Hedgehog of sweets – an original and delicious gift for all occasions

Lately articles of candy are very popular. Beautiful bouquets and unique shapes will be an excellent gift for both children and adults and for any occasion. Delicious gift you can buy in the store or order online, but there are great alternative is to do it yourself.

Hedgehog of chocolates is an unusual variant of the sweets. Thanks to the detailed master-classes everyone can easily do it yourself. Gave a gift to the child, and he will get not only your favorite candy, and interesting and unusual toy.

The content of the article

Master class – make a hedgehog out candy

Hedgehog of sweets – an original and delicious gift for all occasions

To do this hack, do not need special skills, so the work can entrap and children for whom it will be not only interesting but also fun.

Materials needed to make the hedgehog

  • Foam;
  • Metallized paper gold color, although you can optionally choose a different color;
  • Crepe paper;
  • Chocolate with round and rectangular shape;
  • Toothpicks, Scotch tape;
  • Gun with hot glue;
  • Buttons or beads for nose and eyes;
  • Floral packaging;
  • Artificial flowers and various ornaments.

Detailed master class for the manufacture of a hedgehog

  • You should start with the formation of the animal body. To do this, take the foam and cut an oval. The length should be about 18 cm and width 13 cm from the bottom Then remove the layer that the figure is not staggering and even standing on the table. Using a sharp knife cut the muzzle pointed up his nose. In General, you need to get the body shape as close as possible to the shape of a hedgehog;
  • Now with the help of glue gun glue snout Golden metallic paper and the crepe. Do everything carefully so there were no folds.
  • Using buttons and bead, make animal eyes and nose. Perfect when to take these parts from old toys. Their size does not matter, the main thing that was beautiful. In this case, the hedgehog of chocolates made by your own hands will look as realistic as possible;
  • Go to the decoration of the body. Take the floral tape in any color or use multiple options. Her must make of the workpiece. Cut into squares of size 13x13 cm, Take two different colored squares and place them on top of each other to make an octagon. With the help of sewing carefully make a hole in the center and insert a toothpick. Gather the foil to make a likeness of a beautiful flower, and secure it with tape. Carefully flatten and set aside. According to this scheme, keep their hands to do the harvesting, they must be 45 PCs;
  • When everything is ready, start to insert toothpicks into the body of a hedgehog. First you make a row and go to another one which is a bit shift to avoid voids. One more clarification – will see to it that the film never turned a blind eye, so the first row should be 2 cm above them;
  • In the end, it is recommended to turn the hedgehog and square, insert the toothpick with tape. Not only will this allow you to obtain a flat bottom, and and increase stability. In General, the whole body of the animal, with the exception of the muzzle should be covered with plastic flowers. The hedgehog looks very nice, but now we "sweeten". Using glue gun, attach the candy to the toothpicks. It is important that they were straight and not staggered. After that, spread the candy over the body of a hedgehog.

In principle, the master class can be stopped, but propose to make the figure more beautiful: with the help of the glue gun to Supplement the composition of artificial flowers with small apples or mushrooms, of course, artificial. That's all, the original gift is ready!

A few tips for beginners

  • Instead of floral cellophane, you can use organza, mesh, tulle and other such fabrics. From them you can also make squares or rectangles to cut for the formation of cones or bags. In this case, the width of the organza should be in the master class, that is, 13x13 cm;
  • Another original option. You can take corrugated paper, cut out her petals, and then 4 PCs to stick to the candy and then fastened to the toothpick. It turns out that candy is the center of the flower. Hedgehog with such jewelry looks very beautiful;
  • That figure looked even organically, from corrugated paper to make a stand in the form of the leaf.

As of sweets to make a hedgehog?

Hedgehog of sweets – an original and delicious gift for all occasions

Another option for a sweet gift. This master class is similar to the previous one, but the final result will differ considerably.

Materials needed:

  • Foam Oasis (available at florist shops) or Styrofoam;
  • Transparent floral paper;
  • Foil or shiny wrapping paper;
  • Cardboard;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Candies that are wrapped on top;
  • Glue gun;
  • Eyes and a nose;
  • Floss;
  • Chocolate mushroom, coins, etc.

A detailed description of how to make a bouquet-the hedgehog candy

  • As in the previous master class you should start with cutting the body of the animal. Glue it to corrugated paper and using a glue gun, attach the eyes and nose. Using foil and toothpicks, make the workpiece. Cut out the squares, fold and puncture them. Roll processing, making something like a flower, and secure with tape. Make about 16 pieces, and then, as in the previous version, assign them the body of the hedgehog;
  • We now turn to formation of needles. To make 14 rectangles of transparent floral paper size 15x10 cm, Take a toothpick and at the end of her stick double-sided tape. From the rectangle make the cone and attach the candy so that the tail was at the tip. In candy, insert a toothpick and secure the film to the previously glued tape. To the ends of the paper were more tidy, you can wrap them with cling film. In the end, you should get a neat cone with candy inside on the toothpick. Make these 14 pieces and spread evenly over the body of the hedgehog;
  • With a glue gun attach the mushrooms, coins and other decorative elements.

How to make handmade hedgehog from coffee?

DIY coffee are very popular because they not only perform a decorative role, but also are a great flavor. We offer you to learn how to make beautiful hedgehog that is from coffee beans.

Materials needed:

  • Coffee beans;
  • A plastic ball, the desired size;
  • PVA, "Time" and glue guns;
  • Acrylic paint brown color;
  • Twine or decorative cord;
  • A piece of foam;
  • Eyes;
  • Cardboard.

Description the master class on creation of a hedgehog

Hedgehog of sweets – an original and delicious gift for all occasions
  • Take the foam ball and cut it in half. Then, from cardboard to cut a circle, which attach one of the halves. It is recommended to take from a dense cardboard boxes. With the help of glue "Moment" of the cardboard should be glued to the half of the ball;
  • Lubricating cardboard "PVA"glue twine, wrapping it in a circle. The end result is a beautiful bottom our future hedgehog;
  • Using acrylic paint, cover it ball. Of foam cut a small triangle, focus on the size of the ball – this will be the muzzle. Available part brush "PVA" and wrap it around the twine. Using the glue "Moment", the muzzle, attach to the semicircle closer to the base;
  • With a glue gun start at a number to strengthen the grain. Place them on the edge of the narrow end, slightly inclining forward. Gradually aligning the grain should continue to glue rows of them. When he reached the middle of the ball of the grain should be straight. Moving down, the grains must be again a little tilt, but in the other direction. Continue until all the body is covered with coffee beans;
  • Left at the end of a muzzle sticking a grain of coffee and lock eyes. Decorate the hedgehog with a flower or small decorative Apple.

As you can see to make candy bouquets is very easy, especially if there is a detailed description of the master class. Using the technique, you can create with your own hands different shapes and come up with other products, it all depends on the desires and fantasies. Success!