Fly over the lip: should I do a tattoo

Any girl who decided to add his image a little attractiveness and coquetry should pay attention to the fly on the upper lip. And if nature has not awarded you a similar mole from birth, then you should think about how its acquisition by artificial means.

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A bit of history and geography

Fly over the lip: should I do a tattoo

The fashion for such decoration came to the expanses of Europe in the seventeenth century. But in the East a similar decoration on the face of the women was considered the height of beauty. Therefore, the Eastern women used crushed gemstones and essential oils to become proud owners of such a nuance of appearance.

In Europe, however, flies made of taffeta or velvet. Interestingly the shape of these artificial moles might be different. Quite often instead of the usual circles on the faces of the biggest fashionistas was possible to see a picture of the moon, flower, heart or some kind of animal. In General, the form is directly dependent on the imagination of the owner of an artificial fly.

After the smallpox epidemic of similar item appearance began to play not only aesthetic but also a camouflage role. After all, the post-pocks had something to hide. With its help masked and sudden pimples or ugly moles.

But given that a woman always finds what needed to disguise, in the Middle ages in Europe, women's faces began to appear too much artificial moles. So over time society has become obscene there are three or more flies on the face.

I would also like to say about the symbolism of moles. If you move away for a second from the location of moles on the lip, you can find quite a lot of interesting. For example, if the front sight is in the middle of the forehead, it could indicate the inaccessibility of its owner.

A mole under his nose testified to a total ban on any relationship, but a small mole above lip on the right or left to show the passionate and romantic nature.

Tattooing flies on his lip

So, in most variations of small moles above the lip we have already dealt. But the question remains, how to get a front sight, if nature has not given you this gift from birth. Of course, you can draw a small dot on my lip every day, ordinary cosmetic pencil, but this method is quite a lot of minuses.

At least remember about bad weather. If you put a dot and forgot to bring an umbrella, be prepared for the fact that on arrival at work you will be streaks. And it is absolutely ugly!

Fortunately, the possibilities of modern cosmetology has made great progress, since in Ancient Egypt used crushed gemstones and essential oils to create a mole. That is why today you can make a tattoo in the form of moles.

This procedure will not take much time, but you will not need to update their looks every day. Although, of course, once a year you will probably have to look at the tattoo parlor, since the paint tends to fade. But when you painted the front sight with a pencil, update there every day!

Permanent makeup: what is the procedure

Fly over the lip: should I do a tattoo

The procedure is that the wizard using a special needle enters under the top layer of the skin a small amount of paint. Gubin injection is about 0.5 mm. to Draw a small mole is easy, so much time you have, this procedure will not take. When injecting ink, the master usually uses local anesthesia.

But this is, unfortunately, absolutely does not exclude the possibility of discomfort. However, if you really want to change their appearance so, then be patient, because the result is worth it.

Be prepared for the fact that for the first time in place of your future fly will be a little crispy. But in any case it is not necessary to remove it yourself, wait until it falls off itself. Otherwise you are guaranteed trouble and irritation will be the most minor consequence.

Attention! In order to minimize the possibility of getting to the layman, always make sure that the institution in which you decided to sign up for this procedure has a medical license. It is also worth carefully to ensure that the needle with which the procedure will be performed, was disposable and thoroughly disinfected.

One should not expose your body like this if you have a cold or caught a virus. After all, with a weakened immune system, the probability of the emergence of a strong irritation increases several times.

Is it worth doing tattoo flies above the lip

Before you go to the salon and subjected my skin to such a test, you need to clearly understand that this procedure is not for everyone. The fact is that if there is a certain predisposition there is a risk of melanoma.

What is it? Melanoma is a malignant tumor that can begin in normal moles and end with a metastatic spread to all internal organs. So that joke is so not worth it. But I want to tell you that the possibility of melanoma only applies to those who wish to correct an already existing mole.

By the way, some scientists and doctors are strongly against any manipulation of birthmarks spots, because further development of the situation in the future very difficult to predict.

And, most importantly, remember that your appearance has changed for the better without serious consequences, you should use the services of professionals. Here are the services of charlatans who are willing, for a fee, come to your home it should immediately refuse if you value your health.

Want to make over the lip of the fly: how it will happen?

Almost every woman who decided on that tattoo, asked a similar question.

So let's look at the stages of such procedures:

Fly over the lip: should I do a tattoo
  • The application of a special gel with an anesthetic effect on the location of the future fly. Thus, the skin at the site of the future tattoo will not only disinfected, but also a bit frozen. And it will reduce discomfort;
  • Driving the ink under the skin. Introduction paint is in a spiral to the moment when a mole becomes the desired size;
  • The superimposition of a small amount of anaesthetic substance. The repetition of this procedure produced in order to irritation on the skin as much as possible.

And so you can get new fly near the lip. Most importantly, remember that the skin need careful care. In any case it is not necessary to RUB your choice of creams or oil. Because this way you can only increase the irritation.

Also, you should definitely acquire the anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream which will prescribe the doctor. And don't forget to periodically correct the color, because paint may eventually turn white. Good luck!