Hair mask with chicken egg

A chicken egg by the universality of its application are difficult to compare with any other product: eggs used to prepare culinary dishes, shell actively engages in the creative craft, it is a frequent component of the diet, as well as eggs can be called the main ingredient in homemade cosmetics.


And no wonder – in one small chicken egg contains a complex of vitamins, natural proteins, amino acids and other nutrients that provide all the natural skin of the human body complex and deep health care.

Eggs make a mask for hair and face skin, as a normal egg is quite capable of replacing in its washing and cleansing effect professional and expensive shampoo. Let us detail how can affect egg on your hair and whether it is really useful for them?

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Secrets of efficiency

Egg white useful for hair because it actively stimulates overall growth and development of the hairs in the follicles. Protein contains in its composition of trace elements that powerfully affect the growth of new cells and therefore essential as a means of nourishing and strengthening the hair.


The yolk has a deep nourishing effect not only on each hair, making it smooth, smooth and shiny, but also contains lecithin – a substance that helps to heal the scalp and thereby to cope with the problems of seborrhoea and loss of strands.

But that's not all: use eggs for dry and damaged hair is not only inside. Crushed eggshell as a natural concentrate of calcium can be used to strengthen weak and brittle hair.

With egg you can prepare an effective mask designed to solve various problems of hair, and you can use it as a nourishing and cleansing detergent that can compete with the expensive professional makeup.

Recipes homemade egg shampoo


Most often in the formulation of household detergents for hair use only yolk, but there are options, which use the whole egg. If you regularly wash your weakened hair with an egg, you can achieve just those results: hair becomes thicker, hair no longer split, no breakage and dryness, returns the natural healthy Shine.

Here are some examples of homemade egg shampoos. The simplest of them consists of an ordinary chicken egg yolk. Carefully crack the shell and separate the white from the yolk – protein can be left to tools on the skin and yolk need to perform the following manipulation: a thin needle pierce the yolk membrane and pour the clean liquid into a handy container. This must be done because the shell is very difficult to extract from the mass of hair when rinsing.

The yolk fluid process head (if length of hair is significant, then one procedure is required 2-3 large egg yolks), gently lather, keep for 5-7 minutes and rinse with cool water. Do not use for rinsing natural egg shampoo hot water as the product will simply roll right into your hairs and then have a long comb.

You can not just wash your hair with yolk, but effectively massage and clean the scalp. For this procedure you will need to make homemade shampoo scrub. The use of this home care products is certain: the scrub purifies the skin surface of dead cells and hair follicles begins to receive oxygen, and proper breathing for the health of the hair is very important.


Preparing a scrub is this: the yolk, purified from the films mixed with a teaspoon of ground coffee and applied on the head. It is important to thoroughly massage the scalp, do it lightly, without strong physical effort, and then rinse hair with running water.

Egg shampoos are effective in quitting, but to achieve the best and sustainable results, be sure to do courses from egg white masks. Recipes popular masks using egg whites and egg yolks is given in the next section.

Recipe of egg masks

The most popular in combating hair loss and enhanced nutrition of hair is the hair mask with honey and fresh egg. Cook it very simply: mix in a bowl two fresh eggs and two full tablespoons of sugar not honey.

Perfect if you slightly heat the honey before mixing on a water bath. RUB the obtained mixture into hair and scalp, wrap with plastic wrap and insulate with a towel or handkerchief. Composition keep it for about half an hour, and then removed by thorough rinsing.

Oil for fine hair


Not less effective is the mask for hair with egg and oil. The mask allows you to use in the recipe any oil, but it is better to opt for a castor or burdock product.

Mash yolks (2-3 pieces) in a thick foam and add to them two tablespoons of butter. Important: if you use ether of burdock – warm it a little before mixing.

Stir the mixture until smooth and apply to slightly damp after washing hair. This hair mask with chicken egg nourishes not only the hairs but also normalizes them percentage of normal humidity.

Mustard colored strands

To save hair from dryness and breakage will help mask for hair with mustard and egg. For the mask part, you need to brew a Cup of strong black tea and the amount of liquid to dissolve a tablespoon of mustard powder and pure yolk liquid (1 pieces), stir all until smooth and apply the head. Keep for 30-40 minutes, until the mustard is begin oven the skin.


To intensify the hair follicle, and thereby strengthen the growth of hair, helps the egg mixture, which also included cognac. Hair mask of eggs and cognac are also able to enhance the natural Shine of hair, healthier ends.

The recipe is as follows: mix ground two egg yolks with a glass of brandy, pour in the mixture a spoonful of oil of burdock. Spread the composition throughout the length of the hair, especially paying attention to roots and ends. Rinse the mask after 30-40 minutes.

With yogurt for damaged hair and split ends


Indispensable in the care of scalp and hair mask using yogurt and eggs. Kefir is rich in beneficial amino acids and trace elements that restore the damaged structure of the hair, smooth their scales and hair no longer break and split.

For the preparation of the composition take 50 grams of fresh yogurt, 20 grams fat mayonnaise and whisk them in a receptacle in a dense mass. As soon as she takes a homogeneous color, pour the liquid egg yolks and mix. Apply to the head, insulated scarf or towel and keep for about an hour.

To egg white mask was the most effective, be sure to observe the following rules of use:

  • Before bringing all the components of the composition warms to room temperature;
  • Do not stir mask mixture, and beat with a whisk. So a lot will come out more uniform;
  • 90% of masks with egg is applied on dry hair, after washing a hair mask, optional further wash with shampoo.

Remember to wash it off egg mask can only be warm water, otherwise the egg yolk and white will coagulate, and the treatment turns into torture for the combing.