High cheekbones in women: learning to hide flaws

Probably not find any single woman who is completely satisfied with their appearance. Some ladies are not satisfied with the hair, other nose shape, and others are worried that they have wide cheekbones. Each of these "shortcomings" beauty can be corrected, it is important to know how to do it. Go on to talk about how women hide wide cheekbones. Fortunately, methods of work weight.

Do perfect makeup

High cheekbones in women: learning to hide flaws

If you seek advice from a professional makeup artist, it will quickly explain and even show how using makeup to hide most of the flaws. Still simple, but at the same time-tested way to "improve" themselves, foraged, perhaps, all the lovely ladies.

If you want to visually make the cheekbones less, do it using the Foundation of a darker shade.

The owners of square shaped face it is recommended to apply the Foundation slightly below the cheekbones, blending it on the cheeks.

Those women who have high cheekbones and they like to use as a makeup base means Golden hue, it is recommended on top of them to get proper light adjustment layer. At the same time on the forehead, apply gentle shades of blush, and the area under the chin and the jaw bone is dark.

Add a little blush around the eyes, or rather, under them and on the cheekbones, carefully blend. On the lower part of the face apply a light powder, as the forehead, temples and cheekbones treat dark.

Perhaps the first attempt to create a perfect makeup you will not succeed, but a little practice, you will be able to adjust the shape of the face using cosmetic products no less than an experienced makeup artist.

Choosing the right hairstyle

High cheekbones in women: learning to hide flaws

So, makeup for ladies with wide cheekbones figured out, now we can talk about what haircut would suit these beauties.

Choosing the hairstyle, the winner of the wide cheekbones should give preference to long hair, which will allow to hide from prying eyes protruding parts of the face. Hairstyle, if it consists of many parts, should be concentrated in the front, at the bottom of the face.

Ladies, choosing a haircut with broad cheekbones, you can give preference to options as with bangs and without it. Very organically will look short poloprobio.

Direct or oblique – to your taste. By the way, that side parting will give the hairstyle a daring asymmetry, which will divert attention from wide cheekbones.

Another important factor is the shape of the haircut. It is recommended to give preference to the cone, because it has the highest point will be in the neck. But the hair with hair smoothly combed back, for women with this type of person – the wrong option. Even such beauties should avoid haircuts with a round shape, when the hair on neck short cropped.

If you are the owner of triangle faces have a narrow chin and wide cheekbones, then choose high hairstyles and short haircuts. An excellent option could be the classic Bob, ending at her chin and haircut ladder. But from the parting straight, thick bangs and comb-over back lady with a triangular face should be abandoned.

If you have a diamond face: narrow forehead and chin and wide cheekbones, then you perfect thick bangs, complemented by direct tresses medium length. But don't make the hairstyle voluminous, this will visually expand the face.

Having a narrow forehead and a massive high cheekbones, do not forget other aspects of appearance, for example:

High cheekbones in women: learning to hide flaws
  • If ladies close-set eyes, the better to choose a hairstyle with additional volume on top;
  • Those who are shy of the high forehead or he just looks inharmonious, "breaking" a beautiful image, can this deficiency to cover with thick bangs. And it is better to abandon short hairstyles;
  • The owners of the long nose is to choose asymmetric bangs and lush fleece.

Such advice can be given infinitely, but all of this is meaningless. And here's why. All women are beautiful and unique in nature. And even if you have high cheekbones and broad forehead, it is not a reason to be upset.

Love yourself for who you are, and if you really sad, then visit the beauty salon, where professionals will help you to choose a hairstyle and makeup. This will give you the necessary confidence. Love yourself and be happy!