Frame for a bouquet with your own hands: simple and inexpensive

Budding florists face a lot of nuances and peculiarities in the manufacture of floral arrangements. It is not always necessary fixtures and accessories you can buy in the store, and the price can be quite high. Have to do it by myself, mastering the science of making bouquets with your own hands. Very often there is a need in the manufacture of the frame, you can use a variety of available materials – vases, pots, cardboard, baskets and even coconut shells.

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Frame for flower bouquet with their hands

  • For getting the basics we will need cardboard where you want to draw a circle of arbitrary diameter. Focus on the size of your bouquet. Inside draw a circle of smaller diameter. Can draw a small Cup;
  • Cut with scissors big and small circles and prepare floral felt, cut it into strips of this length, which should be enough for a full rotation around a circle;
  • Proceed to the decor, sticking the strips to the base, a little trying to impose them on each other so that the cardboard could be seen. Once the circle is completely filled, proceed to the manufacture of the mount frame. Can be pierced from two opposite sides 2 holes with an awl and stick them in the wire. It is better to take green and of sufficient length so that bottom twist the ends together. You should easily grab it with a hand free to hold your frame weight;
  • On top of the felt can be decorated with artificial leaves, organza or other designated content, and then insert into the hole prepared floral arrangement;
  • Bottom-mount frame should be closed corrugated paper, and to hold it, tie a beautiful ribbon. All the prebuilt.

How to make a frame for a bouquet of toys

  • To draw on a piece of cardboard or paper circle of the desired diameter is approximately 14 cm be Sure to identify the center;
  • Of twisted into a tube of rectangular piece of cardboard to make the handle. A length of about 30 cm and a height of 15-18 cm;
  • Cut out a small circle area as you cut a slice of cake or pie. Remember, the larger the area you cut, the deeper will the cone;
  • Glue the ends and connect to each other. The tube for the handle you also need to glue. At one end you need to make a few cuts and bend. In the center of the cone to penetrate the small opening and also to perform the incisions. The size of the hole must match the diameter of the tube, as you have to connect them to each other with glue;
  • All the prebuilt. Now it should pull corrugation and fix it from below with glue. In order to be better placed to make cuts and apply the material to each other;
  • Cut paper the same color as the flute, the circle of smaller diameter than the frame and glue in the middle. To fix the bottom of the holder tape and proceed to the decoration of the frame;
  • The manufacture of the frame for a bouquet of toys suggests their fixing on the basis of. To do this, you can stick to her two beautiful narrow ribbons next to each other and tie a toy. To do the same with the remaining soft Teddy bears, kittens, etc. to Further the decor at the discretion.

Frame for a bouquet of chocolates with their own hands


Such a basis can be done according to the previous technique, in fact, soft toys, bouquets often coexist with candy. And yet it is not forbidden to perform the frame at the first of the techniques described yours, but after sticking to it a piece of foam having the shape of a truncated cone.

This the cone you plan to insert skewers or toothpicks, which taped the candy. You can take a small basket, which will serve as a frame. Put a piece of foam and use as a holder for candies.

How to make a boat frame for a bouquet of chocolates:

  • Cut cardboard oval the right size and the same ellipse to draw inside, stepping back from the edge about 3 cm to cut the hole;
  • Gift wrap paper green. In the center put a piece of foam in the shape of a little flower pot so that it is there is well kept;
  • The handle can be made from 4 well-sharpened pencil or sharp wooden rods. They must be inserted in the foam at the bottom and wrap with electrical tape or duct tape;
  • Now we have to hide it all under corrugated paper and begin to decorate bouquet for candy sweets, natural or artificial flowers, leaves etc.

The frame is designed for the Bridal bouquet

  • To make the base yourself, you will need a Styrofoam ball and a piece of narrow plastic pipe as a handle. Since the ball is round, the handle can be positioned anywhere by setting out first the area of the pipe, a little scrolling;
  • Now with a utility knife to cut a hole to a depth of at least 2 cm below the pen accidentally fell out of the bouquet;
  • After it is necessary to plan on the balloon line, from which a sharp knife to cut off part of the foam to the handle, that is, give the workpiece a conical shape. Approximately 1/3 of the globe must be cut;
  • Cut a white cardboard circle the same diameter as the pipe. Paste over it with satin ribbon to attach to the bottom of the tube. Handle itself also wrap the ribbon and secure with glue;
  • Now the free end must be abundantly greased with glue and quickly screw in the pre-made hole;
  • Conical cutoff cover up with lace or other suitable occasion, and bridesmaid dresses stuff. All, frame for wedding bouquet ready. It remains to place flowers and other decorative elements.

As you can see, the frames for the different bouquets it is easy to perform and independently, using a simple and inexpensive materials. In any case, under the flowers, chocolates and toys it will not be seen.

The main thing – to fulfill its task and allowed the songs to "live" all reserved for solemn events of the time.