Fashionable bag with fringe: features of the image with a stylish accessory

Fringe has become fashionable for a long time and attracts girls of different ages with its appearance. A fringed bag looks especially attractive, which cannot go unnoticed in any look. Although such an accessory is not suitable for every style.

Fashionable bag with fringe: features of the image with a stylish accessory

You need to be able to choose the right bag, correctly combine it with clothes and shoes, then the image will be harmonious and stylish. Especially if it is a tote bag - a special accessory that is popular due to its spaciousness.

The fringed bag can be sewn by hand, although it is not an easy process. It is important to choose the right fabric and be able to process it with high quality. A leather or suede bag made by yourself will always stand out in a special way among many other women's accessories.

Content of the article
  • What to wear with a fringed bag
  • How to make a fringed bag at home
  • Features and varieties of bags with fringes

    Garters, threads, laces and any other pendants are considered fringes and are often sewn to various garments , shoes, bags. Fringe is also often used in interior decoration, but the beauty of this decor element is in the way it sways when moving. Fringe on bags looks unusual and bold, so it is often preferred by confident girls who want to stand out.

    Regardless of whether a leather bag or suede, it will never be considered a classic, but rather, even will be its opposite. Although this accessory is not devoid of romance, so you can go for a walk or a date with it. This can be a regular small handbag, a fringed backpack or a bucket bag. In any case, the girl will be able to put everything she needs in there, feel attractive and confident.

    Depending on the size and fabric of the bag, it can be worn under different outfits:

      < li> a small clutch looks stylish with short dresses and skirts;
  • a large bucket bag will fit tight jeans or leggings and a tunic;
  • a fringed backpack will complement a cowboy look;
  • bag with indeterminate dimensions - trapezoid, triangular, semicircle - an unusual accessory for original and stylish fashionistas.
  • Fringe can be sewn along the edge of the bag, or it can be located over the entire surface of the material. Some girls feel so comfortable in the rebel style that they buy several different bags and only change the tones of their image, but the overall style remains unchanged.

    How to wear a fringed handbag

    Oddly enough, a bag with fringemine goes well with almost any look and style. The only clothes with which this accessory should not be worn is classics - trousers, skirts, jackets. With such wardrobe items, the fringe will look stupid and inappropriate. A competent and skillful combination of a stylish handbag is possible with the following elements of clothing:

    1. Jeans of any cut and style. The fringed bag is perfect with jeans, creating a loose, somewhat rebellious style. It is important to choose the right footwear. You can carry the bag in your hands or on your shoulder.
    2. The dress, oddly enough, also goes well with such a bag. Its length can be any from mini to maxi. By the way, a light and flying dress looks much more impressive than a tight-fitting or strict one. The airiness of the fabric contrasts with the bag and creates an unusual image of a rebel girl.
    3. A skirt, like a dress, looks attractive if you wear a bag with fringe. The only condition for such an outfit is the absence of fringe on any other garment. And it is advisable to wear shoes with high heels or wedges.
    4. Shorts, especially denim, in combination with a suede bag look original and attract the eyes of everyone around. In this look, it is important to wear the right shoes so that they do not visually shorten the legs and make the overall look of the girl heavier.
    5. Leather tight trousers can be supplemented with a bag with a fringe made of a similar material. The bean bag looks best. Such an image can even be defiant, therefore it suits brave girls who are not afraid of experiments.

    Of course, when choosing clothes and accessories, you need to focus not only on how these things are combined with each other, but as well as how they will look on the girl. After all, different figures, height and age require not the same approach in choosing things and shoes. Especially when the question concerns non-standard solutions and experiments.

    In order not to look stupid when leaving the house in an unusual outfit, but to feel confident, you need to carefully select all the elements of the wardrobe, take into account their compliance with each other and your own ideas about style.

    How to make a fringe bag at home

    Fashion accessories are not always easy to buy, because their cost corresponds to demand and popularity. Therefore, a bag with a fringe can be made by hand, although this is not an easy process.

    It may seem that the bag is the easiest to sew, because its shape and volume will not show any flaws in the work. In fact, it is easier to make a square or rectangular bag that is made up of two identical halves and requires only one central seam between them. The bag can be sewn when you have the skill and experience in your hands.

    First of all, you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools for work, including:

    • fabric - leather or suede;
    • lining fabric;
    • zippers, fasteners and metal decorations, if they will be present in a future bag;
    • glue, scissors, threads, needles.

    MoreThere is one important point that must be, if you want to sew a bag with your own hands, this is a pattern. Or at least a general idea of ​​how it should look like, how to expand and connect the fabric. Moreover, if it is a suede bag, because it is not easy to work with such material.

    The sequence of work:

    1. When starting sewing a bag, you need to lay out the fabric in front of you and outline the dimensions and shape of the future product. If there is a pattern, transfer it from paper to material.
    2. Cut the fringe. Depending on where it will be sewn, how long you want and how much - different cuts of fabric will be required. To get started, you can try sewing the fringe to the top edge of the bag, near the zipper, the same length as the bag itself. And let it go along only one front edge, and leave the side that will be worn closer to the body empty.
    3. If the bag is made of leather, the fringe must first be glued to the top edge, and then stitched. This will be neater and smoother.
    4. Only after one side of the bag is ready with fringes, you can connect the two halves of the future product. To do this, they need to be turned inside out and sewn.
    5. After that, the front of the product can be decorated. For example, sew an additional strip of leather along the seam of the fringe, on which to place rivets.
    6. Next, you need to sew the handle and attach it to the bag. You can just sew on, or you can use special metal rings.
    7. Then you need to make a lining. Its shape completely repeats the shape of the bag, but slightly smaller in size. For the lining, it is important to choose a dense but thin fabric so that it does not deteriorate from constant use and things.
    8. The finished lining must be sewn into the bag. After that, you can attach the zipper. It is not easy to do this on dense material, but neatness and lack of haste will allow you to finish the product with high quality.

    Bag with fringe is ready. Fashion accessory that can complement any look and look stylish.