Haircut Caprice

Short hairstyles never lose their relevance. Every new season, flashed all the new fashion trends that in one way or another relate to such haircuts. Pixie or Bob? Both remain incredibly feminine, elegant, practical and sophisticated.

Haircut Caprice legitimately recognized as a model of charm and appeal because it is able to give its wearer a touch of mystery and Enigma. Why give up their long locks in favor of this hairstyle? It's simple: it demonstrates the love of freedom and self-expression, alluding to the autonomy and individuality of the woman.

Varieties of whim

Such styling to its name. She's like a capricious woman, and wishes all at one point. So get ready because your head will appear randomly scattered and shaped the ends and do curls, it would seem, will be trimmed in spite of all existing rules of hairdressing skills.


The basic principle of this haircut is its layers.

It often happens that the Caprice is done in very short strands, although the actual transform and medium curls. The tips that are different in length, and surviving hard thinning, and will guarantee the visibility of the volume, and creative chaos.

Technology of haircut under the name "Caprice" provides for the division of the entire head of hair in 4 of the working masses.

The master selects one tentative strand of hair upon which will do all the mowing. She takes place in several stages, the scheme she stepped, and involves layering length. The only way to have an incredible visible volume and layered effect.

Depending on how they made the bangs, the ultimate hairstyle can be of several types, namely:

  • And with torn oblique bangs, giving the appearance of asymmetry, and elongating the face;
  • Typical ragged bangs, which does not have single hair length;
  • Even without bangs. In this case it should connect with the front strands of hair, and stowed in the right direction.

Who will suit this hairstyle?


Technology sostarivaniya hair called "Caprice" is a great solution for women with thin and oval face, short hair and a thin neck.

It perfectly complements the whole image of a graceful lady, because it creates the head is proportional and such required amount. But round-faced ladies, it is better to avoid, as it more focuses on the appearance.

In principle, if you add a whim and an elongated oblique bangs, women with a round face can also change your image in such a hair appointment.

Regarding the texture of the hair we can say the following: Caprice is done on thick, thin, curly or straight tresses. Here it is important to realize that hair made for curly and perfectly smooth strands, will be radically different.

The undeniable advantage inherent only to this haircut is easy to maintain the order and simplicity of installation. Using cosmetic products in just a few minutes you can create several different looks, from the eccentric or avant-garde to romantic and mysterious.

For example, to haircut looked in the spirit of artistic chaos, do the following:

  • On freshly washed hair, apply texturizing mousse;
  • Outline side part;
  • Dry the hair using a round brush, or a Hairdryer with a special nozzle. It is to make a noticeable volume to the roots;
  • To the whim haircut for medium hair became more expressive, private ends should tuck the Curling iron or Styler, in such a way that they stuck out in different directions;
  • Then hand apply the mousse with a texturizing effect, which is distributed by ready application;
  • All that is achieved is recorded with varnish.

Caprice haircut for short hair is perfect for creating a romantic image. In the end, after simple manipulations, appears multi-layered and voluminous hairstyle, suitable for an evening out in the light.

Thus, the scheme of romantic styling haircuts Caprice as follows:

  • First is a side parting;
  • Curls styling tool is applied;
  • Gradually the strands wound on curlers large diameter;
  • After drying, the hair dosushivajut Hairdryer, stacked bangs;
  • Fingers lubricated with wax for styling, and they also separated individual curls.

Many Hollywood stars have long realized that haircuts in the style of Caprice can hide the flaws of their appearance, and therefore actively demonstrate them in their daily lives.

Moreover, they are easy to lay, especially if done on straight hair.

In this case, it is sufficient to dry strands Hairdryer, employing the specific fluid with the effect of Shine.

Finally I want to give one piece of advice: if you decided to choose this haircut, consider to paint the curls in different shades. Then the hair will become more versatile and attractive.

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