Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice: delicious does not happen!

As an independent second dish as filing to garnish fans a variety of food and adult gourmets and a little picky perfect easy to prepare on a frying pan and in the oven hedgehogs from minced meat with rice.

Learn the recipe and feed them to the holiday table or just for dinner, treat your family!

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice: delicious does not happen!

Someone will say that this dish there is nothing original. But this is absolutely not true! Special piquancy bun adds raw rice, which when heat treatment, for example, swells in the oven.

At full readiness of meat balls sticking grains of rice – so there are thorns, just like a real hedgehog. What is the secret of cooking in the oven, in a pan or in a slow cooker, the main ingredients, the options are gravy, and the experiments in the detailed description of recipes. To kitchen March!

Recipe hedgehogs of minced meat and rice simple. Most importantly, he has the mandatory list of products, but to include fantasy, to make additions to your taste, nobody forbids.

For the preparation of standard hedgehogs from minced meat with rice will need a simple set of products:

  • 500 g minced meat (choice of pork, beef, chicken, pork and chicken mixture, a mixture of pork and beef);
  • dlinnozernogo rice, ½ of cut glass (not boiled, and raw!);
  • several heads of onions;
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • salt, seasoning blend and pepper;
  • vegetable oil;
  • flour.

The whole list will be the basis for the most delicious balls.

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Prepare meat based

The better prepared the basis for future hedgehogs, the tastier will be the dish. All efforts should be paid to the cooking meat. Following the classic recipe, the meat comes from, it is better that it was the tenderloin or the loin (chicken breast), passed through a meat grinder. To component meat became more tender, it should pull it in a meat grinder 2-3 times. The mixture should stand for 20-30 minutes.

Don't waste your time: cut the onions and garlic.

How to cook hedgehogs from minced meat with rice? Cooking meat basics for baking in the oven — a separate stage.

Prefabricated for future treats is done according to the algorithm:

  1. on a cutting Board finely nashinkovat onions, added to meat workpiece;
  2. the mass is thoroughly mixed;
  3. garlic chopped with a knife or passed through the frog;
  4. all of this is added to the workpiece;
  5. thoroughly mixed;
  6. chicken eggs before sending to batch whipped in a separate bowl, then introduced into the workpiece;
  7. add spices, herbs and salt to taste;
  8. rice, washed under running water also goes to the General estate;
  9. all components are mixed.

Of a homogeneous mass formed balls, which then go in the oven. Blanks should not be very small nor very large, the optimal average size. Ideally, the weight of each ball is 50-70 grams. Kruglyashi crumble in flour, laid out on the frying surface of the frying pan or the oven, greased with fat or oil. Let it be a baking tray or pan from the slow cooker – it doesn't matter.

Adding to the koloboks

How not obzharivaya not put out the balls, but without the gravy and they will be dry. Ideal – hedgehogs from minced meat with rice and gravy. Flavorful sauce for the oven is of two kinds: sour cream or with addition of tomato paste.

Recipe delicate sour sauce, which is prepared from:

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice: delicious does not happen!
  • 200 gr of milk of average fat content (optimum percentage from 12 to 20);
  • cups of broth or water;
  • 2-3 heads of onions;
  • salt, spices to taste.

Sour cream mixed with broth in the workpiece is added finely chopped onions. The basis salt and pepper.

Sauce filled with meat kruglanski, already laid out on a baking sheet in the oven or fried in a pan. Simmer the dish on slow fire within an hour.

A recipe for tomato sauce is slightly different from the dairy counterpart.

Main components are:

  • 100 – 150 g tomato paste;
  • a Cup of broth or water;
  • two small carrots;
  • 2-3 bulbs;
  • salt, sugar, spices.

Tomato paste connects with the broth. The workpiece is introduced grated on a coarse grater carrots and chopped onion. Stir everything thoroughly. Salt, sugar and spices are added to taste. Hedgehogs are filled with the resulting sauce and baked until tender in a pan or in the oven (30-40 minutes at a slow fire).

How to prepare diet hedgehogs of minced meat

For those who have problems with digestion and diabetes and babies perfect another recipe of this dish. Here the basis is the chicken breast. Hedgehogs of minced chicken with rice is no different from recipe snacks pork or beef. For softness, the tenderness of the chicken component can be added to the basis butter (20-30 Gy).

Fry, stew, bake!

So many options for cooking meat hedgehogs can be used in culinary practice. Frying pan, baking tray from the oven or slow cooker, even a glass saucepan with lid perfect for bringing the bunnies until fully cooked. Fried food the most delicious, but unhealthy.

If the digestive system is all in order, then the round billet can be fried in vegetable or olive oil in a skillet or in the oven until Golden brown. Then you add half a Cup of water and stew under the lid.

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice in the oven will be soft and smooth. Oven rack grease (with butter), laid out the balls, poured sour cream or tomato sauce. At 180 degrees the dish stew for 35-40 minutes. The result is juicy and flavorful hedgehogs from the oven, the rice is covered with "needles".

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice in a slow cooker to cook even easier than in the oven. In a bowl placed balls and sauce. Capacity put in a slow cooker, you select a specific program. The finished dish will have to wait for stardom, while burning, do not dry up.

Basket tips

So, as tasty to cook hedgehogs from minced meat with rice in the oven, in a pan or in a slow cooker?

Take advantage of our useful tips:

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice: delicious does not happen!
  1. Basis it is best to mix fresh meat, not thawed.
  2. It is important not to shift ingredients (cereals, onions, eggs), otherwise the ground will collapse.
  3. Not to make too big balls (reason see point 2).
  4. The rump is better to take not round, but dlinnozernogo: the needles are more realistic.
  5. The sauce should not completely cover the meat of the workpiece. Optimal level until the middle of the bun.
  6. Do not add meat-based white bread. Hedgehogs – it's not burgers, but the kind of meatballs. Onions, garlic and cereals enough as auxiliary components.
  7. Meat balls can act as an independent dish or as a company to the side dishes. The perfect addition to kruglyashi – stewed or boiled vegetables, buckwheat porridge, mashed potatoes, pasta. But the rice is better not to apply.
  8. Meat balls are different from the meatballs that rice cereal is placed not boiled, and raw. In this form it will stick out from the surface of the balls, Recalling that spiky animal.
  9. Prepared with chicken or veal, this dish will be a great option meat baby foods. To prepare better for the couple or in the oven.
  10. For breading used flour, not breadcrumbs. The last makes the dish hard.
  11. To reduce the calorie content of dishes the meat is to take low-fat, and instead of beef broth use water or vegetable broth.
  12. Cheese lovers put in meat harvesting this grated product. A piece of cheese in the middle of the ball is a surprise.
  13. Prudent Housewives like to freeze the raw balls in the freezer. Full defrosting they do not require. Pour into pan, bake for half an hour – the second dish is ready.
  14. Fans of exotic will appreciate the basmati rice, brown and other varieties of this cereal as part of another dish.

What ground beef would not be made hedgehogs, in any case they are delicious.

Any of the sauce recipes will give tenderness to the dish, and relatives and friends will want again and again to eat snacks out of the oven with absolutely thornless needles.

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