How to clean yellow stains under the arms: rescuing things from links to the country

Sweat and deodorants very often present us with unpleasant surprises in the form of yellow dirt under the arms. On white shirts, blouses and t-shirts they are especially visible, making the thing unfit for use on humans.

Wash off these marks or not? And how to remove old yellow stains on white?

Do not be upset, to breathe new life into your favorite dress will not be difficult enough to read tips on how to get rid of the yellow stains under the arms. And you don't have to run to the store for a new super-powder or stain remover, and the result is another disappointment for a lot of money.

How to get rid of the yellow stains under the armpits: tips

So how to clean yellow stains under the armpits?

Let's take the dry cleaning in house conditions, and finally solve this problem once and for all with the help of simple substances, which certainly have every lady of the house:

How to clean yellow stains under the arms: rescuing things from links to the country
  1. for the first method need white toothpaste and old toothbrush. Squeeze a little paste on the brush and carefully RUB it on the problem area, previously a little moistened cloth. Leave the thing for ten minutes and then wash it the usual way for you. As you can see, quickly and easily with this method because the stains;
  2. lemon juice is another magical tool for those who want to know how to get rid of the yellow sections under the arms. Dilute the lemon juice with detergent, lather the mixture cloth and leave for an hour. Through the time the thing needs washing, paying special attention to the places with the yellow. By the way, any of these methods it is possible to wash underwear and sneakers. Now you do not need to look for tips about how to wash those panties with yellow stains;
  3. if the house you have vodka, you can use this liquor for good economic purposes. Dilute the vodka one to one and spray on the stain using a spray bottle. Repeat after 20 minutes and half an hour later sasteria;
  4. how to get rid of yellow stains on white? Hydrogen peroxide is a universal bleach. Dilute it with water one to one and sasteria spots. Leave for half an hour, and then wash the thing in a weak solution of peroxide. Rinse thoroughly several times;
  5. soda and vinegar can be used not only for pastries, lush cakes, these substances are useful in the extermination of yellow spots. RUB the baking soda in a cloth, and pour on top of the vinegar. Soda and vinegar will be included in the response, will start foaming and hissing, familiar to any housewife. After an hour wash thing;
  6. soap can easily "beat" expensive washing powder. Wash with him thing, carefully RUB the places with yellow spots. Of course, the old traces of sweat on the white they will not wash, but fresh just disappear "Bang";
  7. it's time to rummage in the medicine Cabinet more thoroughly. It turns out that regular aspirin is not only a remedy for headaches and "scilitel" onGorzow during conservation, they also successfully compete with traces of perspiration and deodorant on white clothes. Crush a few aspirin tablets to a powder using a rolling pin or stupas and RUB in with a damp cloth. After half an hour you can get to the usual Laundry;
  8. you can use cleaned gasoline, but that's an extreme case, since its smell is very hard to remove.

How to get rid of yellow stains from sweat: correct mistakes

How to clean yellow stains under the arms: rescuing things from links to the country

All these methods are checked. They can be used by anyone who wants to know how to clear white sneakers with yellow spots or other similar shoes. It should be noted that in no case can not wash clothes in hot water if it was seen by yellow marks.
Under high temperature, the sweat stains even more eats into the fibers of the fabric, especially in white, what lead them becomes much more complex. Water should be a temperature at which to wash the clothes in manual mode, that is quite tolerable for the skin.

Many are trying to get yellow stains covering the fabric whiteness. This is the most common mistake!

The fact is that chlorine reacts with biological elements in the sweat, and the fabric is simply dark. This is especially true of white things and begging to be washed with the addition of white.

Using these methods, it's easy to clean up and wash out some of the things that you have to deduct from your wardrobe. It's inexpensive, quickly and most importantly, simple.