How jogging affects the female body during menstruation

All people want to be beautiful and healthy. Everyone thinks about their physical condition, at least once in their life. Girls and women especially often think about this. The desire to be beautiful, to please others and oneself is natural. This is important for self-esteem, psychological health.

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Positive sides of running are invisible at first glance

How jogging affects the female body during menstruation

The modern beauty industry offers a lot of methods and ways to achieve the perfect body.

So many have already been invented, how much more will be open? Fitness, dancing, swimming - the list is long, almost endless.

Running is one of the most affordable and effective ways to train your body. It does not require the purchase of a gym membership, coming to training at a strictly allotted time, any additional financial spending.

Running trains the muscular frame of the body, while using most of the muscles of the legs, body, and abs. It puts stress on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, allowing them to be strengthened as a whole, makes the body more resilient. It helps to accelerate metabolism, helps in stabilizing the hormonal status of the body. It tightens the skin and helps fight cellulite. Desired weight loss acts as a bonus.

If you run correctly and regularly, then only advantages are gained from physical activity.

What are these advantages? span>

  • Strengthening, building the muscles of the lower leg, buttocks, abs;
  • Getting rid of cellulite;
  • Slimming;
  • Acceleration metabolism;
  • Rejuvenation;
  • Increase overall physical endurance;
  • Strengthen immunity;
  • Skin tightening.

Weight loss, health, endurance, even rejuvenation of the body are not the only advantages. Some people argue that running helps to generate new ideas.

Running: is it really good for it?

You can get the benefits of this kind of physical activity, only if you are completely healthy, observe the correct running technique, do it in specialized shoes, preferably not on the asphalt to avoid wearing out the joints.

Running is prohibited:

How jogging affects the female body during menstruation
  • In case of varicose veins, running can cause a thrombus to break;
  • In case of spinal scoliosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias. Any deformity or injury in the spineick is prohibited when running, as it can develop and aggravate it;
  • For problems with the cardiovascular system: tachycardia, hypertension, weak heart muscle;
  • For injuries of knees, legs, feet , arthritis, arthrosis;
  • With asthma and pulmonary insufficiency;
  • With glaucoma and myopia, such physical activity can cause detachment of the retina.

What prevents a woman from running?

Your body is healthy, you have no contraindications, bought the necessary equipment, found a great place for daily jogging, picked up music, set aside time. What can put a woman in the implementation of plans?

Women's health and physiology can cause a refusal to run. For example, the early days of your menstrual cycle can be incredibly challenging. It's time to think about whether you can run during your period.

How jogging affects the female body during menstruation

Menstruation is often characterized by abdominal pain, mood swings, general weakening and decreased tone. Therefore, there is an opinion that during menstruation it is better not to play sports. But in fact, this is a delusion. Any sport with an adequate load will relieve pain and increase tone. Running speeds up blood circulation in the pelvic organs and, as a result, the pain disappears.

During the onset of menstruation, a hormonal explosion occurs in a woman's body.

A cocktail of hormones greatly speeds up metabolism, since the level of testosterone in the blood greatly increases, this makes the woman's body more resilient to any physical activity, including running.

Rules to be followed

So, you can jog during your monthly period, but you need to follow a few simple rules:

How jogging affects the female body during menstruation
  1. Intensity, load workouts should be reduced;
  2. Be reasonable, if you do not cease to be overcome by cramping pain, then it is better to give up physical activity;
  3. The initial period of menstruation is not the best time for active loads;
  4. Drink plenty of water to restore water balance, as sweating increases during menstruation. For the same purpose, choose clothes made from natural fabrics for training;
  5. Eliminate drinks with caffeine;
  6. With endometriosis, fibroids, diseases that cause severe bleeding, running is contraindicated during menstruation;
  7. Running with an irregular cycle is not recommended. Or consult your doctor, perhaps this will not be contraindicated in your particular case;
  8. If you have heavy discharge, then jogging should be replaced by brisk walking.

So, you can definitely answer yes to the question "should you run during your period" .

Of course, this requires a reasonable approach. Sport always gives happiness, because during physical exertion, the hormone endorphin is released, which guarantees an excellent mood.

How can you refuseavoid jogging during critical days if it helps you relieve pain, lethargy, gives you a good mood, and keeps your body in excellent physical shape.