How to catch a man

To catch attracted to a man is like to return from the hunt, bringing coveted trophy on shoulder. Some people do it without too much difficulty, and someone who has not mastered the art of seduction fully. Of course, this is not due to unpleasant appearance or the stupidity of women, but because of the lack of relevant knowledge in the field of men's psychology and lack of specific experience.

This publication from the first to the last letter focuses on how quickly and irrevocably to catch a man, and never to remain without extraction.

The content of the article

Compliment your main weapon!


In fact, men are walnuts, very hard on the outside and incredibly soft on the inside. This means that, despite the visual inaccessibility, they are very responsive and loyal to all kinds of cozy, varnished words and compliments.

Therefore, in order to please a man, look for all those qualities in which it differs from the other representatives of the stronger sex. Be sure to take the compliments, watching as the chosen one literally melts on your eyes, attention, speech, pleasing his ears.

Clearly, if you see a guy for the first time, to speak to him a fair and appropriate compliment would be extremely difficult. In this case, praise him for his intelligence and good looks, will not go wrong. Then be guided by the situation and direction of the conversation.

A man's opinion is law!

At least until then, until you irrevocably won't need gear man. In the meantime, even on a first date, you should let him know that his opinion is the most important and correct thing you've heard lately. This can be done in different ways and allow him a choice of drinks and meals in the restaurant, support the point in the conversation, and so on.

Clearly we must try to find common themes of dialogue, and as soon as he starts to Express his opinion, accept it in the most natural way.

In the case where the opinion of the opponent at the root of you uncomfortable, no need to take offense and to tie the discussion. Gently and quietly, move the conversation from the point of stumbling and do not provoke a dispute.

Specify the type of the chosen one

Most likely, you already know that all the people behind the scenes are divided into several types of personality:

  • Kinesthetic who just love the tactile contacts, easily and quickly overcome the personal space of his companion, and all necessary information is obtained through touch;
  • The visuals of the "love" eyes;
  • The auditory learners love to talk.

Find out what it is you liked a guy, simply and quickly. To do this, ask him basic questions, such as how he would describe a particular item. Kinestetik first rush to describe the parameters and shape of the object, visual – color palette, but the auditory, rather, just confused. By the way, you can conquer the pleasant tone of his voice.

Use sex games

No, I do not think anything dirty or vulgar, because this way your behavior will not hook a man. And here is a small game with sexual elements is very acceptable. It is clear that nobody is talking about Stripping in public, but unobtrusive and natural to unbutton the top button blouses, arguing that heat, it.

You can just openly look into the eyes involuntarily to wind the curl on her finger, to touch his neck or ear. You can make up to the guy's lips, to use perfume or make up the earring.

Be spontaneous


Men love not only the tender and passionate feelings, but admire women that can fill their life with unforgettable impressions and adventures. And, as has long been known, if I can offer a man what he wants, he definitely will visit you again.

Is not necessary to arrange safaris and bungy jumping from the bridge.

Enough erotic SMS, invitations for coffee, addressed to the new guy, or sharing tea on the roof of the penthouse. In men the thirst for danger, risk and adventure set at the level of genes, and sin not to use such a gift of nature.

Ask for advice

The most win-win recommendation on how to catch the feelings of men, becomes the request to understand with just bought a gadget that does not want to go to the Internet or to send SMS. Almost all the guys I love technology and new-fangled advancements in this industry, and therefore with great joy that I agree to settle my phone, you dig into its settings and so on. Even if you know your cell phone is better than it, don't let the convergence, both verbal and physical.

Do not forget that almost all men are literally born with a steering wheel in his hands, and the car is their unrecognized idol. Seeing that the object of your hunting a private vehicle, start to ask about it, alluding to the desire to ride and stuff like that. Oh Yes! Don't forget to make a compliment about his driving skills.

Don't forget about the stars


Sometimes all it takes for seduction guy, you can show the heavenly bodies, and speaking easier, the horoscopes. As they say, to seduce possible and necessary by any means, and horoscopes – not the worst.

Incredible, but sometimes they help to identify the nature of men, their preferences regarding the opposite sex, behavior, and the chance to build a relationship with you as a whole.

Familiarize yourself with "star" information, it is possible to understand how better to catch a man, whether it be texting, whether to spend time on dates, and money on new outfits and adventures.

Remember that to catch a man is the easiest stage, which occurs after a time of hard labor to preserve his interest in you and to warm up the senses. If this is not done, then the relationship is likely to end after the first night spent together.