a pinched finger, a not be held. However, the child who received it is experiencing severe and sharp pain that can be quite a long time to pass. Besides, if you leave this problem unattended, the finger of the baby may swell, and his skin is required to be formed hematoma.

So what to do if a child pinched his finger in the door?

First and foremost, you should concentrate on removing the pain of the baby. This will fit a cold compress, which is used in all svezhepoymannyh injuries. Applying ice or omission of the injured limb in cold water not only will provide a fairly rapid neutralization of pain, but also contribute to rapid healing, without bruises, bruises and edematous phenomena.

If your home has ice – immediately wrap it in cheesecloth and apply to the damaged area as a compress. If not, then, use any product from the freezer, for example, wrapped in a package of meat. But the first thing you should do is to stop the shock to the baby as it can cause much more serious harm to his mental health than the accident received bodily injury.

Pay attention to the nature of the injury. When pinched finger in a door or door is opened, the crumbs can damage both the phalanx and the nail. If a pinched nail plate, alas, this injury will be longer than usual, and the nail will probably be updated (the harmed will come down, and in its place will grow the nail).

Domestic injuries in children: what to do if the baby caught her hand?

Such injuries are characterized by rather quickly manifested hematoma under the nail. The shade of the nail plate is changing significantly darkens.

In this case, you should very carefully monitor the "behavior" of nail in the future.

If he rejected and in its place will grow a new fabric, it is important to observe, as it happens. At the slightest sign of ingrown nail is more urgent to show a child specialist. Otherwise, you risk to burden him with this problem for life.

What to do with the edema and swelling?

If your child pinched fingers, and it quickly swelled up – you shouldn't be afraid. It is a natural physiological reaction to trauma, but because your panic is totally misplaced. However, you need to carefully monitor the condition of bruised fingers – if the swelling increases and stubbornly goes during the day, it is important to urgently take the baby to the children's clinic and consult with a specialist.

Unfortunately, when the symptoms of a possible fracture or dislocation. The child's behavior will be appropriate, because when a serious injury the pain persist, and persist and are increasing. It is also important to contact the surgeon in cases when the finger is obviously deformed and not moving (the child is difficult to move them). The rule is true and the reverse phenomenon – such as an unnatural bend of the finger, which is difficult to break.

Usually surgeons do not take any action until, until you passed an x-ray examination, so be prepared to go at it. If the child is small, you should explain to him how to behave in the office to finger quickly .

So, the first actions you should make in this case:

Domestic injuries in children: what to do if the baby caught her hand?
  1. Overlaying a cold compress (you can use any means – the ice packs chilled products, a very cold liquid in which it is necessary to lower children's hands);
  2. Lubrication of the damaged portion of the limb ointment or gel with anti-inflammatory and cooling effect (use creams and ointments, which are used in the injuries themselves);
  3. Treatment of thumb soft sterile cloth (usually a bandage).

Be sure to consult your doctor (or call an ambulance) if you are experiencing the following phenomena:

  • Strong swelling, unusual for such injuries (swelling has spread so that the phalanx became hardly visible);
  • Deep dissection of tissue;
  • Blood under the nail;
  • Bleeding from the wounds;
  • Severe deformation of the joint;
  • Purulent discharge (usually manifested within 24-72 hours after the injury);
  • The temperature increase of the child;
  • Deterioration of the General health and increase pain.

Do not neglect professional help if you are aware that it is needed. Remember that if began to fester, it is important to urgently implement adequate treatment, so that the infectious process has not began to spread. Be sure to follow the health of the child and not let him out of your mind! Remember that when serious traumatic complications all your initiative with overheating, and other not quite appropriate actions can greatly hurt the baby.

Folk remedies

Domestic injuries in children: what to do if the baby caught her hand?

Some women to this day prefer not conservative medicines, and means of alternative medicine. And sometimes it really is effective. For example, many people recommend to put the hurt place the cut half leaf of aloe Vera or Kalanchoe pinnate. This will help to neutralize swelling and to relieve severe pain.

Also important to use herbal decoctions and infusions, especially if you practice herbal medicine and they are available in your home. In this case, you should use the plants that have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiedematous action.

What in any case can not do – so it's warming up. In the first hours after the injury you just can't know what's going on with that hand. And if the finger of the baby is present purulent process, you can severely hurt him, warming the affected area. Adults in such situations usually drink painkillers. However, for children they can be dangerous, but because such experiments on Chad better not to put.

In addition, strong analgesics, anesthetics and antispasmodics child age an absolute contraindication by itself. If you have some powder or pills with the same effect which have been prescribed by a doctor for your baby, such means can be used. But to do so carefully.

Try to buy a special baby ointment from abrasions and bruises. Such funds should be the home kit each parent because of household injuries – a fairly common practice in families where the baby began to move independently.

And don't forget to reassure your child, to caress it, to show that Mama's here and he's safe. In any case, do not improve the shock, the baby crying and aggression. And certainly don't punish the child, because he've already suffered. Be gracious and poised, as difficult as you may were given motherhood at first.

Let your kid be healthy and happy!