How to choose a good wine to protect yourself from fakes?

The wine is not called "drink of the Gods", because of its properties, taste and smell was a legend. And today we continue to pay tribute to this drink, eating in the Temple as the blood of Christ red wine "Cahors". For special and not so special occasions are in store for purchase, not really presenting yourself well, how to choose a good wine.

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Classification amount used of sugar


Of course, all the intricacies of choice is able to understand only experienced sommelier, but even far from alcoholic beverages a person knows that the wine can be dry, semi-dry, sweet and semi-sweet. However, not everyone knows what the real experts believe that any "floor" space on your Desk shouldn't be.

The fact that sweet drink requires addition of artificial preservatives, whereas dry and sweet analogues do not accept such actions.

In dry no sugar alcohol, and therefore the risk that it is fermented, is reduced to zero. In sweet wine as a natural preservative is the sugar. If you care about your health, back on the shelf a sweet drink, as do the inhabitants of European and other countries.

What kind of wine is better to choose? You need to consider snacks and meals that will be present on your Desk. Drink red will harmonize with meat and white wine suitable for fish and seafood. If you expect large variety of dishes, it is better to buy pink or not too full-bodied dry alcohol.

The variety has a value


Real, genuine wine is always an indication of what grapes it was made. For example, red is produced from black grapes. A good example is Pinot Noir grapes, giving a wine of Burgundy.

For the manufacture of the drink is white is white grapes, e.g., grapes Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, etc. Rose wine can be the result of fermentation of the berries of both varieties.

Therefore, taking the bottle in hand, looking for the label information about the grape variety from which this drink is made. If it says: Made from the best varieties of grapes, you better return the bottle back because it is very likely that to get this drink was bad or defective berries.

It is believed that the present alcohol always has the patience and the bigger it is, the more valuable the drink. In most cases the way it is and those wineries that value their reputation, do not spread the red wine within two years from the date of its production.

Varieties such as Cabernet, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir in particular need of endurance, so it helps them fully develop its flavor. However, the most part white and sparkling appearance not required "aging". With the exception of champagne and sweet dessert wines.

In addition, you should pay attention to the material of the packaging in which the beverage "matured". It is clear that alcohol is not a good will store in plastic or cardboard boxes, and will use oak barrels.

What else to pay attention


How to choose good cheap wine? If you are not versed in this drink, go to a specialty store, staffed by experienced sellers is able to tell and help to make the right choice.

However, in the supermarket you can find a masterpiece among the conventional counterfeit and to distinguish from the fake a good drink. First, do not pay attention to the bottle, the price of which is below 300 rubles. Good booze just can't be so cheap. Second, look at the color of the glass bottle: it is better if it gets dark.

The tube can be made of plastic, and balsa wood. It does not matter if in order to open the bottle, you need to Unscrew the metal cover. But if you hear from the tube musty smell, the wine is probably already corrupted and to drink it is impossible.

Again carefully read the information on the label: besides the grapes and the time of its collection it should be all the data about the manufacturer. That is what country is an importer of what the firm produces, its address, phone number.

The absence of this information should put you in a dead end: after all, if you do not know who and where this drink is produced, how to judge its quality?

Selection criteria

How to choose a good red wine? Place a bet on the country of origin. Good red wines are made in France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Chile. The label must be "conspicuous" and to be overly colorful – the smaller the better.

Make sure that the tube is a glass of the neck of a single unit – not the sticks and does not SAG. Watch it carefully with a good light: if it is painted with wine, so it was stored properly – lying down, thus ensuring constant wetting.

Otherwise the dry material will contribute to the ingestion of Tara air, which is detrimental effect on the quality of its content.


How to choose a good wine? Good dry wines in Germany, Austria, England and New Zealand. Well, if in store you will be able to try wine before you buy.

If this is not possible, send the bottle to the light and sharply turn it upside down: in a good alcohol should not be precipitate, or allowed just a small amount.

If the data on grape varieties and quality are hidden under obscure combinations of letters, then choose the drink first letter on the label is closer to the beginning of the alphabet. And the more such letters, the better the drink.

Now you know how not to make a mistake and choose a good drink for dinner or lunch. Enjoy your time!

How to Choose Wine