Goji berries for weight loss – the fountain of youth and health

From-for bad ecology, wrong nutrition and sedentary lifestyle the problem of overweight in our days is quite relevant. Developed a lot of diets and ways of getting rid of excess weight. I must say that many of them are ineffective or give a temporary effect and some are even harmful.

Goji berries for weight loss – the fountain of youth and health

So the news that Goji berries or Tibetan barberry, along with its curative effect besides promote weight loss, caused a real boom among those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Try to understand what this berry is and how to treat it?

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Useful properties of Goji berries

Of course, in the beginning, no one thought to lose weight using the magic fruit Goji. As soon as in 2004 the entire Western world learned of their healing properties, this berry began to carefully examine the medical professionals and biologists. By the way, I should mention that about the miraculous power of this plant was known in the East for thousands of years. Knew, but for some reason was silent.

After numerous studies, scientists have found that the fruits of a creeping shrub of the family Solanaceae possess antioxidant, firming and toning properties.

Doctors advise to use Tibetan barberry if:

  • you are concerned about insomnia or stress;
  • notice at earlier withering of the organism, premature aging;
  • undergoing chemotherapy;
  • the rehabilitation period after illness;
  • want to raise the immune system;
  • feel physical or mental fatigue.

Listing the properties of the miracle fruit, we should specially mention about their so-called "love success". They affect the level of testosterone in the blood, and this, in turn, increases libido, and male and female. In China they even treat infertility.

But important for us is another property, they control your appetite, burn fat cells, which ultimately reduces weight.

Growing Goji

Because of the great popularity of berries they were specifically to grow not only at home in China, but around the world. The seeds of this plant are small, about the size of about 1 mm, so the treatment they need. After extracting the seeds, they are soaked for a short time 1-2 hours. Were grown in loose soil that is two parts loam and one of peat.

During the process of germination it is necessary to observe a constant humidity. The temperature should not fluctuate more than 7-10 degrees. The whole period is 2 weeks. The plants were then seated in individual pots and after a few months you can expect the first fruit.

It is worth mentioning that the unique properties are only variety grown on the slopes of Tibet at an altitude of 3000 meters, although other varieties are also useful.

Goji berries for weight loss

Goji berries for weight loss – the fountain of youth and health

Scientists have discovered eating a miracle fruit stimulates the production of growth hormone called the hormone of youth. And for good reason. The fact that he is responsible for the rejuvenation of our body and also affects the burning of fat cells.

If you are seriously interested in losing weight, you have probably heard about the method of a famous French doctor Dukan. His diet prohibited the consumption of berries, Goji was the only one that this prohibition does not apply, since the content of carbohydrates in it is negligible.

On top of these fruits is a natural antioxidant, invented in his laboratory nature, which reduces the body's stress from weight loss.

They contain unsaturated amino acids, they speed and normalize metabolism, which is often the real cause of rapid weight gain. Mentioned and anticellulite properties of Tibetan barberry, although we must admit that it is not clinically proven.

How to eat Goji berries?

Tibetan barberry – are not the main tool for weight loss if your goal is 15 more pounds in a month. They should be used only as a Supplement to the diet. They are fully able to provide the body with necessary nutrients to him. Also losing weight contributes to the fact that the berries reduce appetite.

Use them as you like. There is as a separate product or added to food as preservatives to a wide variety of dishes. Most importantly, do not exceed a dosage of 15-45 g per day depending on body mass.

Put the fruit in Goji soup or porridge, and season meat or fish sauce, or use instead of candy when you want sweet, they still will not lose its miraculous power.

But in order to lose weight, still right, Goji berries is to use brewing.

How to brew Goji berries?

Brewing takes a little time, only twenty minutes, but there is one "but". It will be correct each time to make a fresh infusion. The main proportion – 5 pieces on a standard mug. First, pour the fruit of boiling water – the water should completely cover them, leave for 30 seconds, then at swelling add the right amount of water.

Cover and leave to brew for a few minutes, but not more than half an hour. For the taste in the tincture, you can put honey or lemon slice. Tincture take up to three times a day half a Cup for the reception.

Optional brew the berries separately, you can add in the preparation of tea or herbal. If you have a choice to buy Goji berries or tea made with them, it is better to stay on the ground so that the mixture from pharmacies may not be high quality.


Despite the magical properties, they also have contraindications. They should not be taken if you have a fever, have an allergic reaction to any products.

And in some diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease or blood vessels, pregnancy, or breast-feeding – the berries should be taken only with the permission of the attending physician.


About Goji berries the huge amount of positive feedback, not only on forums and sites, but also in the press and on television, because use "the miracle fruit" like ordinary people, and politicians, and stars of music and film.

Most people indicate that within a few days after the start of the reception, they felt a surge of strength and energy.

Goji berries for weight loss – the fountain of youth and health

Many have noted an increase in mood, a desire to be happy for no reason. Reception Tibetan barberry to lose weight in the winter time helps to escape from a vitamin deficiency, increase immunity, to protect yourself from colds or the flu epidemic. Some argue that with their help she was able to lose 5-7 pounds in a month, and greatly improved its appearance.

In any case, you choose the Goji berry for weight loss, treatment of any disease or as prophylaxis, their properties will bring for the body only benefits, as they contain inherently unique composition of minerals and vitamins.

Lose weight easily and have a tasty diet!