How to care for eucharis at home

Eucharis, or Amazonian lily, grows in the wild in the forests of Colombia, South and Central America, at the mouth of the Amazon. This tropical plant began to be grown in greenhouses in Europe relatively recently - a century and a half ago. This delicate flower, which at the same time looks like a daffodil and a white lily, was immediately actively cultivated in botanical gardens.

The Amazonian lily blooms almost all year - 1-2 months are enough for it to rest. But even at rest, dense dark green lily leaves can decorate any room. Hardly anyone is able to refuse to purchase a handsome man, at least once seeing it in color.

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Taking care of eucharis at home

How to care for eucharis at home

Before purchasing a new pet, you need to think in advance about the acceptable conditions for it. A tropical plant cannot thrive in a dry, cold room. The humidity in the room where the eucharis is located must be maintained from 65%, the temperature - at least 18 ºС. At rest, the flower can tolerate a cool climate - from 13-15 ºС, but it will not bloom.

You should also choose the place where the flowerpot will be placed. Optimally - a sunny window sill from the east or west. Too bright lighting on the south side is dangerous for the state of the leaves.

A Eucharis bulb - or preferably a few bulbs, if you want to achieve flowering faster - is planted in specially prepared soil.

A small one is poured into the bottom of the pot. pebbles or expanded clay - to ensure good drainage.

Mix: 1 part of loam, 2 parts of sand or vermiculite, 2 parts of compost or humus, 4 parts of leaf soil - sifted and calcined. The moisture content of the soil must be increased.

Care is not only about providing conditions for a normal existence, it is also proper watering.

Water is poured into the top layer. Immediately after planting, they are monitored to prevent waterlogging of the soil, otherwise the bulbs may rot. As soon as the plant grows up, the soil moisture should be increased. "kids" appear - the soil begins to moisturize more intensively. You can monitor the correct watering with a stick - if you pierce the soil, then at the root level it should be slightly damp, not sticky.

To stimulate flowering - during a dormant period of 4-5 weeks - you can not water the flower at all ... But nevertheless, you should make sure that the soil does not dry out at all, otherwise the plant will die.

During flowering, the eucharis - depending on the humidity in the room - a flower "fill in"

once every 5-7 days.

On the rest of the eucharis, you should dwell in more detail. If you do not allow the plant to rest and recover after abundant flowering, you can not wait for the next flowers. For a month and a half, the flower is harvested in a shady, cooler place, and they practically stop watering, slightly moistening the soil.

If you can restrain the growth of young leaves and stop the old ones from dying, then you don’t have to think about why eucharis does not bloom. At this time, the flower is also not fed.

Conditions for eucharis

How to care for eucharis at home

Growing indoor plants on the windowsill , many flower lovers do not think about additional nutrition for flowers and believe that they have enough nutrients from the original soil.

They periodically transplant flowers, and care is limited to this.
Eucharis will not bloom in such conditions. With the exception of the dormant state, applying liquid complex fertilizers with potassium - they are purchased at a flower shop - is required every 14-17 days.

In addition, the plant flowering at home must be constantly sprayed so that the leaves remain dry. The spray should be directed at the flower head - if water drops remain on the leaves, ugly brown spots will appear on them.

Transplantation and reproduction of eucharis

Amazonian lily - bulbous plant, however, it can be propagated by seeds. If friends also want to grow a flower on their windowsill, it is better for them to separate the stepson.

Seeds need to be specially prepared for planting, their germination rate is low - up to 60%, the plant will begin to bloom no earlier than 5-6 years .

In order for the stepchildren to develop and bloom faster, plants on which from 3 to 5 bulbs have already formed should be removed. In this case, it will be possible to admire the flowers already in the year of seating.

The transplant is carried out every 2-3 years, in the European climate it is advisable to choose the spring months - March or early April. First, the plant is completely removed from the pot, then the old soil is gradually shaken off. You should be very careful - if several bulbs are damaged, the Amazonian lily will not bloom for a long time or even die.

Eucharis is propagated during transplantation. If you want to get a viable specimen, then they separate several twin stepsons with formed onions and plant them in a separate flowerpot.

When material is required for further seedlings, the plant is propagated, not counting on getting color this year: small stepsons are separated with single bulbs. You can even plant bulbs on which leaves have not yet formed.

Problems in growing eucharis

When growing a houseplant, you may encounter the following problems.

What should be done if eucharis does not bloom?

Blossoming is affected by:

How to care for eucharis at home
  • a sharp change in temperature - if the flower is in a featherthe running period under the window, the buds will not tie;
  • lack or excess of watering;
  • insufficient feeding;
  • too dry indoor air.

The fix is ​​quite simple. Remove the plant away from the window, normalize watering, constantly monitoring soil moisture, and apply fertilizer with potassium on time. After analyzing the condition - if the leaves do not look very healthy and turgor disappears in them - you can add nitrogen to the top dressing.

It should always be remembered that eucharis arrived in Europe from tropical rainforests and maintain appropriate air humidity. By the way, dry air is harmful not only to them, but to people living in the apartment, especially small children.

You may encounter a situation when the leaves of the eucharis begin to turn yellow and die off, or even curl into tubes. What to do in this case?

Leaves turn yellow if they are exposed to direct sunlight or insufficient watering. It is not necessary to hide the pot in the shade, with the help of curtains made of a rare weave, they provide a diffused, sufficiently intense color.

How to control soil moisture has already been described above. Why do leaves curl and die?

This happens for several reasons:

  • bulbs are damaged after transplantation;
  • the root system began to rot due to too much watering or because there is no reliable drainage;
  • parasites have gotten in the soil.

The latter can only be checked digging in the roots or taking it out of the pot completely.

Parasitic larvae in the root system of a flower, the soil for which was prepared artificially, according to all the rules, igniting the soil, are extremely rare. Rather, red rot will be found on the bulbs. In this case, diseased bulbs should be separated and watering should be further normalized.

How to care for eucharis at home

Pest insects - spider mites and aphids - prefer to settle on the leaves of the Amazonian lily.

If the flower was exhibited outside in the summer, you need to carefully examine the leaves, wipe them with a damp sponge and remove street dust.

To combat pests, the flower is sprayed, purchasing special preparations, for example, < span class = "italic"> "Actellic"

. You can also buy special sticks that make up butoxycarboxyme or dimethoate. Sticks are stuck into the soil of the pot in the amount of 2-3 pieces.

Aphids on the leaves are removed by spraying a mixture of celandine, yarrow or makhorka infusion and laundry soap. A little soap is added to make the liquid soapy to the touch. You can do without chemicals when fighting this pest.

If you take care of the large-flowered eucharis properly, it will bloom stably almost all year round.