How to choose mascara?

To long thick eyelashes have been our faithful companions in all of life's situations, beauticians are constantly improving mascara. On the cosmetics market there are all sorts of novelties, among which a decorative, water-resistant and professional.

The latter is a special ink, which is unlikely to succeed for a few minutes before going to put the house in front of the mirror.

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Decorative ink and methods of its application

In addition to the traditional black eyelashes, fashionable colors of the season 2013-2014 offers a variety of shades. Most relevant today is recognized as blue-green and purple palette.

How to choose mascara?

For those who prefer warm shades are recommended brown, orange and Burgundy tones, which, however, require a selective approach, since after their application a particularly high probability of getting red eye. For lovers of exotic cosmetologists created a bright-white, light blue and silver ink. In principle, this is not a new idea, something similar was offered the fashion magazines of the 80s and early 90s. for the First time, the brunette was jealous of those whom nature has endowed with whitish eyelashes, because they were best seen trendy shades.

A new word in make-up beauticians and makeup artists have left halfway: through further developments of modern ink, unlike its predecessors, it is easy to apply and dark eyelashes. Bright and perfectly complement a formal bow, weekdays appropriate less extravagant colors.

There are several ways of applying a decorative ink, the choice of which is determined by your goals and objectives.

Evening makeup is the most intricate in execution:

  • in the direction from the inner corner to the outer corner apply a thin base layer;
  • eyelashes lightly processed dry crumbly powder;
  • the second layer is much more generous: spend no mascara, no imagination in the direction of movement of the brush;
  • with a brush and special tongs for Curling to the desired shape;
  • the third layer completes the effect of false eyelashes.

Applying casual makeup, it is enough just to wink at the brush: just to touch her eyelashes to give a slightly noticeable extra volume and the desired shade.

Than to dilute mascara, so as not to give her to dry up

Slightly dried up favorite mascara can deliver a lot of grief. If you want you can create an entire encyclopedia of tips both professional and "folk" than to dilute mascara, if only all of them are hygienic and safe? Based on the opinion of experts and personal reviews of the most popular ideas can be classified as follows:


  • water (external use): the bottle is placed for some time in a container of warm water
    the problem is solved according to the law of evaporation and condensation;
  • eye drops;
  • the solution for contact lenses;
  • means for removing makeup, do not contain alcohol.


How to choose mascara?
  • water (internal use) – if it is not about the distilled water bought at the pharmacy, its composition and level of bacteria, usually unknown, so by adding it, you do so entirely at your own risk;
  • alcohol – can irritate the eyes and can cause inflammation;
  • vegetable oil is not a solvent, you yourself will not like it;
  • own saliva with all the accompanying bacteria – the invention of Soviet women, which often had to be paid with conjunctivitis.

Waterproof mascara: indelible beauty

Wondering how to choose mascara for eyelashes, it is useful to look not only in the mirror but in the window: what is the weather going to deal with. In anticipation of the rain and snowfall come in handy mascara that is not afraid of water.

Its daily use requires certain skills and precautions. To apply mascara it is recommended for gentle protective basis, as some components of the waterproof mascara, very aggressive, in constant contact with them undesirable for the delicate skin of the eyelids and the structure of eyelashes.

How to choose mascara?

At the same time, these components give a wonderful opportunity to look flawless on a rainy street, in the gym and even in the pool or on the beach.

Applying waterproof makeup requires a precise and confident movements. This cosmetic substance doesn't love a bold, layered, as it tends to stick together. A moderate coat of mascara will liven up casual looks and give you confidence in all circumstances and weather conditions.

Removing waterproof mascara has a lot of funny questions, how to wash permanent?

Biases in vain in this direction did a good job specialists are ready to offer various lines of specialized tools for removing waterproof makeup. Makeup artists are reminded of the need for this procedure, since the eyelids need rest not from the most favorable substances. In addition, stuck in the stone water-resistant mascara can cause a lot of trouble, there are cases when belated attempts to remove it resulted in the loss of eyelashes.

A three-week makeover

Modern beauty offers such services as applying mascara for a few weeks. The technique is an alternative to build-up, the main difference is a more gentle impact on the natural lashes.

However, one procedure does not exclude the other – some types of semi-permanent funds
applicable to the artificial. The main advantage of the make – up of his fresh around the clock for two or three weeks.

How to choose mascara?

Some companies that manufacture cosmetics offer semi-permanent mascara for self-application at home, although makeup artists believe that the only beautician-professional can guarantee the desired result.

Semi-permanent mascara is already well known in the United States and Western Europe and is spreading in our area.

Choosing the ink, should pay attention not only on content but also on the characteristics of the brush, as its quality largely depends on appearance of the eyelashes. And don't forget: the cilia of the lower eyelid deserve the same attention as the top.