Honey wrap

If someone is interested in how to get rid of a few centimeters in problem areas without much effort, it makes sense to take a closer look at such a wonderful procedure as honey wrap. The sweet bee product contains a whole complex of vitamins and microelements, has unique healing properties. Thanks to this, this SPA ritual is able to produce a fantastic effect.

Honey wrap

A honey wrap at home helps to cope with such unpleasant and unwanted body problems, like overweight, cellulite and edema. You really want to look beautiful!

But there is not always time to go to the salon. In addition, in a SPA center, such a procedure is not cheap, and a whole complex of them is needed. At the same time, if desired and with certain knowledge, a honey wrap at home is no less effective and often more convenient than a salon procedure.

Most women can organize the process on their own, and after a few sessions gaining experience and skill, get the most out of the action of the remedy.

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< h2 id = "header-1"> The key to success is in p preparation

Before going to do honey slimming body wrap , you need prepare everything you need.

In the process you will need:

  • 10-15 st. spoons of natural honey and other components of the mixture;
  • a high-quality body scrub;
  • a sheet or plastic wrap made of polyethylene;
  • a warm blanket or blanket (a thermo blanket is also suitable) ;
  • a large brush for applying the composition;
  • milk or nourishing body cream.

Main steps of the procedure

The process is not complicated, but it must be properly organized to get the desired result. Not everyone knows how to properly prepare the mixture and what recommendations should be followed so that the honey wrap from cellulite gives the desired effect. Let's take a look at the process in detail. Prepare in advance - the procedure takes a lot of time.

The process consists of several stages:

Honey wrap
  • First you need to take a shower and cleanse wellb the skin from sweat and dirt;
  • if you plan to do a "hot" wrap, the mixture should be slightly warmed up in a water bath (up to 25 degrees). With the "cold" method, the composition should be at room temperature;
  • the mixture should be applied to the skin in a thin even layer, paying special attention to problem areas;
  • then wrap the top with plastic wrap, preferably with someone, since it is quite difficult to cope on your own (we make the first turn at the waist, the film smoothly goes down the left leg, then rises up the right leg to the waist and, if necessary, goes higher);
  • "Hot" method, crawl under a warm blanket;
  • at the end of the procedure, rinse in the shower and apply milk or nourishing cream to the skin.

It is recommended to do a honey wrap for weight loss on night, because after it you need to rest and it is contraindicated to go out into the fresh cool air.

We prepare a sweet mixture and pamper ourselves regularly

In order to easily organize honey home wrap ingredients of the recipe should be inexpensive and readily available. And at the same time, the recipe itself should be easy to prepare.

For "hot" wrapping, use honey with milk (in a ratio of one to two), with pepper, mustard, or a pure product without additives. With the cold method, in addition to the main ingredient, essential oils of various citrus plants must be included.

Honey wrap

This method is effective for the initial stages of cellulite and minor weight problems. The mixture is applied only to areas that cause discomfort.

One hot treatment session takes about half an hour, cold - about an hour and a half. In the first month, all actions are performed every other day (only 10-15 sessions). After a break of one month, 10-15 procedures are repeated. Then you should wait one more month, and then complete the course with five sessions. If the result suits you, then 1 or 2 times a month will be enough in the future.

Losing weight easily - honey wrap minus 3 kg

hips and waist a couple of extra centimeters in a few sessions? Then pay attention to the five-day course "honey wrap minus 3 kg". Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of honey, one spoonful of olive oil and the same portion of dry mustard.

Lightly heat the composition in a water bath (not higher than 40 degrees) and apply to problem areas. Above should be wrapped in polyethylene film and hide under a warm blanket. The duration of such a session is on average 40-60 minutes.

Honey wrap

After that you need to take a shower and lubricate your body with a nourishing cream. The procedure should be repeated twice a week. As a result, not only unnecessary kilograms disappear, but also the effect of smooth velvety skin appears.

Pay attention! Mustard can be a strong allergen. Before wrapping yourself in a healing saucebecoming, you should first conduct a test on a small area of ​​the skin. Apply a small amount to the surface of a small area and wait. A normal reaction is only a slight burning sensation.

Contraindications to sessions

Unfortunately, like any other healing remedy, honey wrap for cellulite also has contraindications , despite the fact that making it is a pleasure, and the effect is wonderful. It is not recommended to take the course if you are allergic to honey or another component of the mixture.

It is also not suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Honey wrap should be postponed if there are skin lesions on the body, as well as with such ailments:

  • varicose veins;
  • fungal diseases;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • hypertension;
  • some gynecological diseases (consult your doctor).

We are looking for the right honey!

Attention! Not every honey is suitable for beauty sessions! In order for the course to really give the expected result, you need to know which sweet product you can use.

Honey wrap

Only natural honey has healing properties. Artificial has no effect. Beware of deception and buy jars only from trusted people: according to recommendations or from friends.

In addition, with strong heating, all useful substances from honey can disappear. You shouldn't buy it at the store. If it is sold in a tightly closed sealed jar, it means it has been heat-treated and is not suitable for the course.

Do not take old candied honey from the shelf either: if you heat it up, its properties will be lost. When cold, it is difficult to apply to the skin.

Delight yourself and your body, pamper it with a divine natural composition. It will bring you real pleasure and delightful effect. All the views of men will be yours!