High cheekbones – "aristocratic" the dignity of women's appearance

High cheekbones – a sign of aristocracy, and just a beautiful feature of female faces. Have you ever noticed that the most subtle nuances make our appearance attractive? Like, cheekbones and cheeks – not the part of the person that stands out as much as almond-shaped eyes, a thin nose, or sensuous full lips. But it can give people a much more tangible harmony than all of the above.

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Why bony women find attractive?


Clear cheekbones have long been considered the Acme of beauty in the modeling business. And the most attractive diva art also differ in this trait. Take the main ideal of this generation – Hollywood actress angelina Jolie.

Even if you do not have as bright of natural data, today you can easily highlight the cheekbones with the help of the correctors, and concealers, bronzers and blush banal. Enough to learn how to apply these tools and to use a special brush-like sculpture of the face will transform it to 100%!

If you have received this genetically, we advise you never to hide it. Oval, slightly angular face shape, will probably be considered the most attractive at all times.

The structural features of the school: learn and compare

There are generally accepted features of high cheekbones, which you can study and compare with your face characteristics. So, high cheekbones originate at the temples, gradually narrowed to the lower part of the face and curving of the eye sockets. This type of oval face seems a little narrowed down. The bone of the cheekbones can be very different, and may be smooth, subtle.

Most often, this oval face meets women of exotic appearance, but it may be inherent to the Europeans. Signs of high cheekbones in women are frequent in heart-shaped, oval or long face.


If this trait is your case, you should always be balance in optimal weight: excess pounds can "arrange" you have chubby cheeks, which is easy to hide a key advantage of the face, and strong thinness, by contrast, make a person sickly and bony.

Similar is the case with a volumetric correction of the cheekbones. It is important not to overdo it with the contrast of the lines of blush because it can create the visual effect of excessive thinness. Blush and bronzers should blend gently as possible, repeating the contour of the cheekbones. And the best way to make a competent makeup face with high cheekbones – to create the right shape eyebrows, repeating their bending! In

maybe this will surprise you, but this trick is one of the leading stylists and makeup artists. In order to accentuate a more oval face, eyebrows attached the broken form, a La "house".

The main advantage of women with this feature – no need for bright makeup. On the contrary, high cheekbones require a neutral, understated make-up. Especially good here are blush, fully appropriate to your complexion. To find your perfect shade of blush, you can lightly pinch his cheek, and the redness make it a rule in choosing the product.


You can also use a bronzer, especially in the summer. Please note – the bronzers shade of brick do not go for almost anyone. And it is better to buy creamy than crumbly or baked product. The tool also does not tolerate shimmer – leave it to luminizer and dry shimmers / highlighters.

The ideal option would be to buy eye shadow colors taupe – grayish-brownish. This color is suitable for almost all women of European appearance, perfectly mimicking the natural shade of the shadow.

However, in the sculpture of the face it is important to prilovchitsya to apply the products themselves. For example, dry texture better tushuyutsya wide and flat brushes made from natural bristles, and for liquid and cream textures will be indispensable beauty-blender – special sponge for even application of Foundation.

How to "draw" high cheekbones?

If you have already opted for a specific blush, aware of the nuances of their application, which can spoil all of your appearance:

  • Use lipstick instead of blush;
  • The application of dry textures directly on top of the oily Foundation;
  • Inappropriate use of too flashy, bright, contrasting colors;
  • Excessive the amount used;
  • Incorrect shading.

We figured out what the high cheekbones, and how they are beneficial to shade. But what if nature wasn't so generous to you and gave you so much wealth?

In volumetric face modeling can help you:

  • Blush. As we have said, they must exactly match your natural skin tone. Even better if you use calm, the universal tone: cocoa, beige, chocolate. Orange, peach blush brick-and-put – them it is impossible to conduct a competent correction. In almost all cases, unless you are a professional and not a real ACE in the make-up, they will create your face sharp bright streaks of unnatural rusty color;
  • The bronzers. They can be both dry and creamy. The color scheme should be selected according to the previous principle – it should be warm and somewhat muted, without bright accents and large shimmery particles;
  • A loose powder. If you decide to carry out the correction with their help, the result is the most natural and harmonious. But in this case you will have to purchase several assets – natural, light and dark shade. Importantly, they were not at all bright, and, again, match your padonu of the skin;
  • Creamy correctors and concealers. The best choice for practical women. If you don't use loose powder, sculpturing in this case will be directly in tonal cream. It can be done with a brush, sponge or even your fingers. However, in the latter case, you will have to work hard and how to "fill the hand". Proofreaders with a creamy texture must be significantly darker than your natural skin tone.

Allocated cheeks: step-by-step plan for the application of cosmetics

How can you "make" high cheekbones? It is this question often asked by women with soft oval face and chubby cheeks.

In fact, there is nothing easier best underscores the zygomatic area:

  • For starters, if you use such a product, apply face primer under Foundation;
  • Then with a damp sponge or dry brush blend Foundation over the entire area of the face. Make sure that the tool went smoothly, left clear boundaries and divorces;
  • Now take selected medium who gathered to conduct volumetric correction. For example, it would be bronzer or concealer. First darken the area of the hollows under the cheekbone. Identify it very easily – it is the place where connects the upper and lower jaw;
  • Draw a line from the ears to the nose (note, not the corners of the mouth, namely the wings of the nose!). Be sure to blend thoroughly; and she had the appearance of a crudely painted stripes. Do this by using a fan or large brush;
  • If your concealer is quite oily, use powder. If you are afraid of this tool, considering that it is visually dry and age your skin, try mineral products. You can also use transparent powder, which acts like a lock make-up;
  • Day makeup does not tolerate detailed prorisovany cheekbone. Do soft, neutral and perfectly feathered line. And in the evening you can add to your makeup more intensity, but again, clearly not worth it to overdo it;
  • Commit your efforts with a special spray or invisible finishing powder.

If you do it right, your face will look perfectly only mascara and lip gloss. And the minimum amount of makeup is known to be very rejuvenating appearance.

Someone to look up to?

If you want to experiment with the image, take an example from those who have similar facial structure. Of course, it is equal to the celebrities – they are only the best stylists and makeup artists, and hence their example is worthy of imitation.

Among the stars with high cheekbones are particularly noteworthy:

  • Uma Thurman;
  • Angelina Jolie;
  • Keira Knightley;
  • Naomi Campbell;
  • Kim Kardashian;
  • Beyonce;
  • Julianne Moore;
  • Sandra Bullock;
  • Candice Swanpoel;
  • Irina Shayk.

As you can see, they all have different facial features and so, you can now choose for themselves a unique image, finding an excellent example. Bee irresistible!