Everything you need to know about the caloric content of eggs

No matter what kind of bird laid an egg – the product is definitely unique. Calorie chicken and quail eggs, in spite of the amount contained in them of vitamins and minerals, is so low, allowing them to be used in the absence of individual contraindications in the optimal amount for obesity and many chronic diseases that afflict people.

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Chicken egg and quail is one of the few products that digesting in the intestine, do not leave toxins. Many vitamins and minerals required by the human for its full life, are in them. Being one of the natural sources this essential for proper growth and development of humans from birth to adulthood of vitamin D, eggs are especially necessary for those people who have little exposure to the sun, but also help the absorption of calcium and iron.

It is proved that the use of chicken egg yolk helps in the fight against diseases such as:

  • sclerosis;
  • Oncology;
  • obesity, etc.

And it is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the digestive system. Regular consumption of chicken eggs, even in the form of an omelette, helps to avoid problems with vision, improves memory and attention, dissolves plaque in the walls of blood vessels. However, everything is good in moderation.

Excessive consumption of this protein product can lead to kidney failure and increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Favorite product nutritionists

In recent years, an increasing number of nutritionist advice for those who want to get rid of excess weight, and also from calling them diseases associated with the consumption of this product.


The caloric value of chicken eggs is of great importance, but still in the first place is to pay attention to a large amount of protein, which allows, besting a small amount of food satisfied for a longer period of time.

Calorific value of quail eggs is similar to chicken, so calculating their weight in grams when cooking, you can not seek out additional information, and to focus on the already known data.

Quail eggs are perfect for children and dietary food.

Those who are interested in the details

Trying to achieve the perfect figure, the girl carefully calculate calories and make is suitable diet. Interestingly, the caloric content of raw eggs is about the same as in boiled and fried, and it 157-159 kcal per 100 g of product (caloric value egg boiled 1 PC. I think, given its weight without the shell).

That is, there is no significant difference, calorie content of chicken eggs, cooked in different ways, is almost not different.


But taking into account the recommendations mandatory heat treatment of the product in order to avoid infections by Salmonella and other unpleasant diseases, preference is given to use not raw, but boiled or fried eggs in the food.

Please note that the calorie content of fried eggs excluding oil, which was used for cooking, but if it is served in the form of an omelette, counting calories, be sure to consider the fat content of milk.

Egg diet

The presence of a boiled egg in the daily diet is not only an opportunity to make it more varied and nutritious, but also one of the variants of struggle against excess weight. If in the morning to eat 2 pieces of chicken eggs, not only for the long term to satisfy your body but also give yourself a good mood, vivacity and energy.

Eating eggs in any form allows you to provide the human body with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the ability to diversify the diet by allowing the ingestion of boiled, fried and raw eggs, and eating them in a omelet.

There is even a special diet based on this protein product when Breakfast eat 2 eggs, and then during the day is used up to 1 kg (4-5 doses) raw and boiled vegetables, fruit. To adhere to this diet within 5-7 days. This week, you can lose up to 3-4 kg.

Breakfast of Champions


Adults often don't pay attention to the components of their menu, but every mother knows that once you finish eating the child, depends on his whole day and taking care of his health, trying to make it the most comprehensive and at the same time tasty. The possibility of making scrambled eggs with milk is just a lifesaver for most families. An excellent dish for Breakfast before school or kindergarten will provide your child's body with all necessary.

The value of the presence in the child's diet scrambled eggs confirmed scientifically. That is why this dish is most often found in the menu of kindergartens and school canteens. The calorie content of scrambled eggs made from 2 eggs with the milk is about 220 calories.

Everything is good in moderation

Eating quail or chicken eggs can not only benefit, but if excessive quantities or incorrect cooking can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases or be the cause of many of them.

Hardly anyone of us can imagine their menu without eggs, no matter how they are cooked: scrambled eggs with milk, cooked or raw.

The presence on the table of every family chicken or quail option is necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the human body.