Effective ways to get rid of black circles under eyes

Shadows and dark circles under the eyes can be not only tired and sleepy people. Often they can be caused by factors over which we have little influence, such as anatomy, particularly of the skin and metabolism. But the circles under the eyes can also indicate that the process of aging or the presence of certain diseases.


The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, it has much less sebaceous glands and fat than in other parts of the face, that is why under eye dark circles is not uncommon.

No wonder that the eyes and the area around them first testify to our condition.

The bruising and swelling make a person tired, they often occur after a sleepless night, and as a result of physiological factors.

This edema associated with blood circulation by hypertrophy of fat in the lower eyelid, be the change, which is often referred to as the"valley of tears".

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Unsightly shadows

When you are tired and not enough sleep, there is a fatigue of the skin, causing under eye black circles appear often. This is because in these places there is stagnation of blood and lymph. To solve this problem, the best remedy is the right dose of sleep.


This beauty secret has come to us from ancient times: if you want to look fresh and beautiful – be sure to get enough sleep, it is necessary to sleep not less than 7-8 hours a day.

It will be difficult to remove dark circles under the eyes that are permanent. They appear most often on the lower eyelid as a result of loss in it fat.

Through the thin skin of the tiny capillaries just glowing and visible as blue-purple shade. In addition, with age, the skin under the eyes becomes thin and less elastic, and atrophy of the fat making it weak and transparent.

These causes provoke what the light under the eyes is reflected in a negative way, as a result, and deepening bruises.

There are many other reasons for black circles under eyes in women:

  • The excess of salt. The effect of dark eye circles can also occur due to excessive consumption of salt as this slows the circulation of fluid and capillaries become more visible, so you should pay more attention to their nutrition, avoid spicy sauces and salty foods;
  • Drinking water. Inadequate fluid intake leads to the fact that the body does not removes harmful toxins, resulting in puffiness. To improve blood circulation in the tissues of an adult drink about 2 liters of water a day;
  • Allergy. Shadows can also be the result of allergies (both food and specific cosmetic products), so it pays to sort through your makeup and consult your dermatologist.

Valley of tears

Around the eyes can appear different kinds of aesthetic defects, emphasizing the appearance of dark circles and tired face.


These changes are referred to as the "valley of tears", this is the result of deep defects of adipose tissue, passing in the transverse direction from the nose under the eye socket.

This is manifested in the form of hollows under the eyes in the form of a long and narrow cavity, with the view of the valley, hence the name of this phenomenon.

A woman with a"Vale of tears" constantly seems tired and looks older than his age. "Valley of tears" occurs regardless of age, sometimes it happens and young people.

Great value in the intensity of its manifestations takes the form of the bones of the face, thickness of fat on the face, as well as the intensity of the aging process and lifestyle of women.

How black circles under eyes get rid of self

Tincture of tea

If you want to get rid of shadows under eyes home remedies, first of all, you should try to apply lotions of black tea. Just moisten a cotton pad in the infusion of black tea (without sugar) and place it on eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

Vegetable mask

Tightening effect can also give cucumbers and potatoes, in addition, these vegetables improve the skin.

  • Face mask with cucumber to remove bruises, probably the most famous. To prepare
    the vegetables have to wipe half of the cucumber on a grater with small holes and put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Chilled face mask is layered under the eyes and on the eyelids. After 20 minutes the mask of cucumber wash, and face look fresh and young;
  • Bags under the eyes disappear after a mask made from potatoes. For this half raw potatoes RUB on a small grater and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Weight applied to the eye area. This will help to remove the fluid that accumulates there, and thus to remove edema.

Mask with milk

Mix 1/4 Cup of milk with 4 teaspoons of baking soda. The mixture chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, then spread it around the eyes and leave on skin for quarter-hour, then the mixture must be washed off with cold water.

Day and night cream

Very important in the care of the skin are the tools that you use. You need to find a cream that improves lymphatic flow and circulation, hydrates the skin and has astringent and soothing action.

Decorative cosmetics


Remove black circles under eyes using cosmetics. The most important is the cream-under eye concealer (it's important that he wasn't too bright).

On the dark bruises should be applied first cream Foundation and then concealer. Some lighting emulsions contain vitamins, nutrients and extracts that make the fight with bruises more effective.

Applying makeup, you should pay more attention to the eyes, carefully put eyelashes to distract attention to them.

Massage around the eyes

Good results also can bring a gentle massage around the eyes. For this it is necessary to warm up the palms and a little cream with fingertips to stroke the upper and lower eyelids, from the nose to the temples.

Professional help


If, despite the many tried methods of dealing with bruises, they don't disappear, it is necessary to approach this issue comprehensively. There are hardware cosmetic procedures to combat bruising, based on radio frequency methods, consisting of tingling and simultaneous heating of the skin.

Because of this, the skin becomes more durable, dense and elastic, which helps to hide unsightly translucent blood vessels. Can be used needle mesotherapy and the use of small amounts of hyaluronic acid to compensate for the loss of fat.

The clinics also offer injection of hyaluronic acid or polylactic. Hyaluronic acid injections provide immediate impact on the problem area and fill the"valley of tears", the effect will last for about a year and a half.

In contrast to hyaluronic acid, are not a typical filler. The effect of treatment in this case will not occur immediately, but it is more natural and durable. Are acid stimulates endogenous synthesis of collagen, that's why it allows you to recover tissues in a natural way.

Swelling of the lower eyelid may occur at any age. It is often caused by hereditary predisposition, but sometimes it also contribute to some diseases, for example, pathology of the kidneys and the liver, thyroid, allergic, or hormonal disorders. The most common are small swellings that appear at night during sleep in a horizontal position.

The facial muscles, which normally help the blood flow at night is relaxed and the blood circulation slows down. Thus, water and toxic waste of metabolism of the tissues remain in the subcutaneous tissue, and there is swelling and dark circles. The epidermis in the eyelids is very thin, so that the accumulated water is very noticeable.


To remove puffiness under the eyes, it is best to use massage and lymphatic drainage to improve circulation. You can also use the mesotherapy, when the tissue using needle drugs are introduced that reduce swelling and improve circulation.

You can also use a contact radio frequency treatments that heat the tissue using a special probe that allows you to remove the swelling and get rid of toxins.

It should not be forgotten that, despite all the cosmetic techniques and treatments, the shadow won't go away, if a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle.

.it to abuse coffee and black teas should definitely get some sleep, move a lot, to make regular walks in the fresh air and to drink at least two liters of fluid a day.