Greek braid: stylish and charming

The Greek braid is a popular hairstyle today, which involves weaving the usual classic braids around the head. It got its name from the similarity to the Greek laurel wreath. This hairstyle also has a corresponding origin.

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Favorable hairstyle

Greek braid: stylish and charming

A Greek-style braid can be a great option for every day, when there is no time to wash your hair or, conversely, it is impossible to style your hair after sleep. She can help out with an unplanned trip to a party or any other celebration, as she always looks elegant, luxurious and feminine.

If your everyday life is full of events, meetings with people, then you can always count on a neat and original appearance. And having decorated your head with natural or artificial flowers, an original hairpin or tiara, you can safely go to a restaurant without fear of looking inappropriate.

Braiding options for medium hair

Exactly the length of the hair determines options for weaving a Greek braid . Hairstyle is done on a clean, pre-washed and dried head. It is not forbidden to straighten the hair and be sure to comb it thoroughly. It doesn't matter which side you start from, left or right, in any case, you need to choose a thin strand at the temple on one side and divide it into three parts, making weaving with a bias on the other side of the head.

Start weaving. an ordinary braid. After making a couple of passes, grab some of the hair from the forehead and braid to the part of the braid that is on the edge. After a couple of passes, you need to perform the same pickup again. That is, the vegetation on the head is woven only from one side gradually, until all the parts falling on the forehead are inside the hairstyle.

Greek braid: stylish and charming

Having finished with one side, you need to start to the other. When weaving Greek braids for medium hair you should get two braids. At the very bottom, they need to be secured with a thin elastic band and carefully threaded one into the other, pulled off and pinned or fastened with invisible ones.

You can do a Greek braid hairstyle on the side for medium hair. Such weaving does not take much time, but the result will exceed all expectations. To complete the hairstyle, you need only the upper part of the hair, the so-called " hat ". After separating it with a comb, start braiding from the forehead and grab the hair onlyabout out of this part of the head, pulling them tight. Having fastened them at the back of the head, you can try on a strict look for the resulting hairstyle.

Hairstyle with a ribbon

How to braid a Greek braid? To make a braid with a ribbon for medium hair, you need to arm yourself with a ribbon and a comb.

Follow these steps:

Greek braid: stylish and charming
  • separate part of the hair in the front and in the middle and throw it over the forehead, securing it with a hairpin so as not to interfere;
  • select a thin strand on the back of the head and fix a thin tape on it;
  • return the part thrown back on the forehead and divide it into three parts. A strand with ribbons will not be considered as a single strand, but as two separate strands. In total, the weaving process should be performed in this order: left strand - ribbon - middle strand - right strand;
  • Greek braid involves starting work on the right: wind the fifth strand under the fourth, then on the second strand and under the first strand ... Then move the first one under the fifth;
  • without changing the method of weaving, wielding a ribbon and strands, alternately grab the hair from the right, then to the left;
  • fix the end of the braid with an elastic band and wrap the ends of the ribbon;
  • to add volume to a Greek braid with a ribbon for medium hair, you need to gently pull out the links of the braid using the sharp end of the comb.

First, you should practice on your loved ones in order to master all the subtleties and the nuances of the process, and only then try to braid a braid for yourself when your hands are more confident in their actions.

A free braid can be braided from all hair, the main thing in it is some negligence, disheveledness. This hairstyle can be especially helpful for those growing bangs. In this case, the Greek braid is woven along the side parting.

Decorating it with any accessories for the occasion, you can remain fashionable and elegant in any situation. Believe me, representatives of the strong half of humanity will not be able to pass by a girl who looks like the mythical goddess Aphrodite with such a hairdo!