How effective is birth control patch?

Unwanted pregnancy is always a joy and always a burden: after all, the woman will have to make a difficult decision – to give birth or have an abortion. And the last option is also fraught with negative consequences for health and significantly lowers the possibility of the next favorable and normal pregnancy without complications, fetal development.


Fortunately, modern pharmaceuticals are not standing still and constantly offers women a variety of innovations in the field of contraception.

One of the latest innovations and apply birth control patch.

Let's talk about the new product more: find out what it is, what has advantages and disadvantages, and how to use this patch for contraception.

The content of the article

What is the contraceptive patch?

The appearance of such a contraceptive is no different from ordinary adhesive plaster, which we used as a means of protection against the formation of calluses and open wounds protection against ingress of external dirt.

Birth control patch is a thin strip with approximate dimension 5x4, and with an area of about 20 square centimeters:

  • The use of plaster against not planned pregnancy suggests its sticking to the skin in the area of the shoulder blades, buttocks, shoulders, abdomen in the first day of menstruation;
  • At the beginning of each new week the patch also pasted a new procedure done three weeks in a row;
  • On the fourth week of contraceptive gluing is not necessary, since this week is the completion of a cycle and it is expected the arrival of menstruation.

Patch from unplanned pregnancy, according to medical research in the field of protection high degree of protection – 99.5%. A higher degree of protection from pregnancy have only condoms, but their use by both men and women largely find quite uncomfortable. So were the patch tool protection is gaining in the modern society more and more popularity.

Of course, the use of the patch-contraceptive against unwanted pregnancy always has a primary function in protecting the female body from an unplanned conception, but cohesive variety can be used as an effective means of adjusting hormonal levels, and also used as a medicine for certain disorders of the menstrual cycle.

How does innovation in the field of prevention: brief description of mechanism of action

Pasted on the skin the band-aid against unwanted pregnancy allocates in its internal layers, special substances hormonal plan – ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin.

These substances from the blood stream fall in women's ovaries and affect egg – they lose the ability to fertilize. Moreover, these substances are also able to change the composition of the vaginal mucus, making it maloprohodimye for active sperm and thereby additionally protecting the woman from unwanted pregnancy.


Physical health of a woman when you use this type of tape does not suffer, as the menstrual cycle is not interrupted by rigid methods, and continues to operate normally.

It is important to remember the following information: cohesive contraceptive is a reliable means of protection against unplanned conception, but unlike a condom is not able to protect the body from harmful sexually transmitted infections.

So it is important for women that do not change often, sexual partners.

How to use the patch-contraceptive: detailed instructions

The first application of contraceptive should always be the first day of menstruation.

It is important to do all kinds of plaster in strict accordance with the instructions, because only in this way, you can be confident in your own protection from unwanted conception.


Day of the week on which you paste the patch it is desirable to record, so in a week you will need to replace it with a new instance. And days be confused in any case it is impossible!

For mounting a cohesive contraceptives you can choose any convenient area: the area of the shoulder blades, abdomen, buttocks, shoulders.

Gluing and change the tool required three weeks in a row, the fourth is reserved for break and the rest of the body.

To its expiration you will need to reinforce the plaster in any of the zones in the day that was selected previously.

Contraceptive glued on dry and clean skin: preferably before fixing to take a shower and wipe dry with a towel. Do not apply on the region of the sticker patch no cosmetic cream or gel can significantly hinder the penetration under the skin of active substances and the desired effect can be questioned.

The advantages of

  • The use of adhesive does not limit the sexual life of women can have sex whenever you want and not keep track of time, as a contraceptive were the patch type has no time limit action. Moreover, its use does not cause odor, profuse vaginal discharges, does not reduce the amount of natural lubrication;
  • Using the tool does not require a woman any special skills that is required when installing rings, caps and coils. Also, the contraceptive does not affect the development of erosions may not be the cause of ectopic pregnancy and other diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • You need to remember only one day when it is required to produce the plywood adhesive plaster, whereas the use of oral contraceptives sometimes required to keep a calendar and every day with him to check.

One of the advantages of the application is the fact that if you suddenly for whatever reason become uncomfortable with its use – you can simply remove the patch from the skin. This is his favorable contrast to the hormonal injections that can cause side effects, but to eliminate them would be impossible as long as the hormone levels will return to normal naturally.

Cons of using

A significant disadvantage of the drug is that it is all the same applies to hormonal contraceptives, and therefore its application is possible not for all women. In addition, prior to first use is required to obtain medical consultation to avoid any unpleasant consequences.


Also women who tried the product on himself, complained that the patch easily peels away any water procedures, that is, you need taking a bath or shower to think carefully about how to protect the area with birth control the label from moisture, and it is very uncomfortable.

Confuses the female and the fact that by the end of the week the surface of the contraceptive is untidy and even dirty in the field edges, but this is not aesthetics may scare your partner.

And finally, the main disadvantage means that it often provokes the strongest skin irritation and is absolutely contraindicated in women with hypersensitive skin.