Get rid of harmful effects of Smoking

The obvious dangers of Smoking to the body makes a lot of people sooner or later to abandon this nasty habit. Unfortunately, its effects can for a long time to disturb the former smoker: the more the experience of Smoking — the sadder the consequences.

Cardiovascular system, nervous system, lungs, digestive tract affects not only smokers but also those who from time to time "dabbles" tobacco, although the extent caused habit damage, of course, different.

In most cases, the most striking manifestation of the consequences of addiction, it is the weakening of the respiratory system: accumulated over Smoking tar and other toxic substances, in excess contained in tobacco smoke, not allow it to fully function.


Frequent bronchitis, hacking cough, decreased resistance to respiratory diseases — faithful companions of man, who did not find the strength to give up the habit.

And even after quitting cigarettes symptoms are not immediately, and sometimes, contrary to all expectations, amplified: the cough becomes more obtrusive and painful, the mouth is unpleasant to the taste, and when talking with other embarrassing smell, and even minor physical exertion causes shortness of breath.

Fortunately, sooner or later, the body is cleansed in a natural way. Someone that could take a couple of years, someone enough a couple of months. Not to wait for the mercy of nature and speed up the process, you can use proven recipes cleansing the respiratory tract in the home.

How to clean lungs of a former smoker folk remedies?

Take cleansers only after a final farewell to Smoking: if you quit, any procedure to restore the functions of the respiratory system are meaningless. Without waiting for weeks or months, you can begin cleansing folk remedies, the most effective of them are drug charges. Pharmacy herbs in the form of infusions and inhalations contribute to the rapid elimination of toxins and tar.

Usually used for this purpose:

  • sage;
  • eucalyptus;
  • chamomile;
  • the needles of fir and pine;
  • juniper;
  • wormwood;
  • mint;
  • oak leaves.

Easiest to start with inhalations: hot couples healing facilitates breathing, has expectorant effect and affects the bronchi as a natural antiseptic, reducing inflammation and irritation. One spoon (dining room, heaped) dried and powdered plant material is poured a glass of boiling water.

Hot steam should be a quarter of an hour or a little less; for inhalation you can use any tool from the list above or a combination of both. The approximate course of treatments — 2-2,5 weeks of daily repetition. The first 45 minutes after inhalation should keep health and not to SuperCool.

It is useful to know how to clean the lungs of the smoker with pine buds at home. It is a cheap tool available anywhere: to prepare an infusion, pour one tablespoon of fresh pine buds 200 ml of hot boiled water and steep for 2-4 hours. Ready infusion is used twice a day for a third Cup, preferably on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is short — only one week, but after a couple days you will notice the first results.


Cleans the lungs from tar and regular consumption of brewed with oat milk. The recipe is very simple: milk (500-600 ml) is heated on a slow fire with 1 Cup oats and stewed, until the mixture turns into a viscous slurry is reduced in volume by about half.

The entire portion brownish mixture must be eaten in the form of heat, and in half an hour to eat.

To clear the lungs in this way, you should repeat the procedure every day for a half to two months.

Don't be surprised and don't be afraid of deterioration of health, which is often observed in the first week of treatment oats: shortness of breath and cough may increase, but it's not terrible — it is so intensely purify the lungs with copious sputum. In a few weeks you will feel significant relief, breathing normalizes, and the nasty cough and back away.

To make an even more efficient therapy herbs of cleansing the lungs of a former smoker, you need every day to drink enough water, eat garlic (by itself or in combination with various dishes) or ginger, not to indulge in a Cup of strong green tea. This is useful from all points of view, the beverage contains catechins — a family of antioxidants, fighting for our health from the inside out.

They help the body rid itself of toxins accumulated over the years of addiction to tobacco. Treatments, breathing exercises, physical activity — all these activities bring you to your destination, helping light remove the remains of resins.

How to clear lungs of a smoker, using medicines?

Not only grass, oats, and milk can clear lungs of a smoker: this will serve well as some pharmaceuticals. First and foremost, it is expectorant, thinning mucus and facilitate its quick and easy removal. Together with phlegm is displayed and all garbagethat clogged the lungs, recently quit.


Talk with your doctor, you can try to drink Geelix or nasal drops drugs that have similar action. Ambroxol besides has a light antiseptic effect. If your experience of Smoking was short-lived (less than a year or two), a good choice would be Mukaltin cheap and popular drug, containing polysaccharides of marshmallow.

Accelerates the elimination of sputum and was Prescribed a medication manufactured in the form of syrup and tablets.

It includes salbutamol, through which the bronchi dilate, and breathing becomes easier, and the accumulated airway mucus, quickly and easily displayed.

Knowing how to clean the lungs and bronchi of ex-smokers with the help of available medicines and folk remedies, you and your body will no longer suffer from the consequences caused by addiction to nicotine. To help the body to recover and often are in the fresh air, eat dairy products and, whenever possible, get outside for a walk in a coniferous forest.

Any possibility get out for a walk in a coniferous forest.

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