Effective ways how to get rid of sweet cravings

Many love sweets and end up getting overweight and all of the ensuing consequences. Often love for pastry and desserts spills over into addiction. So it doesn't become a problem, you need to know how to overcome sugar cravings and flour in different ways.

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Sugar cravings: causes of

Today known sources of this problem:

  1. A constant stress. Everyone knows that when ingested sugar in the body is production of the hormone serotonin, which calms, enhances mood and relieves anxiety. Therefore, when frequent heightened emotional state sweet is a natural antidepressant;
  2. The lack of microelements. The reason that constant craving for sugar or flour are drawn to – a lack of chromium in the body. It is this element regulates carbohydrate metabolism and normalizes the level of glucose in the blood. At higher levels of chrome appears the desire to eat dessert;
  3. Unbalanced nutrition. The overabundance in the diet of sweets also promotes the constant craving for similar products. Blood sugar promotes insulin production, at this time there is a burst of energy that quickly passes. As a result, the body requires a new dose. Additional need for sweets appears when the time between meals is very large;
  4. Hormonal imbalance. To solve this problem is possible only with the help of medicine. Most often associated with a malfunction of the thyroid gland. In fact it produces hormones responsible for regulation of metabolism.

How to get rid of cravings for sweets?

Knowing the cause of this problem, you can get acquainted with these methods of getting rid of it:

  1. When craving for sugar caused by stress. To get rid of this can increase the amount of serotonin with eating foods that contain a lot of tryptophan and amino acids. For example, legumes, grains, cheese, beef, Turkey and mushrooms;
  2. To normalize the amount of chromium in the blood, need to adjust the diet. We need a lot of chromium is found in fish, seafood, chicken eggs and broccoli;
  3. You need to balance carbohydrate intake with food. To abandon desserts is impossible, because this can cause irritability and decreased performance. To get rid of cravings for sugar can developing a balanced nutrition plan.

10 ways to beat sweet tooth

In most cases, the dream of a slim figure ends after arrival in the house favorite candies and cookies.

Consider a few simple tips on how to overcome sugar cravings:

  1. Raise willpower. To make it easier to give up sweets, should be the motivation. It may be a desire to get into your favorite jeans, lose a few pounds before the next event, etc., an Additional incentive can be hung in a conspicuous place a motivational picture, this reminder is a great way to cultivate willpower;
  2. Remove all out of sight. In most cases, passion for sweets is a habit that is very difficult to control, so it's best to completely remove them from the house. Rid of this habit is about 28 days;
  3. Prepare the snack in advance. Not to eat anything extra, you need to eat on time and the interval between meals should be the same. For snacking better to choose a dried fruit, nuts or yoghurt;
  4. Try to replace sweets with fruit. These products contain added fiber and healthy glucose and fructose. Main allies: grapefruits, pineapples, apples and plums. Add to your diet berries and smoothies and the demand for desserts will disappear;
  5. Take the honey treatment. This product not only fights bad habit, but is a good tool for weight loss. Regular consumption of the beverage based on honey can also cleanse the body of toxins;
  6. Nutritionists believe that the protein in all forms – nutrient that can replace sugar. Protein shake on the basis of this element perfectly extinguishes the raging appetite and does not eat an extra serving of sweet;
  7. Increase the number of products which have tryptophan. These include chicken, beef, seafood and dairy products. They contain much more tryptophan than most sweets;
  8. Starch and cellulose – ratio, which can be a substitute to sweets. The source of these substances: potatoes, pasta and bread from coarse flour. Proper cooking of these foods, and avoiding rich sauce will contribute to weight loss. To produce the desired effect, it is recommended to back up all fresh fruit;
  9. Not to eat in excess, drink more water. Often thirst is confused with a sense of light starvation and wasted choke it sweet. It is important to remember that better to give preference to healthy drinks;
  10. The presence of cravings for sweets is often caused by psychological problems. Think of a hobby that will distract from thinking about food. Better if the new activity will be associated with physical activity.

How to overcome sugar cravings: drugs

Proven that chromium and sugars into a relationship inverse relationship. The use of the second washes away a useful item, and chrome in turn suppresses the craving. To obtain this substance from foods enough to consume beef liver, seafood, river and sea fish and barley porridge.

Consider also some popular drugs:

  1. L-glutamine (glutamine) is the drug in a natural way calms all the tension in the body and thus removes hunger;
  2. Tryptophan helps effective management of the centres food pleasures and quick satisfaction of hunger. Diet with this drug is easier.

Products that help against cravings for sweets

In order not to refuse the treats, but not to harm the figure, you can indulge in the following useful products:

  1. Med. Healthy and delicious snack, which contains in its composition of mineral salts, fruit acids and other substances which give it healing power. It is proved that the honey strengthens the immunity, improves performance of all systems and diseases;
  2. Bitter dark chocolate. Consists of grated cacao beans, normalizes blood pressure and even cure a cold. It is proved that this product reduces the risk of many diseases;
  3. Dried fruits. Dried fruit is good for the heart, purify the blood vessels and the intestines. Each individual dried fruit retains all the beneficial properties of the fresh product. Due to the large variety, everyone can choose for themselves the fruit;
  4. Marshmallows. Mashed fruit and berries, mixed with sugar and egg white, a favorite treat of many people. Marshmallow is phosphorus, proteins, iron and other beneficial dietary fiber;
  5. Marmalade, natural ingredients which contain pectin, a natural sorbent, and other substances that bring toxins and positive influence on the work of the organs;
  6. Cane sugar. The overseas product is very useful because it contains a complex of minerals, vitamins and plant fibers;
  7. Fruits and berries. Given by the nature the fruits are rich in enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and organic acids. Due to the essential oils, protein, and fiber fruits is nutritious and yet low in calories.

From the foregoing it is seen that to overcome the sweet tooth possible. The main thing is to understand what it will take willpower and time. However, as practice shows, will succeed.

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