Easy holiday appetizer: recipes loaf of pita bread with fish

Many people on different holidays prepare rolls of pita. There are plenty of options, but the most popular recipe with red fish. A La carte appetizer is also very tasty, and all the carefully chosen ingredients. You can cook this dish both cold and hot.

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How to cook a loaf of pita bread with red fish?

The composition of the products is so small, and the process is easy that this dish can handle even a child. You can use different types of salmon.

For this recipe you should prepare a list of products: 225 g salted salmon, 225g of cream cheese, pita bread, a bunch of dill.

The stages of preparation:

  1. That was easy to turn the dish at the end of cooking, it is recommended to cover the table with tape, and on it lay a thin sheet of baked dough. The length should be about 60 cm Evenly spread cheese;
  2. Salmon cut into thin slices. For convenience, use a very sharp knife and wet it in the water, so as not to stick. Pieces lay the next layer at a distance from each other. Chop the dill and place the next layer;
  3. Helping himself with ends of the film roll tight roll and leave it in the refrigerator for at least an hour to soak. It remains only to cut into portions and serve.

How to cook a loaf of pita with canned fish?

A more economical option, which can afford many. You can use different kinds of preserves, but we will focus more on the recipe with tuna.

This snack should prepare a list of products: 2 sheets of lavash bread, 2 eggs, 125 grams of sausage cheese, 3 pickled cucumbers, a jar of canned tuna, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise and greens.

The stages of preparation:

  1. Start with eggs that need to boil hard boiled, cool and clean. After this they cut into small dice, or grate on a coarse grater. In the same way should be crushed and cheese;
  2. Cucumbers can be cut into dice, and to chop on a grater. Greens chop. A jar of fish, open and drain the existing fluid. Myself tuna mash with a fork;
  3. Connect all the components and try to understand whether you need to add salt. Left to put mayonnaise and all mix well;
  4. The sheet of lavash put half of the prepared stuffing and flatten it out. If desired, add more mayonnaise. Top with another sheet and place the remaining stuffing;
  5. Left to form a dish, wrap it with cling film and leave in the fridge for a few hours.

How to cook a loaf of pita bread with fish and crab sticks?

This starter is more satisfying, as an increasing number of ingredients. Due to the fact that the ingredients are chosen with different colors, in the context of the dish looks very attractive.

For this recipe you should prepare a list of products: 4 sheets of lavash, 135 g of mayonnaise, 125 g of crab sticks, half a bell pepper, bunch of greens and lettuce, and 175 g smoked red fish and a small clove of garlic.

The stages of preparation:

  1. Take 2 sheets of pastry dough and place them on top of each other. This is to ensure that the snack is not broken and looked solid. Lubricate the mayonnaise, mixed with crushed garlic;
  2. Crab sticks chop thin strips and likewise cut the peppers. It is important to note that the finer chopped the ingredients are, the better it will be phased out roll. Put sticks and pepper the next layer;
  3. Next, put another sheet and not put the pre-dried salad. The last leaf should be lubricated with mayonnaise and spread on a thin slice of fish. Gently roll tight roll and wrap it with cling film. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours and serve. Need to cut and soaked in water with a knife.

Bread recipe with herring

Herring is the most popular and affordable fish. It is eaten separately, used in salads and snacks. It also fits for our meals.

For this Swiss roll, fish and cheese in the pita, you must take the following ingredients: package of pita bread, herring fillets, 150 g cheese, 3 eggs, a carrot, bunch of green onions, 3 cloves of garlic and mayonnaise.

The stages of preparation:

  1. Eggs and carrots boil. Onions chop, garlic skip through the press;
  2. Carrots and cheese grate on a fine grater. Add the mayonnaise and stir well;
  3. Herring cut into small Cup and connect it with the onions. Add grated eggs and mayonnaise;
  4. Pastry divide dough into 2 parts. One half lay on the table, covered with cling film and evenly apply the filling with fish. Cover with the second sheet and place the stuffing of carrot and cheese;
  5. Roll roll, helping himself film. Put it on a 3.5 hour in the fridge and when serving, cut into serving pieces.

How to make rolls with fish and prawns?

Consider exotic but economical starter, since the recipe uses very few ingredients. Salmon you can buy in the store, but you can pickle it yourself, which will make the dish even more delicious.

For this recipe, loaf of pita bread with red fish should take the following ingredients: sheet of pita bread, 100 g salted salmon and shelled shrimp, 2 processed cheese and 90 grams of mayonnaise.

The stages of preparation:

  1. Frozen shelled shrimp, cover with water, leave for a few minutes and remove the liquid. Salmon cut into thin slices;
  2. Let us cheese, which are recommended to leave at some time in the freezer to make it easy to grind on a grater;
  3. Cover the table with cling film and put in it the main ingredient, which you want to define a rectangular shape. Spread it with mayonnaise and put cheese. On top lay the slices of salmon and shrimp;
  4. Helping yourself with a film, turn a tight roll. Be careful to avoid voids. Wrap the foil and leave in the refrigerator for half an hour. Before serving cut into portions.

How to cook roll with sprats?

Another version of canned food. Many do not even think are familiar to many sprats can be the basis for the preparation of tasty and original snacks.

For this recipe you should prepare a list of products: a jar of sprats, 3 sheets of lavash, sweet pepper, 200 g of mayonnaise, an onion, half a lemon and 0.5 teaspoons of sugar.

The stages of preparation:

  1. Peeled onions cut into small cubes and pour lemon juice mixed with sugar. Leave it on for 15 min.;
  2. Clean pepper and chop into small pieces. With sprat drain the oil and put the fish in the bowl of a blender. There also send pepper and pickled onions. Using a blender, whisk everything until smooth. All this can be done with a knife. The resulting mass is put the mayonnaise and mix again;
  3. Main ingredient put on film and then put 1/3 of the filling. Next, put another sheet again and stuffing the same with the third layer. With the help of film roll roll. Left to let it soak in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes after the time cut into slices and serve.

How to cook roll with fried cod?

Another original option is snacks, which is prepared just for half an hour. Many call this dish rolls, because the rolls will get a small.

For this recipe you should prepare a list of products: 2 sheets of lavash, 325 g of cod, 2 cucumber, 75 g of cheese, 225 g of mayonnaise, garlic clove, flour, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.

The stages of preparation:

  1. Wash cod fillets in running water, dry and cut into oblong pieces. Season with salt, roll in flour and fry until done;
  2. Pita bread divide into 4 rectangles, about 15x20 cm Cheese grate and mix with mayonnaise, add pressed garlic and then mix well. Cucumbers cut into rings;
  3. Pita bread lubricate the sauce. On the edge put slices of cucumber and cod, and then roll them up like a pancake.

We reviewed the most popular and easiest ways of cooking meals, which will decorate any holiday, and in General, it is possible to delight your family every day.<//span>