How to become a frugal housewife to do at home: the secrets of effective home Economics

Sooner or later, every woman is faced with the question – how to become the perfect hostess, the house was clean and comfort, his household rejoiced on time prepared and tasty dishes, and still time for yourself. To correctly solve all of these problems and learn to be a good housekeeper for your home first you need to answer the question – who is the perfect hostess? Let's try to understand this together.

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The signs of a good hostess: Who can be called a true guardian of the family hearth

The main sign of a skilled and knowledgeable experts in the household of a woman is the ability to combine life and efforts on the creation of comfort and remain strong personality, do not forget about yourself.


Such a hostess and the house is in order and she does not go to Restrepo and children and husband are well maintained. The good housekeeping skills are not innate abilities, they need to learn.

For this purpose it is not necessary to visit expensive and useless courses on Economics – enough to know a few simple tricks and old women's techniques to the question how to become a great zealous hostess was recorded in the category resolved once and for all. Talk about all these tricks and more.

The ability to save is one of the main characteristics of a skilful hostess

A woman should be able to lead the family budget, to have enough money for everything: on food, on clothing, on entertainment and travel for the whole family.


How to become a real frugal housewife? Start to keep records of income and expenses – get for that special notebook or even house book. Scrupulously pay all expenses and profits. Such records will allow you to calculate the main items of expenditure and to take measures to reduce them. With frugal hostess every penny counts!

In advance make a shopping list before each trip to the store, not to buy that is not necessary. Ideally, plan 2-3 large grocery shopping a month and try to produce them in large supermarkets or wholesale markets and bases – the range of the goods all about the same, but the prices can vary significantly. The ability household the woman is the selection prices that are useful for the family budget.

You also have to master the entire volume of information about where you can buy quality but not too expensive clothes, as the Central shops and boutiques often significantly inflate the cost to your range.

The ability to plan your day – an important skill for Housewives

How to become a real experienced mistress who manages? The answer is simple: plan your day in advance. The real hostess of the day painted by the minute and every business is given a certain period of time. It is important not just to make the list, but to arrange them according to priority.

For example, is much more important to cook dinner for the arrival of children from school, than to spend the same time cleaning that could wait. Note also that you can combine – for example, until the meat is baked in the oven, you can manage to include washing and Ironing linen.


Plan a day is possible and so: the most time-consuming tasks execute in the first place, things are not so burdensome to put in the end of the graph. This approach is useful from the point of view of saving time and from the point of view of a competent distribution of their own forces.

Well, if you build your schedule so that one day you will cook for a couple of Lunches and dinners, and the other to do things in order in the room, Laundry, Ironing service, other cares. Don't forget in a structured routine to find time for yourself: being a housewife does not mean Restrepo and perpetual slob in a Bathrobe and curlers on the head.

Control over inventory and the ability to cook delicious food

How to be a good hostess in the house? To be an experienced mistress is impossible without the ability to control stocks of products, detergents and household chemicals. It is best weekly to check all of these items, and in the case of fault – take the pencil and make a list of upcoming purchases.

If you constantly keep track of household inventory in a timely fashion, adding to not have to spend time running around shopping, which sometimes takes a significant part of the day.


How to become a great wise mistress and to be her in the house – so, it is mandatory to be able to cook tasty and healthy food.

It is a good idea, if you practice in the preparation of weekly menu, and at the same time will seek family's diet a few new and unusual dishes.

In women's magazines you can find more master-classes on teaching cooking skills and well, if you find the opportunity to learn some of them at your leisure.

Cleanliness and a cosiness in the house – the distinctive features of successful home management

How can you become clean mistress?

You simply need to learn a few basic rules to maintain order in the house:

  • Small every day do wet cleaning. This procedure will not allow dust to accumulate no furniture, no things;
  • General cleaning always plan a weekend or day that you have not scheduled other things, like washing, Ironing and cooking;
  • Start cleaning in the morning and do not stretch it for the whole day. Cleaned the apartment will be easier to alter other things;
  • Simplify your cleaning process, getting rid of clutter and unnecessary things. Do not wear several seasons old sweater – throw it away or give to a charitable organization. Do not store old phones, players, irons, and other things that, in fact, are dust collectors.

Also useful prior to major cleaning tasks for a few days. For example, if on the weekend you plan to clean the carpets and Polish the furniture in the week peristerite curtains, wash Windows, clean plumbing, and change linens. Do not hesitate to involve in cleaning and other household, let the husband or children take out the trash, beat out the rugs, dusting. Together work much more fun, and after cleaning you can arrange a gala dinner or take the whole family to the cinema.

Do not forget about yourself

If you want to be a good mistress of his house – do not try to alter things all at once, as would be desirable. And if you are tired, bring cleaning or washing to the end and pay attention to yourself – take a bath with aromatic oils, fragrant foam, or just a cool shower.

Insert in the schedule of deeds and minutes that you dedicate to care of their appearance. Whatever you are tired for the day, don't go to bed unwashed and also in the morning – do not run unkempt to the stove or the vacuum cleaner.


Don't wear at home stretched tracksuits and faded robes. Buy yourself two sets of comfortable clothes in which you can comfortably deal with the economy, but to look neat and fit.

Twice a week schedule hours for manicure and pedicure, masks and other long-care procedures. And find a week day that is minimal Affairs and you'll be able to relax a bit from stress: to go with the kids to the Park to watch your favorite romance, read an interesting novel.

And finally, for all the troubles and worries find time for intimacy with my husband, and then the loved one will call you the best hostess in the world!