How it works roller simulator and what is its beneficial effect?

Roller exerciser is a unique and interesting design, the shell consisting of a plurality of different diameter rollers, which are rotating massage problem areas and literally "break up" the fat lumps.

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How does the trainer?

Each wooden roller, which is equipped with a device that has the most intensive effect on the skin and soft tissues. The effect of the active lymphatic drainage and lipolysis, activates local blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes in soft tissues.


In the end, you not only get the rapid slimming: improves the quality of your skin, it becomes smooth and elastic, disappears the "orange peel" and stretch marks.

In fact, the action of the apparatus comparable with the effect of manual massage, but in the case of the simulator covers larger areas that need correction. Each rig is equipped with a special remote control that allows you to set the desired mode and intensity of performed massage.

Who simulator contraindicated?

Contraindications for the use of the roller of the trainer, alas, also exist. Training on this simulator are not recommended for individuals with pathologies of the cardiovascular system, hormonal disruptions, impaired circulation (local and peripheral). In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use the device in that case, if you have the body has a cancer process or a tumor-like growths in the internal organs of unknown origin.

Do not get involved in them to those who have dermatological diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.


With care the equipment used in the chronic hypertensive and hypotensive. Do not engage with the simulator when the temperature of the body on the background of internal inflammation or influenza-colds.

Relative contraindications – renal problems (depending on the specific type, stage and severity).

Can't do it during pregnancy and in the postoperative period. The current lactation is not a contraindication to the use of the simulator. In case of suspected specific pathology of the following, should consult a physician regarding the advisability and safety of the roller of the trainer in your case.

Indications for use and specific effects

Classic roller simulator is a drum, closed with two sides parallel "handles". Its use is as follows: you stand with your hands on the sides of the device and have to work part of their problem area (often women work the hips and buttocks). Establishes a specific regime regulated by the intensity of the performed massage.

Roller trainer drum to cope with the following tasks:

  • Spot correction of problem areas. Every woman certainly knows about such concepts as "fat depots", or "fat traps". In our body there are places abundant accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which is not so easy to adjust usual methods. Roughly speaking, how much you adhered to diets, and how effective training may indulge in, the fat in these places is not going away. Roller simulator is able to promptly solve the issue. Under its action activates the local metabolic processes and there is a rapid breakdown of fats. You can also use special manual roller equipment for the press;
  • The presence of toxins. The slags of the blood and tissue fluids leads to stagnation. Disturbed lymph and blood flow, the skin coarse and flabby, and appear hidden and obvious swelling. By the way, it is the latter contribute to the excessive accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, as many of us do not even suspect. Roller trainer helps you quickly and effectively excrete waste products, toxins, salts, sodium, toxic substances, products of disintegration and decay. This action is achieved by stimulation of the metabolism;
  • The elimination of stretch marks and cellulite. If our skin doesn't have elasticity, blood vessels and flattened, being flattened between fatty plaques, the formation of cellulite and striae (stretch marks). The membrane potential of the cells of your skin will gradually begin to awaken, the dermis begins to actively synthesize fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, the skin surface becomes nourished, supple and elastic, eliminated the"orange peel" and stretch marks, even if they originated on a hormonal basis.

In addition, this arrangement will help you:

  1. To strengthen the joints and bones (especially good with this business handle roller exercise equipment for stretching of the spine);
  2. Quickly warm up the muscles and soft tissues before the main sports load;
  3. To recover from bruises, sprains, and other mechanical injuries;
  4. To lose weight and to adjust the parameters of your figure;
  5. To eliminate pathological atrophy of muscle tissue (often occurs priverzhennost strict and hungry diets, against which the muscles literally "burn");
  6. Raising activity in the lymphatic system;
  7. To relieve stress and get rid of physical fatigue;
  8. To remove the delayed onset muscle soreness and myalgia (muscle pain on the background of the selection of lactic acid) after intense exercise;
  9. To regulate and normalize blood circulation;
  10. To stimulate local and General metabolic processes.

The simulator can be used for shoulder, waist and abdominals, legs. He also is very suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle – rarely does Hiking, working at a Desk job, spends time mostly at home and without activity. To persons suffering from pathologies of the spine, it is also recommended to use a treadmill as a therapeutic agent. Don't worry – exercise for the movie does not have a heavy load on the patient's back, and so the pathological process may not worsen.

Roller for feet

There are special manual equipment, as the roller press. In addition, modern sports shops, you can find roller exercise equipment for the feet. Many of you probably know that our feet are located the largest number of biologically active points stimulation which is beneficial to all body functions. You know how helpful acupuncture massage? Or, at least, repeatedly read in authoritative sources about how it is useful to walk barefoot on pebbles?

Mechanical reflex massager for feet is a breakthrough in manual therapy.


If you regularly resort to massage with it, soon you will notice a substantial improvement in health and overall health. And all because of your biologically active points, concentrated in the feet, there would be a uniform load and stimulation.

First and foremost, this device would be useful for those who like to flaunt high heels and often feel fatigue in the legs after a busy day. If you have lower extremity swelling, the massager will also be an excellent acquisition. In the course of its regular use you will notice how the swelling subsides, and lose weight calf muscle.

Effects that you expect with regular use of the massager for the feet:

  • The General strengthening of the immune system and protective functions of the organism;
  • Stimulation of the higher nervous activity;
  • Normalization of sleep;
  • Activation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • Weight loss;
  • The elimination of dropsical and other congestive phenomena;
  • Improving the operation of internal vital organs.

If you don't want or don't have the time to constantly practice and observe the diet roller trainer will be your best purchase. He will give you many benefits, helps you quickly and "evenly" to lose weight, eliminate skin problems.

You just have to enjoy it in and get a relaxing massage while watching a favorite TV show or series. You in a matter of weeks will become more slim, toned and well-groomed. And all this without much effort on your part!

But don't forget that to use the massagers and trainers with the rollers there are a number of contraindications.

So before you buy the product, please consult a specialist. Be beautiful and healthy!

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