Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

Herniation is displacement of disc nucleus. The phenomenon is accompanied by rupture of the fibrous ring, and most often this disease affects the lumbar spine (about 90%). Much less common hernias of the lumbosacral displacement occurs in the cervical and thoracic.

A few decades ago the disease reached the people who are over 30, but it was currently younger, so can catch and people of younger age.

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hernia of the lumbar spine

Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

As a rule, the cause of herniated discs in the lumbar-sacral region of the spine are the characteristics of the functionality of this body part. This part of the spine have the greatest burden.

The height of the discs in this region is large enough (more than in other areas). In this regard, the provocateur of the disease is often prolapsed discs of the lumbosacral spine.

Additional risk of bias determines the anatomical feature of longitudinal ligament – it is weak and narrow, so not able to contribute to the prevention of hernia.

The causes of grigy lumbar spine

Provocateurs of the disease are the following:

  • Passive lifestyle;
  • Occur hernia maybe too physically active people just because of heavy workloads.
Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

The nutrients in the intervertebral division comes as a result of the process of diffusion, not of blood system disk, which he simply does not.

Physical activity for the prevention of a herniated disc is needed, but it needs to be feasible.

It is known that athletes who have tremendous physical exertion, faster disturbed nutrition of the lumbosacral disc, so that it's faster thinner, collapses because of the loss of strength.

Symptoms of grigy lumbar spine

To detect possible disease on a number of grounds.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disc, resulting in the lumbar spine, finding that it is worth thinking about the treatment of the disease:

  • Local pain, which become more pronounced during movement;
  • In some cases, disturbed level of sensitivity in the legs. It may increase or, conversely, to weaken;
  • There is often innervation when squashed by the roots of the spinal nerve;
  • Pain in the hip area. They may spread to the buttocks;
  • Sometimes there may be irregularities in the pelvic organs.

If you have these symptoms, indicating the presence of a herniated lumbar disc, it is necessary to consult a specialist to conduct a thorough examination and treatment. It is of several types. The choice of strategy of struggle against the disease provides the doctor in accordance with the characteristics of the course of the disease.

treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

About their effectiveness, some experts argue, claiming that such disease of the spine as the hernia requires surgical intervention.

However, most often are appointed by conservative methods, which in most cases is enough to get rid of the disease.

According to statistics, 70% of patients suffering from herniated discs in the lumbar-sacral region of the spine, is assigned to conservative treatment. 70% of them feel a lot better within the first few months. 90% of the remaining cases, full recovery occurs within a bit longer period.

The tasks before treatment with conservative methods of herniated discs in the lumbar spine without surgery:

  • Elimination of pain during exacerbations of the disease;
  • Relapse prevention after the relief of pain.

What methods can be used in the complex?

Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine
  • Severe pain is assigned to bed rest;
  • Treat anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, muscle relaxants;
  • Therapeutic blockade. About their appropriateness, the doctors argue. Some of them believe that inflamed the area even more irritated with the introduction of injections, for which the recovery may come later than we would like;
  • Physiotherapy. It is very useful for the lumbar and runs after the retreat of acute pain;
  • Physiotherapy, massage. These measures can improve the condition of ligaments and muscles.

After the status of the lumbar improve, the patient must then self-monitor their health – not to make sudden movements, to do therapeutic exercises, etc.

Surgical treatment of grigy lumbar spine

There are cases when the disease interferes with normal function of internal organs and the conservative methods of struggle it is not eradicated. Getting rid of the disease in these situations through the operation.

Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

In the old days the treatment was applied normal operation. The fight against disease involves the intervention by a fairly large Burr the window, but currently used more gentle methods.

After an intervention remains a risk that the disc herniation will return, because it damaged the muscles in some cases, not able to recover fast.

In this context there is a need to develop new approaches that will minimize the injury of the tissues in restoration of intervertebral disc. This method was microdiscectomy involving minimal incision and the surgeon with the microscope during surgery. With this approach, the risk of relapse decreases significantly, and the recovery period after the intervention is significantly reduced.

Among the modern methods deserves attention and endoscopic intervention. In its application lumbar region injured is minimal due to the minimum size of the cut. Accordingly, the rehabilitation period is also greatly reduced, but the application method has limitations related to the nature of the hernia.

Folk treatment of grigy lumbar spine

Not far behind traditional medicine and folk. There are a number of ways to treat the intervertebral disc, which are used for a long time.

Pork fat

Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

To combat the disease need not only this ingredient, but pine resin (0.6 kg), the root of comfrey (0.5 kg). Pork fat will need 0.3 kg. It should melt, comfrey grind using the grinder.

The ingredients combine, proverjaem 40 minutes, and then to these ingredients add the melted resin. Tormented means another 10 minutes, give a makeshift ointment to harden and pounded twice/day. The duration of treatment of intervertebral hernia in the lumbar this disease is about one month.


A mixture of this product and Shilajit has a healing effect on the spine.

Combine 1 g of the mummy, 1 tsp water, 100 g of honey. Start the procedure with the application of silver fir oil on the place where the symptoms of the disease.

Now massage movements apply the tool to the desired area, RUB 7 minutes. Next, wrap this place and some time hold the cure.

Apply the ointment until you feel better.


Effective treatment of intervertebral Grigi lumbar spine

Deciding to use folk remedies, try the red clay. Soak it in water, shape with hands the semblance of a pellet. Wrap the resulting composition to a gauze, heat to 38 degrees.

Now apply the medicine to the affected area, fix it with plastic or cloth. The dried clay is removed from the patient location. Duration of use – up to recovery.

Many people claim that they managed to cure people's means, but if the pain recur or intensify, you should consult a doctor.

As you can see, modern medicine can effectively treat a hernia and the risk of recurrence due to its methods reduced to a minimum.