Experimenting with hair dyes

Temporary color dye is a real salvation for the hair of those women of fashion who are constantly experimenting with their looks. It makes it possible to change the shade of curls depending on the mood or event, gives a temporary effect, does not spoil the strands and can be washed off at any time. If the shade is chosen incorrectly, then it will be possible to wash it off in just 4-6 times.

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    Experimenting with hair dyes

    Temporary differs from a persistent coloring agent in that it does not damage the hair structure, does not penetrate into it, but envelops and forms a kind of colored film.

    there is a main advantage of such a product: it guarantees a natural and bright shade indicated on the package, is completely harmless to the hair and does not change the natural shade of the curls after the final rinsing.

    Modern manufacturers offer horse temporary dye in the form of a spray, foam, shampoo and tint tonics for a regular consumer.

    They include nutritional components in their composition that simultaneously care for hair.

    Varieties temporary dyes

    To start, color hair dyes can be intense and light. The latter are represented by tinted shampoos, gels and foams. They allow you to achieve an unstable coloring effect, and are washed off literally after the first shampooing.

    Experimenting with hair dyes

    These products are suitable only if you want a day or two try on a new or extravagant look.

    If you want to get brighter, you need to give color with tint balms with temporary action, which can be washed off in only 6-8 approaches.

    Remember that with each with the next washing of the head, the primary shade will become dimmer, and you will need to either repeat the staining, or endure until the full return of the native tone of the curls.

    Selection rules

    Owners by nature, light strands have the greatest opportunities in dyeing hair with temporary dye compositions. They can experiment with any shade they like without any difficulties, and the final color will be exactly as the manufacturer claims.

    Experimenting with hair dyes

    brunettes and brown-haired women, since their natural hair pigment is very difficult to cover with temporary paints. That is why, if they want to try on an extravagant street style, they should focus on products that are close in color to the existing Otte.nku hair. To all this, it should be added that even the highest quality and most expensive paint is not able to fulfill the role of a clarifier.

    How to use it correctly?

    Making colored strands is quite simple - follow the instructions that the manufacturer necessarily prescribes on each package.

    It is simple, and consists in the following:

    • the case when you opted for a light dye, that is, foam or shampoo, immediately before dyeing, the curls should be moistened from a spray bottle, or by wrapping them with a wet towel;
    • Then the product is rubbed into the hair with light massage movements, after which it should be left on the hair for 5-10 minutes;
    • If you want to get the brightest, most saturated, fashionable stylish shades, it is recommended to repeat the coloring again, immediately after washing off the first composition;
    • From the precautionary measures, the following should be observed: avoid the ingress of the dye in g manicure, and use gloves so as not to paint your manicure along the way.

    Coloring with intensive compounds is as follows:

    Experimenting with hair dyes
    • Hair is pre-wetted until wet, but not wet;
    • Balm or toner is applied along the hairline, for which it is convenient to use a brush for coloring or a regular comb;
    • The time of influence of the composition usually does not exceed 30 minutes, but it is better to check this figure on the package;
    • To maintain the existing shade, the paint should be applied for a maximum of 5 minutes;
    • When the time is up, the hair is washed under running water, after which it should be rinsed with clean water with the addition of lemon juice. This will give them extra shine and silkiness.

    As you can see, completely changing your original look is not so difficult. In the case of temporary hair dyes, a woman has the right to make a mistake, and even one.

    You can experiment endlessly, and even the slightest harm will not be done to the curls.