How to choose a beautiful makeup for round eyes

Quite a lot of girls don't like the shape of their eyes. But do not think that is correct it can only go back to the reception to the plastic surgeon. You can do incision your eye a perfect one using your usual cosmetics. But! In this case, you need to know on what to focus, and which touches in makeup only accentuate the flaws. That is why today we will learn how to do makeup for round eyes.

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How to make round eyes in an almond


The first is to point out the fact that people like the shape of the eyes find attractive and it looks even without correction with makeup quite nicely.

But we are with you try to be perfect, so we need to explore ways to make the look more expressive.

And here's the first rule you need to remember: always focus on the outer corner of the eye.

So you will visually draw out the round eyes. As for the shadows in inner corner of the eye to apply lighter shades, and in the outer dark. Also to emphasize the shape of your eyes should not use too bright shades. The best choice would be pastel colors.

In order for your big round eyes look more elongated you will need to use shadow, eyeliner pencil and mascara.

Once you've got the beauticians all the necessary tools to create the perfect image, let's look at the process of transformation step by step:

  • Apply a light shade on the upper eyelid. Thus, we get the basis for further make-up;
  • Now take the shadows darker. Them you need to focus on the outer corner. It is not necessary to make the transition between light and dark a color is too obvious. It is better to take a small brush and blend the transition. So you get soft replacement light shade darker;
  • Those dark shadows move and lower eyelids. Attention! Ensure that the rim was very thin, because a too reduce eyes we don't need. To obtain such a result, or buy a special thin brush for applying eye shadow or just wipe off the excess with a cotton swab soaked in cleanser to remove makeup;
  • Now you need to carefully draw the arrows. The best option would be a little thickened at the tip of the arrow for the round eyes. By the way, if you have not yet obtained to do the flat arrows at first, can use a pencil. However, in this case, you need to remember to periodically touch up makeup.

And another little secret: don't be afraid to carefully paint over each cilium. Despite the fact that many online publications about makeup argue that carefully painted lashes make eyes even more, this view is mistaken.

The fact that progresiva upper and lower lashes, you create a kind of shadow around the eyes, which can visually reduce them a bit. So if almond-shaped eyes is your dream, then mascara will be your first step in achieving it.

Makeup for small round eyes

If your eyes are round shaped, but small, then our task becomes more complicated. We need to visually enlarge the eyes and then make them more elongated.

First and foremost, remember what not to do in any case:

  • Do not use eyeliner or dark shadow, because your eyes will become even smaller in size, and their color will become inexpressive;
  • Do not make the eyebrows too high. The ideal option would be if they clearly repeat browney the arc of the skull.

Now, as for the make-up. First you need to draw for round eyes special arrows, but not the bold black eyeliner, as we have said, and use a pencil brown.

At the same time try to bring the line down to the outer corner. Thus, the shape becomes more elongated.

The shade is to use predominantly light, because you won't let them do too much emphasis on small size of your eye. All of the above is enough for daytime makeup. If the evening makeup, you can apply a little light pearlescent eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye.

Now that we know how to make almond-shaped, let's discuss the rules makeup for round face, depending on the eye color.

Rules makeup for round face


The basic rule of makeup application is the correct contouring. To do this you need to highlight with a lighter tone zone in the area of the forehead, under eye and chin.

Attention! Do not make too sharp focus, all the lines on the face should be smooth.

Now let's consider the makeup round face with blue eyes. In this case, you need not only to make the oval of the face more elongated, but also to emphasize the color of the eyes. For this you should use silver, pink or purple shades. A good idea to look and cosmetics bright blue color.

Interesting may be a variant of makeup for a round face with green eyes. Here, in addition to focusing on the chin and forehead of eye makeup is to use purple and green color scheme. Also appropriate brown. Do not forget to pull a little line the outer corner below the eye seemed a bit already.

Make-up features a round face with brown eyes.


It is best to use beige, pink or Golden shade. So not only do you highlight the color of your eye, but pay attention to their stunning color.

And, of course, you should pay attention to creating makeup for round face with gray eyes. Here, except for the narrowing of the oval, you should pay attention to giving your eyes a more saturated color. In this case, best suited Takai shade as silver. It is better to opt for shades with mother of pearl. But the matte shadow will make your eyes dull.

As you can see, no matter what shape you have eyes, and gave whether you have brown or blue eyes. If you know the correct accents with the help of cosmetics, your appearance will always be perfect.

So practice, podarite your way and be happy!

Contouring and makeup for round faces and eyes