Foundation for oily skin - properly masking imperfections

The skin on the face is our business card, therefore all women want her to always look perfect, be beautiful, fresh and radiant. However, if some lucky women get what they want without any effort, then the owners of oily skin have to work hard on the result.

Below we will tell you how to take care of it and how to hide visible imperfections and imperfections.

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Moisturizing cream for oily skin

Foundation for oily skin - properly masking imperfections

One of the basic principles beautiful skin is hydration. The myths have long been dispelled that only dry and normal need to moisturize, the oily type also needs daily moisturizing. Otherwise, it looks earthy, porous and friable, suffers from redness and flaking.

And in order for the cream for oily but dehydrated skin to not make it even fatter and clog pores, it is important to choose the right care product.

This takes into account:

  • skin type;
  • age;
  • < li> sensitivity;
  • prone to acne breakouts.
  • If you use " not your own " cream, you can achieve the appearance of acne or pimples, even on skin that was not previously prone to their formation. Therefore, choose a product without oils (non-comedogenic).

    It's good if the product for dehydrated skin contains aloe vera, which improves intercellular metabolism, has a bactericidal and moisturizing effect, and green tea, which has a rejuvenating, tonic effect. Salicylic acid also has a beneficial effect, it noticeably shrinks pores and removes excess oil.

    But when choosing a night cream for oily skin, you should not worry about the appearance of shine, and purchase a product with the effect of deep hydration and nutrition. The night cream should have an approximate composition of 25% water and 75% fat, and contain vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of the epidermis.

    Winter cream for oily skin

    A person needs special protection in winter. If in the summer and in the off-season, owners of a fatty type use light-textured cream-fluids or serum, then in winter other means are needed. After all, light creams that do not contain fats leave the skin defenseless against the harmful effects of wind orfrost.

    Therefore, so that the face is not rude and chapped, you should temporarily give preference either to products with a more saturated texture, or continue to use a fluid cream, but apply a product over it that will create a protective film.

    They can be a winter serum or foundation. The latter will perform not only a decorative function, but also a protective one, becoming a barrier to frost and wind.

    You also need to pay attention to the time of applying the day foundation on the face. This should be done 40 minutes before going outside so that it has time to be absorbed. Otherwise, in frost, the cream evaporates, it will begin to freeze and lead to local frostbite.

    Pay attention to the composition. It is good if it contains an ingredient such as caffeine, which helps to narrow the pores. Or salicylic acid, the action of which was mentioned above. Or vitamin A, which relieves inflammation in the epidermis.

    Apply a winter day cream for oily skin with your fingertips, adhering to the massage lines. Remember, it's better not to report than to overdo it. You can also bypass the T-zone by applying only foundation to it.

    Foundation for oily skin

    Foundation for oily skin - properly masking imperfections

    Make-up and powder form the basis of tonal means. Unlike regular day creams, they contain from 3 to 25% coloring pigment. If the pigment is more than 10%, they are called cream powders. In addition to the fact that the foundation should give the face an even and natural shade, it is desirable that it also prevents the appearance of blackheads and acne.

    To the choice of " foundation " for oily type of person must be approached very responsibly, because a poor-quality or inappropriate product, even from well-known cosmetics manufacturers, can be harmful. Increase the shine, clog the pores, increase the secretion of the sebaceous glands even more.

    Therefore, when buying a "toner", take into account the following nuances:

    • " Foundation " should have an ultra-light, airy consistency;
    • Have little or no essential oils;
    • Include filters from solar radiation;
    • Contain substances that tighten pores - salicylic acid, white tea, etc.;
    • In addition to the decorative function, it should also contain medicinal components that have a bactericidal or anti-inflammatory effect;
    • There should be a mention on the tube that “ foundation " removes shine.
    • Be suitable for you by age, now manufacturers produce a large range of " tone tones " according to this principle.

    In order not to buy " pig in a poke "check the foundation directly into the magician azine. It is worth squeezing a little on your finger to see its consistency. If the texture is not uniform, contains lumps, it means that they are trying to sell you a low-quality product.

    Choosing “ foundation »Note that in summer, because of sunburn, it should be one tone darker than the one you use in winter. Also pay attention to the expiration date. High is an indicator that it contains a lot of preservatives that are contraindicated for the bold type.

    Matching your tone to the complexion

    Having decided on the brand “ tones ", you can go to the next selection and pick the tone you want. You need to choose a tone only in daylight, since electric can slightly distort the real color.

    When choosing, check the product by applying a drop of " tinted "not on the wrist, as this may give incorrect results, but on the submandibular area:

    • Girls with a pale face will not suit" toner "with a tanning effect, no matter how they want it. They should choose apricot or peach color;
    • For those with a yellowish complexion, it is better to opt for " foundation " orange or pink.

    Foundation for oily skin - application rules

    Even if you have defined your cream and tone correctly, you still need to learn how to apply “ foundation "on your face.

    There are a few small secrets that will help you distribute it evenly:

    • Be sure to cleanse your face with milk and toner before use. It should be clean and moist;
    • With constant use of " toner ", frequent peeling is required in order to get rid of dead epidermis particles in time;
    • < li> When applying the foundation on the face, use a sponge, which is pre-moistened with unsalted mineral water;
  • The foundation is applied from the center to the periphery or from bottom to top;
  • Do not forget to remove excess « foundation "in the eye area. Take the time to smear it well at the roots of your hair.
  • Matting cream for oily skin

    For owners of oily type, manufacturers promise to completely get rid of shine, with regular use of the matting agent. The matting cream, of course, helps to get rid of it, but only temporarily, because it is not at all in his power to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, because the type of skin is determined by nature at the genetic level.

    Foundation for oily skin - properly masking imperfections

    And if it is fat, then no miraculous means can fix it. What products with a matting effect can really do is keep the makeup lasting 2 hours longer.

    They also have a bad effect, which manufacturers forget to mention, but cosmetologists say loudly. The aggressive effect of the matting base, which is aimed at artificially drying the epidermis, can lead to increased work of the sebaceous glands. You can't fool nature.

    Receptors will send a signal that fatthe balance is disturbed and the epidermis is overdried, and in response to this the sebaceous glands will begin to work with redoubled zeal.

    Thus, if the matting foundation is applied regularly, it will only increase the problem of shine. Therefore, when choosing a product with a mattifying effect, use it infrequently, only when you need a professional and long-lasting make-up.

    We hope you find our tips useful. Try foundations from different manufacturers and you are sure to find your perfect product. Remember that the foundation is designed primarily to mask imperfections, but only proper care will help to cope with them.