Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!

Fashion is changing, but the desire of girls and women to remove the sides and belly is ineradicable. Exercising for problem areas could be a solution for millions, but one rule can dampen enthusiasm for many - locally fat is not burned.

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How does this happen?

This fact means only three simple truths:

Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!
  1. abdominal fat is the last to go;
  2. it will take many months of strength and cardio training;
  3. proper nutrition is essential.

Is it worth starting a long and grueling struggle? Of course it's worth it! Waist size is an indicator of heart health, a sign of an excess of simple carbohydrates and animal fats in the diet. A waist circumference of more than 80 cm in women indicates a risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Significant fat deposits in the waist and hips increase the likelihood of menstrual irregularities.

Why is it so difficult to remove the belly and lose weight at the waist?

Fat cells in the abdominal region are equipped with estrogen receptors, which is why the untouched reserves prepared by nature for childbirth are stored there. Every time in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, the observed hormonal surges create conditions for the accumulation of fat, and it is located exactly where exercise is usually aimed.

Legs and stomach: is it realistic to achieve harmony?

Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!

Where the fat comes from, from there it can go. An exception are cases when fat cells are tightly entangled in the fibers of connective tissue and form soft, loose clusters that remain on the body even after significant weight loss.

Typically, such deposits are "Genetic" - that is, they are present in several family members: the area of ​​the abdomen and hips, as well as the sides. But the overall percentage of fat can be reduced and acted in only one way - to change the structure of the body, adding muscle mass to the norm, which in women is 30-40% of weight.

Exercises for the press : is it worth pumping?

Pumping a specific muscle does not burn fat from aboveher. Flexing the body does not reduce the abdomen, and bending to the sides does not remove the sides.

Following this rule, you need to reduce the number of twisting of the body while lying down and add exercises that burn more calories:

Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!
  • Squats are a basic exercise that involves all the muscles of the legs, back, and abs. When using weight, if you hold a dumbbell or a bottle of water, the arms are loaded at the chest, and the abdominal muscles work doubly. It is worth starting with squats without weight, observing the correct technique: the socks are turned slightly to the sides, the knees follow the toes, the pelvis is pulled back, the back remains straight;
  • Push-ups - although women do not like them, but they form the silhouette of the press ... The muscles of the arms, back, legs, abdomen, and thighs work in concert to lower the body to the ground and lift it back up. Start pushing up from your knees, then from the couch. Gradually get down to the floor - everything will work out! Don't put your arms too wide - shoulder level is a guideline;
  • Jumping should be included in waist exercises - they're calorie burners! Jump from side to side, forward backward, in place with or without a rope, through a dumbbell or shoebox, bringing your legs apart and apart - half a minute, a minute, 50-100 times. Jumping should be part of the hip and abdominal workout routine - exercise becomes fat burning;
  • Climber - remains the best cardio exercise for the abdominal muscles. Stand up for push-ups, bend one leg at the knee, bring it to the stomach, then alternate legs. You can do at a pace, doing a run in place, or put one foot further on the floor (step forward), swap them in a jump;
  • Cycling - whatever one may say, remains the best non-lower back injury recommended in exercise for the press. The abdomen is worked out from all angles, since the rectus muscles, oblique and transverse muscles are involved - due to the fact that the legs remain hanging. Exercise targets the lower abdomen, sides, and even loads the legs.

There is nothing more useless than isolated abs workouts. Exercise to burn fat should use the muscles of the legs, arms, back. The more muscles you work, the more effective the complex!

How to build exercises for a slim waist?

Tune in to regular exercise and a fast pace. Before starting a workout, check how certain exercises are performed - they should be easy.

The rules for working on harmony are as follows:

Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!
  1. do the workout as quickly as possible;
  2. use large arrays of muscles of the thighs, buttocks, back;
  3. use jumps or jogging in place;
  4. take a minimum of breaks.

You can choose the circuit training option, consisting of 4-5 exercises, which is repeated 3-4 times one after the other. Two of them should use the leg muscles (squats, lunges, jumping), the other two - directly loading the abdominal muscles (plank, climber, bicycle).

You can add cardio to increase the intensity of your workout and burn more calories. Alternate strength exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, any dumbbell presses) and jumping rope or in place.

Is it possible to remove the sides and stomach quickly?

Fast fat burning complexes are able to tighten the body while working to the limit. But it is not possible for everyone to raise the pulse to a zone of 90% of the maximum, but only for people with more than six months of training experience, and the absence of heart disease. High-intensity training is based on the principle of maximum muscle acidification due to repetitive loads. As a result, aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms of energy burning are involved in the work.

An example of such abdominal workouts is the Tabata protocol:

  1. 20 seconds of work;
  2. 10 seconds of rest.
Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!

A total of 8 repetitions of work-rest cycles are done so that the workout takes 4 minutes. The rule of Tabata is to work to the limit, which is expressed in the need to do the maximum repetitions of squats, push-ups, jumps. Perform the exercise as quickly as possible, and it will have an effect.

Cyclic work allows you to bring muscles to hypertrophy, increase oxygen consumption, and therefore increase the oxidation of fat reserves. Choose exercises that train large muscles - thighs, buttocks, back.

Complex exercises, such as burpees: squat, bounce with legs to support lying, push-up, reverse jump to squat and vertical jump - except for the muscles of the legs, here arms, abs and back will work.

Two tabatas, and the abs are ready!

You can create a popular exercise for the abdomen for 8 minutes yourself by choosing any four exercises.

Day 1 will help to remove the sides and tighten your belly :

Exercise for slimming belly: make fat burn!
  • 20 sec. - lunges;
  • 10 sec. - rest;
  • 20 sec. - push-ups;
  • 10 sec. - rest;
  • 20 sec. - bike;
  • 10 sec. - rest;
  • 20 sec. - climber;

We repeat this cycle 4 more times to get 8 minutes as morning exercises.

Day 2 is dedicated to strength cardio , which will tone the muscles of the legs, arms and abs:

  • 20 sec. - Squats with a dumbbell (5 liter bottle) and bench press;
  • 10 sec. - rest;
  • 20 sec. - jumping over a dumbbell;
  • 10 sec. - rest;
  • 20 sec. - stepping onto a chair;
  • 10 sec. - rest;
  • 20 sec. - plank;

Repeat this cycle 4 more times to make 8 minutes.

Remember! It is important to set a goal correctly. The desire to remove the sides or folds is barely enough for a month. The goal should be long-term - train for fitness, and the body will surprise over timeI have an updated look.