How to attract money: choosing the right color wallet

Some people truly believe that the right combination of storage for the money can help to attract financial flows. Simply put, if you choose a wallet based on some recommendations, then it will constantly be driven money.

Of course, it is possible to be skeptical of such beliefs, but what you should be when buying a new purse to adhere to the simple tips, they really help to achieve financial well-being? In General, let's talk today about how to choose wallet to attract money correctly.

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Determined by the shape, size and material of the purse


Before we answer the question, what should be the purse to attract money, inspect your store to of Finance. If it is already worn, zipper broken, have holes and some wash, then this is a sign that it is time to change purses.

In this form it money draws, so get ready for a new "house". Before heading to the store, tune in that your purchase will be quite expensive. A purse that looks cheap, will not attract money.

Storage for Finance should talk about the status of its owner, to look expensive and respectable. Of course, and inexpensive jewelry can look solid, but this, unfortunately, happens very rarely.

If you choose purse to attract money, then give preference to products made from leather, suede or fabric. It is believed that synthetic materials are not able to attract financial flows.

If we talk about what should be the size of a wallet, it is definitely very easy to operate. In the wallet there should be a compartment under coins and paper money. It is important that the money is placed in the entire length, without folds.

The optimal form of the purse is a rectangle, positioned horizontally. It paper money can be put into expanded form, which will help to attract financial flows.

How to choose the color of the wallet to attract money?


It is believed that a properly selected shade of the purse will help attract money. Followers of Feng Shui of the whole palette of colors isolated black, yellow, brown and gold tones, calling them the best for the wallet.

Often, coming to the shop for a purse, it is possible to deal with a very Intrusive service of the seller, which will be advised to buy wallet red, saying that this color scheme has a beneficial effect on financial flows.

The sellers are not lying, are of the opinion that bright, intense red color attracts great money, helping them not to"leak" out of your wallet.

By the way, all shades of pink are also a good choice for attracting Finance. People whose work is connected with creativity, it is recommended to select wallets of yellow, turquoise or purple flowers. These shades will help to increase cash flow.

Very good are considered purple and green purses to attract money, however, such shades are not suitable for everyone. For example, green wallet, it is recommended to choose people who were born 2 or 6 numbers.

If you talk a little more about the color scheme, from all variety, you can select silver, orange and white tone. To attract money wallets listed colours are great, these shades just have magical properties and will draw to you prosperity.

Charms to attract Finance

Now let's talk about what you can put in your purse to attract money.

Options of talisman for money is very much the most common:

  • A small frog figurine. It is believed that if you put into one of the compartments of a wallet
    miniature amphibious in purse money will be found. This talisman is especially recommended for beginner entrepreneurs;
  • One of the branches of purse you can put a coin, you'll never change. This coin will attract others;
  • The pictures, which show the mint leaves or tea are also considered as wonderful cash magnets;
  • Some believe that if you dig up hell, you can dry the root and then put a small piece in the purse, the money in it will always be driven;
  • Independently found an acorn can also be a good mascot;
  • One the scale of large fish can help to ensure that your store for the money will never be empty;
  • You can put in your purse a packet of sea salt or dry yeast. Talismans will promote material well-being;
  • A great talisman for money are considered to be Chinese coins. They need to take in the amount of three pieces, strung on a red ribbon, to tie it to money is not lost, and to put in the wallet;
  • Pine nuts help you to get Finance. To do this, take one cookie, break it in half. On one part of it, draw a plus sign and a minus on the other. Prepared nuts put in a purse in one Department, but in different directions. It will be a kind of magnet for money.

That's all. Now you know how to choose a purse to attract money. Of course, to believe or not is a personal matter, but maybe worth a try?

Suddenly, these simple manipulation will help you to find stability in financial matters. In General, decide for yourself. Good luck and financial prosperity!