How to cook a delicious thick strawberry jam with whole berries?

The hostess can rightfully be proud of his strawberry jam with whole berries, if they have not broken up and preserved form. It should be translucent and juicy. It is important to know at what intervals it is necessary to keep the berries in syrup and how much you need to boil. You will have to spend the time and effort, but the result will inspire you to new feats.

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The traditional recipe

It turns out the jam is thick and delicious.

But this recipe involves several important details:

How to cook a delicious thick strawberry jam with whole berries?
  • Strawberries must be home;
  • Pre-berry must be cleaned, dry with paper towels, and then remove the leaves;
  • During cooking you need to remove the foam;
  • You should boil 3 or 4 times for about 5-10 minutes.

What is the difference between a thick strawberry jam with whole berries and jam? The latter is easily spread on bread or pancakes. This recipe assumes that the berries remain whole.

Wash the cans in soapy water, rinse and dry with a towel. Put them on a baking sheet in the oven, and hold over medium heat for 5 minutes.

An important caveat: when you fill them with jam, they should be warm. Therefore, the procedure should be carried out just before preserving.

Prepare 900 grams of strawberries – enough for two half liter cans. Experienced hostess recommended the first time to do a small amount, to further it was possible to correct their mistakes. In addition, if the jam very much, it will take longer to boil and cool down, so will lose color and flavor will not be as thick.

Wipe the berries with a damp towel and dry. They cannot be dipped in a pot of water or rinse. If they gain water because they never turn out tasty and fragrant strawberry jam with whole berries. Well, if the berries will be slightly not ripe. All the smashed strawberries set aside – now it is not useful to you.

How to cook a delicious thick strawberry jam with whole berries?

Lay in a single layer in a pan or other container, sprinkling with sugar (700 grams). Leave the berries overnight, so they let the juice. Before going to sleep once all the mix mass, sugar had entered into contact with the berries – then they fall apart when cooking. All these preparations are necessary in order to make a delicious jam.

Prepare 4 small plates and place them in the freezer. They will be useful to you for testing. Pan put on a low heat to sugar is fully dissolved. The weight should not be mixed, only gently shake the pan.

Before boiling, make sure no remaining sugar crystals. To do this, carefully dip the spoon in the jam and inspect it. If the sugar is dissolved, make the fire maximum.

When the mass boils, add the juice of one large lemon and count 8 minutes.

When the time expires, remove the container with a plate, put a little jam into a chilled saucer and wait until it is completely cool. Nudge the ground with your finger – if the fluid is not drained, you're done. Boil for 3 minutes until, until this result.

Not immediately pour into banks. Jam should stand for 15 minutes. When you see foam, carefully add 10 grams of butter. After that you can fill. Will facilitate a special funnel must be purchased in advance.

Seal the jar, lay a wax paper. If you follow all of the rules, then follow this recipe and you definitely get the strawberry jam with whole berries.

Strawberries in syrup

How to cook a delicious thick strawberry jam with whole berries?

To prepare the jam the jam with a strawberry syrup with whole berries, you'll need
patience. Berries is better to collect in dry weather, immediately discarding damaged. Choose slightly unripe strawberries, it didn't break apart. The sugar must be white, cane types will not work. Cook the jam only after it is sifted.

For strawberry is suitable twice or three times boiling, 5-10 minutes. Cooking strawberry concoction you can not simultaneously with other dishes as it will absorb their flavor.

To berries not sugar, at the end add some lemon juice.

Brew ready, if the foam does not spread over the edges and gathers in the center. Berries should not float, and a drop of syrup spread on a plate. If the syrup is turbid, add half of the egg whites, bring to boil and remove foam.

Banks do not have to be sterilized, it is sufficient to wash with baking soda, rinse and dry. After fill them with jam, cover with parchment and tie. Make sure that the temperature during storage was below 10 degrees Celsius, otherwise it to sugar.

Cook in a slow cooker

How to cook a delicious thick strawberry jam with whole berries?

When this miracle of technology, appeared in the Arsenal of Housewives, they try to cook it in a slow cooker is convenient and saves time. Try an unusual recipe for making jam from forest strawberry with whole berries.

Clean the kilo of strawberries from the forest dirt with a damp cloth, allow to dry. Pour a kilo of sugar and let stand for 4 hours. Put in the slow cooker, select the mode "Stewing" for one hour. For a few minutes before the deadline add 20 grams of the thickener and stir.

Banks can not be sterilized. Divide the brie and roll up.

I hope you will be able to choose one of the following recipes and please their loved ones delicious strawberry sweetness. Bon appetit!