How dangerous swelling of the labia?

As we know, the labia majora protect against contact with the external environment is much more delicate labia and clitoris. And reserves of adipose tissue are large enough to ensure the constancy of temperature in this region. In addition, the main female hormone estrogen accumulate and partially synthesized in the fat and not the muscle and other cells.


Therefore, the degree of fullness of the labia majora with fat is highly dependent on the age of the woman and at the same time is affecting her libido. The amount of fat increases during pregnancy to stabilize the background as the key to the successful development of the baby.

But in any case, their sudden swelling causes the woman expressed discomfort in the form of itching when sitting and walking, and most importantly, awakens a natural concern, especially during pregnancy.

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Symptoms of edema of the labia

First of all, verify that swell can like large labia and small, as one of them, and both at once. It can happen in ordinary life, and in the last stages of pregnancy. Very often, the hearth, which arose in one area, then quickly spread across the crotch.

This phenomenon may be accompanied by:

  • just a feeling of pulsation, fullness, discomfort in the perineum, a feeling of "foreign body", aggravated by movement;
  • obviously painful symptoms like itching, burning (especially when urinating), discharge.

The pattern of symptoms is directly dependent on the cause of edema development. The first scenario indicates the activity of the hormones (pregnancy, childbirth, the period of the cycle) or the violation of local blood circulation. But the second suggests infection, local allergies or specific trauma (irritation, friction, itching of the labia due to low hygiene, etc.).

The causes of edema of the labia

In 90 cases out of 100 it is associated with inflammation of an infectious nature:

  • or only on the outside (vulva);
  • either spread on the walls of the vagina (vulvovaginitis).

Most often, massive swelling causes infection with fungi or herpes virus.

Fungal infection

Often it is called candidiasis (thrush) is in fact, a dysbacteriosis vagina, which begins a rapid reproduction of fungus of the genus Candida. Normal microflora does not contain this information, but you can get it from partner. After we will parabolam them one time in an acute form, it "calms down" and since then is manifested only in reducing local or General immunity (if we get pregnant, get sick with something else and/or pass a course of antibiotics).

For thrush typical insatiable, constant itching and cheesy discharge with the smell of "soda" or even "fish". In fact, patients describe thus smell of lye, because this fungus, like most other parasites changes the natural acidic balance of the environment around the alkaline, more favorable for its propagation.

Genital herpes

"Fellow" oral, usually manifested in the form of itchy warts on the genital skin. In the initial stage of the skin in the place where the following will be one of these "colonies", may itch, and baking. But the herpes virus is a good mutant. Therefore, it often manifests itself unusual, especially after unsuccessful attempts of treatment. Then we can get a rash similar to syphilis (along with itchy lesions soak) or even increased symptoms of all genital infections that we were just sick (and sometimes didn't hurt at all) informed. He is also very prone to worsen during pregnancy in mothers and passed on to the child, causing a steady malformations of the Central nervous system.

However, in addition to infection, there are other causes of pripuhanie large and/or labia minora. Among them:

  • Diabetes with its ability to disrupt capillary blood flow and provoke the alkalinity balance of the skin and sweat is not worse than the fungus of the genus Candida;
  • Bartholinitis – inflammation of Bartolini glands in the vagina that can be associated with infection or not;
  • Sexual intercourse. In this case, the decay resulting edema could delay the hormones in the blood of women say, if it has not received full satisfaction;
  • Pregnancy in which he associated with a General stagnation of blood in the pelvis due to the pressure of the weight of the fetus together with amniotic fluid. By the way, just pregnant they represent an amazing combination of menacing appearance (sometimes even with blue discoloration of tissues) and almost completely asymptomatic course.

Of course, all these options can easily coexist with pregnancy or infection – one does not exclude the other.

Prevention of edema of the labia

With so many of their reasons (some of them from us and not depend on) all attempts to ensure that they are doomed to failure.

However, we can greatly reduce their likelihood, if you try:

  • to avoid promiscuous and unprotected sex that can "reward" us not only candidiasis but also unplanned pregnancies, HIV, etc.
  • to wear quality underwear your size – natural soft tissue, without rough seams and scratchy lace;
  • help with personal care at least 1 time a day, preferably with the help of specially designed tools;
  • to use in the hot season daily strip;
  • try not to use a thermal unless absolutely necessary.

Treatment of edema of the labia

His tactic depends entirely on the causes of this phenomenon.

  1. Infection, as well as their special case in the form of reduced personal hygiene, require to first determine the type of pathogen, and then "attack" him with antibiotics to which they are sensitive. Candidiasis is currently being treated "with Clotrimazole", "Fluconazole", etc. – both topically (in the form of suppositories, ointments, etc.) and orally. The virus genital herpes is quite sensitive to the action of the drugs based on acyclovir (the active ingredient is in their base). However, it is contraindicated to receive the 30 days before pregnancy and at least during the first 12-15 weeks after conception;
  2. If it started after intercourse, this will pass;
  3. Similarly, some women have such a swelling is observed before the critical days – among other symptoms of PMS. This case also does not require intervention;
  4. As for diabetes, in case it can not do anything: it's incurable, although lends itself to a good compensation of insulin. So, its destructive effect on the vessels and the balance of the skin persist, and why will be repeated such episodes. The most reasonable solution to the problem of edema of the labia in the case of such a delicate place is restorative procedures – bath alternately warm and cool water constantly, throughout life. It is also useful to wipe the entire body skin, including the labia, weak (0.5 teaspoon to 1 Cup water) with a solution of vinegar or citric acid, 2-3 times a day. This method allows the skin to return lost due to alkalization of sweat sour balance;
  5. Edema developed during pregnancy, also usually goes away soon after delivery. It is believed that up to this point to help the body, nothing is impossible, especially since many therapies for removal of fluid from the body (salt-free diet, diuretics) harm the child three times stronger than the mother – this swelling. So the maximum that can recommend us even a gynecologist, to go to the soft/melted/structured water like "Longevity". Sounds a bit strange, but pregnant women with persistent swelling in the pelvis do speak about their positive impact on the distribution of fluid in body tissues;

A relatively rare scenario are only associated with the appearance of edema during the period of pregnancy and after the baby born. Overall, this is a disturbing symptom, as it indicates a common problem with receptacles (once they can't quickly and without consequences to restore circulation to the lower part of the body after the disappearance of gravity) in the body of the mother. Or a coagulation disorder mother's blood – most likely caused by the "hormone of maternity" of prolactin and oxytocin. The third option may be associated with postpartum injuries and provoked by them congestion.

So if the labia is swollen after the birth, be sure to consult a doctor before taking advice from him any treatment measures, even the most innocuous, like a massage.

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