Hardening of the newborn

Hardening is essential in the development of the child's ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions, particularly to temperature. Regularly changing the temperature of water and air for the baby that the body begins to adapt to heat and cold. Hardening of newborns increases immunity to various diseases, promotes proper mental and physical development, helps to establish the metabolic processes.

Start hardening it is recommended from the first days of life crumbs, because the body in this period has a high ability to adapt.

Tempered baby will grow up sturdy, strong, hardy, will attain the ability to endure cold and heat, windy weather, and this match will be very rare. If you spend hardening of a baby with a birth in the future to improve the processes of thermoregulation of the body.

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Where to start?

Not everyone knows where to start hardening the baby, but it is very important that the first procedure was a nice kid, and didn't cause negativity. So, the pediatrician said that the baby is healthy, then you can apply all possible sparing methods of tempering, including the effects of water, air and sun.

Important to observe the following principles:

  • carry out procedures systematically;
  • gradually increase the time of procedure;
  • to account for the General mood of the child, to carry out the procedure fun in the form of games;
  • it is impossible to prevent hypothermia and overheating the baby;
  • choose clothes, shoes in accordance with the weather;
  • to combine massage, exercise with tempering procedures.

Ways of tempering infants

Aboutzdoroveuchenye procedures hardening include:

  • impact air: air baths, walking and sleeping in the open air;
  • exposure to water: swimming, bathing, contrast baths;
  • the effects of sun light: light and air baths.

Rules of hardening kids

Many believe the hardening of the child Komarovsky ideal, and therefore cited the rule of hardening infants based on his teachings:

  • Hardening is carried out based on the individual characteristics of the child – treatment can be carried out when the baby is completely healthy, considering his mental and physical development, behavior and reaction to the influence of the means of hardening. Weak kids should be introduced to procedures very carefully;
  • The gradual carrying out of tempering, especially in the early days, is very important. It is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the baby, his weight, strength, sleep appetite;
  • Immediately expose the baby to sun exposure and cold water is impossible. The child's body adapts to the conditions gradually. Only through systematic training of crumbs to the various changes of temperature without harm to health to get the expected result.

Very cautiously it is necessary to carry out the methods of hardening children excitable and weak. For them it is recommended to first apply the rubbing, then the partial pouring and air baths by following the principle of gradualism. When a little kid will get stronger, you can move on to tempering procedures recommended by healthy kids.

It is important to observe systematically. Hardening effectively only with regular (daily) procedures, and they should be conducted regardless of the season.


Then conditional reflex – exposed to a temperature the blood vessels will quickly respond by contraction or expansion.

The child's body can not quickly adapt to changes in temperature. If not strengthen develop a reflex, he first goes out and then disappear.

Take breaks longer than 5 days is impossible, otherwise all purchased by the child's body resistance to the effects of the environment decreases.

The mood of the child is an important factor in tempering

If the kid is anxious, cranky, hardening should be suspended. Young children need special care and attention, before procedure it is necessary to create a pleasant environment that the baby was not afraid, and to speak kind words, to smile and to cheer up the baby. Then the hardening will delight the child and bring the expected fruit.

Contraindications to the hardening in infants

Hardening can bring tangible benefits, but procedures should be avoided, if you have the following contraindications:

  • acute illness is accompanied by temperature rise;
  • acute disorders of the intestines and stomach;
  • increased nervous excitability;
  • decompensated heart disease;
  • anemia (low hemoglobin);
  • weight loss;
  • poor sleep;
  • a negative reaction to the tempering procedures.

Hardening is necessary and quite difficult part of caring for the babies.

Even most of the children who initially did not like the procedures used, and therefore, parents have the ability to strengthen the immune system and the health of their children.

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