Hair dryer

For the woman who washes her hair every morning and respectively engaged in laying, burnt dryer is a tragedy. Well, not invented yet how you can quickly and successfully to dry and style your hair without a Hairdryer. It is possible that such options exist, but they certainly are either harmful or impossible in practice.


Almost each of us there comes a point when the dryer broke and a trip to the store for a new inevitable, and this must be done quickly and with maximum efficiency.

On the market today, you can find a wide selection of hair dryers with different functions and capabilities.

Therefore, to avoid the wrong choice, not to regret your purchase later, or not yielding to the temptation to buy all the models at once, consider proposals, and determined, without departing from the monitors.

The content of the article


This is currently the most popular model. Its success provides versatility: it can be used to dry and style your tresses, as well as it is quite compact and inexpensive. The device is equipped with a slit-like nozzle, and has a medium to high power in the range from 1600 to 2200 watts.

The only, but significant drawback is the concentration of hot air at one point, which negatively affects the condition of curls. When using this Hairdryer for hair styling, you will need them further nourish and protect.

So, its advantages are:

  1. Lightness and compactness;
  2. The universal properties allow it to be used for drying, styling, drying, curled on curlers curls;
  3. The ability to dry the individual strands.


1 . A narrow stream of hot air desiccate the strands, after which they require additional nutrition and hydration.

If you are puzzled by the question of how to choose a hair dryer, pay initial attention to the width of the hub, that is a hole through which passes the hot air. For styling we recommend to choose a Hairdryer with a nozzle width of from 70 to 90 mm, for drying from 90 to 110 mm. In the case when you plan to use it for styling, and drying, and choose the best option from a width of the hub 90 mm.


The only type of professional hair dryers. Its difference lies in the presence of various attachments for styling.


Mostly it is sold with a brush attachment, but as a rule, the kit additionally include nozzles for straightening hair and for creating different curls.

This allows him to retrain as a hair dryer-Curling iron for hair, with round and round brushes, and other attachments.

Set of various nozzles will depend on cost – the more and more diverse, the higher the price. Due to the direct and prolonged contact with the strands, in these models low power, which eliminates the possibility of overheating and damaging the hairs of the scalp.

Its advantages include:

  1. Different number of nozzles, which allows to achieve excellent results in hair;
  2. Gentle leverage.


  1. What is dignity, there is a drawback – the narrow specialization of each nozzle. You will have to shell out if there is a desire to change something in the hair, for more brushes and special tools;
  2. Not every woman can handle the styling yourself, considering the fact that use of them requires a professional approach. This hair dryer with a nozzle is used mainly in beauty salons.


Once very advertised as the cure for unruly curls, the diffuser has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages include gentle drying thanks to its special nozzle.

The hot air passes through the many narrow holes and sprayed, gets to the ends, without damaging or drying them, which is very suitable for thin and brittle hair.

The presence of projections allows particualrly by gently massaging the scalp. The drawback is its inability to laying. Ideally, the diffuser is suitable for unruly hair or after chemotherapy, which are very sensitive to hot air and require careful treatment.



Difference it is a wonderful effect which it has on hair, due to the negatively charged ions.

These particles by themselves do not cure and do not recover, but can lessen the effect of hot air than to reduce the harm with regular drying and styling.

Hair dryer with ionizer protects from dehydration under the influence of the particles absorbs moisture faster, thus drying is faster and retains the natural moisture balance.

This option is ideal for those who have dry, brittle, damaged strands with visited with the tips or the opposite – too fat. With regular use they become smooth, manageable and shiny.

How to choose a hair dryer?

In practice, there are many options for different dryers, for professional or home use, with and without ionizer, small and large, sometimes useful functions are combined in one device that brings great joy to the buyers, but I want to warn you, the fun is not cheap.


When any electrical appliance in the first place pay attention to the power: the larger it is, the better it works and the faster it reaches the desired effect. With Hairdryers a little different situation, it should not be too powerful, something in the range of 1.5-1.6 kW.

With less power can't handle the curls with more dry up not only the hair but also the scalp, and quick drying will eliminate the possibility to make a neat installation.


An important role in choosing plays attachments.


Here opinions are divided – some believe that they should not be at only one hub, the rest is just an additional waste of funds. The second believe that they should be sufficient to create different hair styles.

The question you need to decide yourself, but I advise you to buy the best set that would hold up in variations with hairstyles consisting of concentrator, condenser, here you can still add the Curling strands.

What else?

Some little things to be considered when purchasing a home assistant, will greatly facilitate its application and increase service life. Such details include the mode of operation in most devices, there are two speed limits. Choosing a powerful and professional instrument, pay attention to the presence of at least three speed modes.

Mode of cold air will reinforce the curl after drying and styling.

Choose a hair dryer with removable filter, because this device works like a vacuum cleaner, and eventually it drags the dust, fallen hair and cleaning or replacing the filter is much lifespan.

Comfortable handle, availability of supports and the optimal length of the cord will greatly facilitate the process of drying and styling.

Visiting the store in search of a convenient attendant, pay attention to all the useful properties, from excellent performance to performance.

Nice, easy and healthy choice!