How to attract money and good luck to yourself?

Who doesn't want to live happily and carefree, swimming in abundance, moving freely wherever they want, buying whatever they like? That's right - everyone. However, not everyone succeeds in this. And on, that is, there are several reasons, having dealt with which we could change our life for the better.

The most basic reason is negative thoughts and wrong attitudes. The power of thought is no longer in doubt by either scientists or ordinary people. Its action has been undeniably proven both in relation to the person who generates thoughts (for example, in overcoming serious illnesses), and in relation to the world around (there are many examples of how people achieve their goals, having previously directed their thoughts there). Today we'll look at how to use the power of thoughts to attract money and good luck.

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Changing attitudes

How to attract money and good luck to yourself?

First, you need to develop the right attitude towards money. This is not an easy task, it will take patience and effort to solve it, but this game is worth the candle.

The fact is that at a subtle level, money is an energy that can and should be controlled. Try to feel and realize it.

First, you should learn to respect this substance in all its manifestations: even the smallest coin. But this does not mean that you need to make a cult out of it. Just treat it with care.

Secondly, you must not let it stagnate, save for a long time. Better to deliberately channel its flows as you see fit, but not waste.

Third, spend the money that you already own with pleasure.

It is also very important to stop being jealous of others and complain about the lack of funds, avoid any talk about it. It is better to try to be more often in places where you can meet rich people, for example, in the gym, in the pool. Acquaintance with them will bring you at least a new experience. Take a closer look at how wealthy people behave, what they talk about. Is their way of thinking and demeanor different from yours? Do you understand why? They know exactly what they want and confidently go towards the goal. Behave the same way. Don't be afraid to spend money on what you really want to do.

How to feel good about money

Here are some proven ways to get your thoughts on track:

  1. calculate how much money you need for the most important affairs and for a comfortable life during the month, remember the amount, or better write it down in a notebook;
  2. think about pleasantmoments when you are happy to spend money on what is needed;
  3. visualize the required amount in detail, presenting the desired bills, without guessing about where they will come from;
  4. behave confidently as if you know for sure that the right amount will appear on time;
  5. if you want to accumulate a certain amount, clearly indicate its purpose, but never put off for unforeseen misfortunes.
< p> If luck is not about money, just imagine what you consider to be luck: the ultimate goal, the feelings and emotions that you will experience when you reach it.

To help inner efforts, mankind has developed rituals over the centuries that attract money and luck. They concern the space where this energy should go.

Which wallet attracts money in Feng Shui

How to attract money and good luck to yourself?

The ritual side of life was very well studied by the Chinese and presented their experience in teaching about Feng Shui. According to him, in relation to "house for money" everything matters: size, material, color, workmanship, its contents.

A wallet should be spacious. The bills in it lie freely in a straightened form - this is important. Even the size in centimeters is negotiated - not less than 17.6 cm, but more is better. And one of the outer pockets or an edge is from three to five centimeters.

The best material for a wallet is leather. If this is too much for you for now, buy a suede or cloth wallet, but in no case made of artificial materials - polyethylene, plastic, etc. Pay attention that it is well stitched, the seams do not slide out, and the threads do not stick out. It is believed that by buying a wallet, you are already laying the foundations for your future well-being. Therefore, spend on it the maximum that you can afford, but at the same time it is important that you really like the thing yourself.

Feng Shui has a lot of recommendations about what color the wallet attracts money better. It is better to choose a color in accordance with the element to which you belong by date of birth. So, the elements of the Earth will bring wealth a purse of yellow shades, golden, light beige; elements of Metal - silver, gray, white; elements of the Wood - green, brown, elements of Water - black, lilac; the elements of Fire are bright red tones.

There are also universal colors. So, red is suitable for any sign, it is a symbol of abundance and wealth, the strongest for activating monetary energy. While blue and its shades extinguish monetary energy.

The bills in the wallet should be laid out according to their value, in ascending order, with their face in one direction. Different currencies must be kept in different offices. To increase the attraction of monetary energy, you need to put talismans in it. These can be Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, a one- or one-hundred dollar bill, a sprig of cinnamon, a mint leaf, heather, a horseradish root, a bean pod or images of these objects, as well as hexagrams and runes. Talismans must have their place in thethe wallet and not interfere, let alone damage the banknotes.

Another indispensable condition for the contents of the wallet: there should be nothing superfluous in it: no photos, no notes, no checks, let alone rubbish. Only money, credit cards and talismans. Also, no matter what you buy, the wallet should not be empty - leave at least the smallest coin.

To increase wealth, it is very important to organize the space of your home correctly.

How to attract money into the house

How to attract money and good luck to yourself?

In accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui, the house is divided into zones that are responsible for certain aspects of the life of its inhabitants. So, the south-western part of the house is responsible for wealth. It is recommended to have a study here, furnishing it as much as possible with objects made from natural materials, houseplants in the shape of trees.

A strong talisman that attracts money is a round aquarium with nine fish, one of which is black, and the rest are gold. The same role is played by paintings depicting wooden mills, sailing ships, streams.

The dining room is also considered the embodiment of prosperity and well-being. Cleanliness and order should always reign here. The table should be perfectly empty and covered with a nice clean tablecloth. Under. a tablecloth to attract money, put bills.

There are money rituals for other rooms. So, the hallway should be spacious, the mirror should shine clean. At the threshold there is a beautiful rug, under which you need to put a coin. The bag, which contains the wallet, should have its own place of honor in the house.

In order for money to flow into the house, you need to carefully clean it up and take out the garbage regularly, fix all the taps (it is believed that and money), throw away all the things you don't use, old clothes, cracked or broken dishes.

Also make a good habit of saving at least a small amount from each cash receipt in your piggy bank - these savings will serve as a magnet. Collect the bills in a box, which you will place in the southeastern part of the house.

As you can see, no matter how strong the magic of money is, it is based on human activity, conscious activity.

< span class = "strong"> So change your way of thinking and the surrounding space, use talismans and recommendations of Feng Shui masters, work and dream - and success in business and wealth will surely come into your home, into your life. Also, be sure to thank money every time it comes to you.