Goal – weight loss: use Senna and I

What assistive devices do not use losing weight in the struggle for a slim figure! The body is starved, to keep a ration of 1 product, injected him with potent chemicals, subjected to excessive loads, make contact with various metals... Natural remedies, including Senna leaves for weight loss are considered the most gentle and harmless way.

Whether the compositions of the gifts of nature can help effectively and quickly remove excess weight, and it is safe for health recipes from Senna and other plants for weight loss?

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Contraindications for weight loss herbal


The effect of natural herbs that are used to obtain a slim figure, based on the following effects: mochegonno, laxative and cholagogue. Already from this it follows that it is impossible to lose weight people who have urinary and cholelithiasis, diseases of the digestive system and urinary system.

Do not want to use boosters for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system – any violation of water-salt balance in the body can worsen the overall condition.

But with all the side effects – cramps, diarrhea, "lazy" bowel, nausea is a natural remedies you can enter in the program to reduce weight, if used not as a primary means, but as an auxiliary component.

Such natural drugs refers to help.

Always in pursuit of harmony


Extract of rosehips strengthens the immune system, stimulates the secretion of bile, improves metabolism. In addition, this drug has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

To start using the tool is required 2 weeks before the diet – it is able to give a boost to weight loss, to normalize the metabolism, cleanse the intestines of accumulated toxins.

Pure extract of rose hips to prepare for the "battle for harmony" to use the irrational and the efficiency is low. The perfect combination for weight loss: help, Senna and raisins.

Recipe diet drink

Necessary ingredients:

  • 80 g of white seedless raisins;
  • 15 g of a preparation of Senna;
  • 750 l of water.
  • 80 ml of help.

Of Senna, raisins, boiled compote – enough to boil 10 minutes, strain, add help. Drink before bedtime for 250 ml.

If medication is prepared a lot, it can be stored in the refrigerator during the day.

Another prescription remedies for weight loss.

The ingredients are the same, and just take them in a different quantity.

In boiling water – 500 ml – pour 2 tablespoons of Senna, 1/4 Cup white raisins and bring to a boil. After 5 minutes, turn it off. After straining and cooling the liquid is mixed with half a standard bottle of extract of rose hips. Stored in the refrigerator, take for 3 weeks, half a tablespoon after the last food intake daily.

Drink to cleanse the body can be prepared in another way. It mixes the same ingredients: I found the raisins and Senna for weight loss.

Raisins – the glass half – soaked with boiling water. Separately from Senna tea a glass of water 50 g of grass. When the tea was drawn, and the raisins became soft, all mixed in a single container by adding 80 ml of help.

The course – 3 weeks, before bedtime, take 100 ml.

Cleansing the body means, composed of 1 and 2 recipes, you can spend 4 times a year, the last one only 2.

Cost-effective way to reduce weight


Those who are too lazy to cook the broth, wants to get rid of extra pounds in a short period of time and are willing to risk, you can to limit hay Mexican for weight loss – one of the components stimulating the weight loss ingredients of broth.

Senna for weight loss gentle on the intestinal wall, irritating no influence. But the need to safety precautions: do not drink more cups of infusion a day and analyze what is happening in the body.

Nutritionists advise not to use Senna tea for weight loss course, and drink it 2-3 times a week. This is enough to bring from the intestine collects fats.

Mexican Senna is sold as a tea, how BAD. If you buy ready Supplement, it is sufficient to pour boiling water, and no special preparations for making broth is not required.

Herbal is used rarely, it is usually mixed with other components. If you still want to try classic, then it is cooked in the same way as the majority of herbal teas: a tablespoon of herbs brewed Cup of boiling water, boil for 3-5 minutes, to insist 15 minutes and strain. Drink before bedtime, 2 hours after last food ingestion.

The decoction should give a mild laxative effect, nothing more. Depending on the individual reaction of the organism the amount of medication can be increased or decreased.

Fewer side effects – nausea and cramping – the same action yields the following decoction.


In the same amount – in a glass of water 20 g – dry take Senna, dandelion, nettles and fresh parsley. To these ingredients is added to 10 g of mint leaves and fennel seeds. All pour a glass of boiling water and very carefully insist, insulated with a towel for at least 2 hours.

Losing weight with such auxiliary means the month: a day first drink 1 glass, then increase the quantity to 2, and again reduce the dose gradually.

Sweet tooth can treat themselves to the following cleaning agent:

  • In a meat grinder or blender and crushed 300 g pitted prunes 150 g figs, 70 raisins and dried apricots;
  • The sweet mixture interfere 2 tablespoons of Senna in a dry form;
  • This composition is thoroughly mixed with 70 g of help.

Blend for weight loss take 2 tablespoons a day, morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime.

Laxative effect after using Senna in any form is not immediately evident. Depending on the individual reaction of the body between doses of the drug and bowel may take from 4 to 8 hours. You need to take into account the individual reaction of the body and calculate the optimal time of reception laxative means.


In addition you need to consider, the body leave not only harmful substances, but also useful minerals and vitamins – their stock must be replenished by taking in pill form. A raisin in the composition of weight-loss drugs to fully restore the supply of potassium will not.

To your body must be treated with care, to consider the introduction of a means of speeding up metabolic reactions. If you experience adverse effects from the use of drugs for weight reduction must be abandoned. The course of treatment – 2 times a year by month – if a laxative without having to use longer and more often in the body can cause serious problems.

Without dieting effect of taking a laxative actions will be miserable.

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