False labor: what are they?

Pregnancy is a very important and at the same time, a difficult moment in the life of every woman. In the first trimester the expectant mother is tormented by morning sickness, mood swings, strange gastronomic desires, and other unpleasant symptoms.


The lady is so used to listen to your body and the new sensations that even the slightest change in health can cause pregnant panic. Here a woman think that the baby moves less times than expected, then it is a little sick waist and started to pull the stomach.

And then suddenly "saw" the uterine contractions and by date not time. What is it? False labor or threatened miscarriage? How to recognize and when, in fact, appear to be a training bout – will be the conversation further.

Learn to distinguish generic and false labor

Every woman in the period of carrying a child should understand the difference between labor contractions from the false. Otherwise the expectant mother just izluchaet themselves with excitement, constant suspicion and endless questions. But if you know how to behave during training and real fights, know their differences and the fear recede.

In 1982 an English physician Braxton-Hicks first described the phenomenon of training (false) contractions. While there is a reduction of the cervix, and she prepared for labor, like trains.

Women, bearing under her heart the baby, for your own peace of mind should learn to distinguish false labor from the real thing.

So, the symptoms and signs of contractions following training:

  • The absence of cyclicity. Uterine contractions irregular (may be only once a day);
  • Disappear if, for example, to change position or change activity, and also conduct breathing exercises;
  • Severe pain and discomfort is practically not deliver;
  • Any selections and changes of the uterus when they are not observed.

At birth the contractions of the uterus feel completely different:

  • They go regularly after a certain interval of time which is becoming less and less, but the duration of your contractions – more;
  • They do not pass when changing postures or activities that cause pain;
  • They will last until the baby is born.

At what time start false labor?

The training bout, some women begin at 20 weeks gestation the baby. But it does not mean that pregnant in the next few days bring forth. You should not be nervous, better listen carefully to yourself and your body.

You can feel if the uterus hardens. This is due to the fact that muscles come in tone. Can be painful pulling character in the abdomen and a nasty, aching feeling in the lumbar region. But these battles pain is not increasing.

It is worth saying that not all future mothers are faced with the symptoms of false alarms in 20 weeks of pregnancy, some feel them only in 36 weeks. These moms are scared of training contractions of the uterus, because they consider them the beginning of labor and going to go to the hospital.

But do not worry ahead of time. First, a little walk, drink tea, water or juice, breathe quietly and deeply, in General, calm down. When the panic would try to pinpoint the intervals at which contractions occur.

If after equal interval of contractions of the uterus will not be repeated, it is simply training, preparing for future childbirth and reason for urgent hospitalization.

Many women are interested in the question: "How long can false labor last?". Usually training contractions of the uterus short: 30-60 seconds and pass.


To predict what time they will appear impossible. In some women, false labor can occur once a day, others more often. It can happen unexpectedly, for example, on a walk or in the store.

Most importantly, when you start Braxton Hicks contractions – not to worry. To remove them will help breathing exercises which is recommended to practice from the beginning of pregnancy. When about battles such exercises are the best method for their removal.

Although many women, so many options for dealing with contractions. One pregnant helping of sweet tea, others walk, and others need a warm shower – all individually. Try and you will find your perfect option.

In General, ladies, learn to distinguish the training uterine contractions from the real thing – this will help keep you and your loved ones a bit nerve cells. And if after all the contractions you have are not false, but very real, easy delivery. Health to you and your baby!