Getting ready for winter: freezing mushrooms at home

Mushrooms are a favorite product of millions. Every hostess knows at least a few recipes where these forest guests are the key figures. A huge number of recipes from mushrooms is explained by the versatility of the product - the nutritional value and unusual taste of mushrooms are incomparable with anything.

They are used for fried, boiled, steamed and baked dishes, rolled up in jars and added to fragrant autumn soups.

Getting ready for winter: freezing mushrooms at home

In any dish, mushrooms show a pronounced taste and fill the house with a pleasant aroma. Today we will talk about such a prominent representative of the forest kingdom as a white mushroom. Freezing porcini mushrooms for the winter would be a great idea for those who like to please themselves in winter with the flavors of early autumn.

Winter is not rich in fresh vegetation, and therefore freezing is the best option for lovers of such products. And although modern supermarkets offer a huge assortment, finding a truly quality product will not be easy.

This is why you should take matters into your own hands, especially if the forest harvest season is not an empty phrase for you. All the mushroom trophies you have accumulated can be sent to the freezer without a shadow of a doubt, so that later, while a blizzard is howling, enjoy amazing dishes from the boletus you have collected.

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Freezing mushrooms for the winter - oh things to remember

It is very easy to freeze food at home. And if you have an impressive freezer, you can create a whole warehouse of useful supplies. Many people know that the freezing procedure requires a certain sequence, which will be discussed below.

Let's capture a few important points that you should pay close attention to:

  • all your boletus should be clean and fresh - a stale product will not please you with a delicate taste in a cold winter;
  • appearance affects the quality after defrosting - make sure that boletus is whole;
  • at home, before freezing, thoroughly clean porcini mushrooms from particles of soil and other things;
  • try not to wet the fresh product too much, as it absorbs moisture very quickly;
  • watch the temperature in the freezer - if it is stable and approximately equal to -18 degrees, then your workpiece will last up to a yeara;
  • defrost the mushrooms only in the refrigerator - this will help them to convey the natural taste as accurately as possible;
  • after defrosting, use the preparation as soon as possible, do not store it in the refrigerator for too long.

Freezing mushrooms for the winter - simple recipes

The good thing about a raw product is that you have plenty of room for thought when you decide to extract blank from the freezer.

Getting ready for winter: freezing mushrooms at home

In this case, freezing requires from you whole and as fresh porcini mushrooms. In addition, the stronger the boletus is, the better its shape will be after defrosting. After cleaning, you need to spread your forest harvest on a flat surface right in the freezer, and after a few hours, put it in a plastic bag or a special plastic container.

You can also freeze porcini mushrooms in sliced ​​form.

To do this, you will need to cut them into pieces of 7-10 mm, then dry them thoroughly and distribute them into equal portions, calculating how much you need to prepare the dish. Place each of these portions in plastic bags, then try to remove all the air from them.

How to prepare boiled porcini mushrooms

Freeze already cooked product for the winter - a great solution for those who save their time. However, not everyone trusts the freezing of raw food, so pay attention to this recipe for freezing mushrooms for the winter.

You won't have to cook for a long time - only 5 minutes. You should not use salt to create a blank. Boil the mushrooms in boiling water for 5-6 minutes, then give them time to cool down and distribute them in bags. Usually 300-500 g of product is put in one bag, which is ideal for preparing one dish.

This method is also suitable for a product that has lost its original appearance for some reason. Often, the preparation is used for subsequent roasting.

Freeze boletus in fried form

Another recipe shows us that the number of freezing methods is inexhaustible. This procedure differs from the previous one mainly in that instead of boiling the product, we will use the frying method.

Place the boletus, chopped at your discretion, in a preheated frying pan greased with vegetable oil.

Getting ready for winter: freezing mushrooms at home

Do not use salt or pepper - this is not necessary in the preparation, besides, the freezing technology does not involve the use of spices. You can add salt and seasonings to the finished dish when you defrost the porcini mushrooms.

Fry the preparation for 20 minutes until all the moisture evaporates and the boletus themselves acquire a nice blush. Let them cool down on a flat surface, then boldly pack them into food bags or containers and send them to the freezer. By the way, a frying pan is not the only option for frying.

You can alsouse a baking sheet and oven. In this case, you don't even need vegetable oil, because the product will be cooked in its own juice.

Freezing chanterelle mushrooms for the winter

Chanterelles are rightfully considered one of the the most delicious representatives of the mushroom kingdom. Their delicate consistency and unique flavor are difficult to confuse with anything. And dishes with chanterelles have sophistication and beauty. If you are lucky enough to collect or purchase fresh chanterelles, then be sure to freeze some for the winter - dishes with this product will decorate the table for any celebration or just a family dinner.

The peculiarity of chanterelles, which favorably distinguishes them from other species, is the fact that they are almost never wormy. The fact is that the quinnomanosis contained in this product prevents the reproduction of any parasites. Chanterelles do not have to be sorted too long - almost all of them will be clean and fresh.

Chanterelles are often rolled up and pickled, but it is the primordial taste that most often helps to create a unique taste palette in certain dishes. And the proven freezing method will help to preserve it along with all the useful properties.

The main thing to remember is that these beauties are best susceptible to proper fresh freezing. It is advisable to start the procedure on the day of collection or purchase.

After weeding out unsuitable specimens and cleaning them from debris and dust, rinse them under running water. Next, lay out the chanterelles on a dry towel and give them time for all unnecessary moisture to evaporate. The dried pieces can now be distributed in bags and placed in the freezer.

Getting ready for winter: freezing mushrooms at home

If you don't like the bitter taste, you can freeze the chanterelles boiled.

To do this, place them in an enamel container and fill with water, then bring to a boil and leave on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Pour the boiled chanterelles into a colander, rinse and dry.

The cooled mushrooms, as in previous cases, can be packaged in bags or containers, calculating the amount for cooking. Do not forget that the best temperature in the freezer will be -18 degrees.

You can also prepare chanterelles, pre-boiled or stewed, together with liquid. This is perfect for soups or stews. However, with this method it is worth remembering that the frozen product can be stored for a maximum of 4 months.

Freeze the chanterelles in any way you like. Please yourself and your household with amazing mushroom dishes every day!