Geopathogenic zones: essence of the phenomenon, consequences and methods of elimination

It is hard to count how many invisible forces and energies affect our organisms every second. With the active development of the latest technologies, we are all surrounded by thousands of networks, the influence of which does not pass without a trace for our systems of our body.

But there are also natural energies that permeate space.

Geopathogenic zones: essence of the phenomenon, consequences and methods of elimination

And if everyone knows about magnetic fields to one degree or another, then, perhaps, many have not heard of the concept of geopathogenic zones. Our planet is lined with geobiological grids along and across, at the intersection of which accumulations of negative energy can occur. It is these points that are usually called geopathogenic zones that have a negative impact on human health. Some experts argue that most of the oncological diseases are associated precisely with the fact that from year to year a person experiences the effects of negative radiation in problem areas.

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How geopathogenic zones affect human health?

Every person at least once drew attention to the fact that in another institution or someone's apartment, he is experiencing some deterioration in health. And it also happens that several years after moving to a new home, there is an urgent need to run to a therapist or even an oncologist. In the old days, such places were called perilous, but today many describe the phenomenon as a syndrome of sick buildings.

The problem is of a geophysical nature, which was well known to our ancestors. For many centuries, the construction of houses required a careful choice of location, and in China, where the practice of Feng Shui is widespread, it is recommended to start building the foundation only after examining the area by a geomancer. The need to identify problem areas existed both in Ancient Rome and in the Russian Empire.

Also, some may have heard frightening stories that from generation to generation the inhabitants of the same house or apartment died from serious diseases. This "heredity" could be explained if it were only about relatives. But if a stranger suddenly dies from the same disease, then the influence of GPZ is obvious.

Among the common symptoms that indicate a person's stay in a geopathogenic area, the following can be distinguished:

  • insomnia;
  • nightmares;
  • feeling tired even after sleep;
  • frequent depression;
  • feeling cold;
  • low efficiencyin the treatment of diseases.

In addition, a site is certainly geopathogenic if the site has an increased number of deaths from heart disease, mental illness or cancer. That is why, if you are planning a resettlement, it is worth identifying and neutralizing the problem in advance, having previously found out all the facts about the surroundings.

Locations of geopathogenic areas

The concept of GPZ means a certain area on the surface of the Earth, which can have various shapes and lengths. The pathogenicity of these areas lies in the fact that they generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field with a wavelength hazardous to human health.

Among the natural or anthropogenic objects familiar to us, the sources of GPZ may be:

Geopathogenic zones: essence of the phenomenon, consequences and methods of elimination
  • former burial sites;
  • marshland;
  • faults in tectonic plates ;
  • points of intersection of technical communications, such as metro, sewerage, etc.;
  • groundwater at any depth.

In addition, the so-called Hartmann grid has a negative impact on health. The intersection of the Hartmann lines forms small geopathogenic zones located very close to each other.

In every apartment, even the smallest, there will certainly be at least one pathogenic area, because the Hartman lines stretch from north to south with an interval of 2 meters, and from east to west - with an interval of 2.5 meters. Thus, rectangles of 2x2.5 m are formed on the surface of the planet, the corners of which are small GPZ.

It is noteworthy that the location of the grid does not depend on the height of the building or the material from which it was made. The points of intersection of the lines are called Hartman's nodes, they are approximately 25 cm in diameter, and a long stay in these places is highly undesirable. It is not recommended to place the bed or desk at such points. The ideal location of places of work and rest in an apartment is the inner area of ​​the rectangle, but not the lines themselves, and certainly not the nodes.

How to determine the location of geopathogenic zones in an apartment?

Sometimes we make rearrangements in the apartment, feeling that such a change will bring us relief and joy. In fact, such an event has an important function: you move the bed, sofa or desk to another place that may be safer for your health in geophysical terms.

In order to understand which areas of your home may be potential GERs, you can resort to simple observations:

Geopathogenic zones: essence of the phenomenon, consequences and methods of elimination
  • pets. If you are a lucky cat owner, then remember that these little predators are very positive about the points of intersection of energy lines. Therefore, the favorite places of cats should be avoided. The same can be said about the ant.x and bees. But dogs avoid places with negative energy, so pay attention to those parts of the apartment that your dog has identified as unfavorable for himself;
  • indoor plants and trees. If we are talking about a garden plot, then remember that most trees grow very poorly in energy nodes. And if you are looking for a way to neutralize the effects of geopathogenic zones in an apartment, turn to indoor plants for help. Well-growing geraniums, asparagus and aralia will point you to problem areas of the apartment, but cacti and begonias will wither away at pathogenic points;
  • your own well-being. Try to pay attention to how comfortable you feel in sleeping or working. If sleep disorders, headaches, increased nervousness and depression have become commonplace for you, then perhaps it's time to start rearranging.

For those who want to accurately determine the location of dangerous areas in their own home , you can advise dowsing methods. For this, special frames or weights are used to determine geopathogenic zones.

An amber bead, ring or dowsing frame will tell you where negative energy accumulates. You can do this procedure yourself, but the most accurate information can be provided by a practicing specialist.