How to cook eggplant vegetable stew: best recipes

Eggplant stew is a simple summer dish that is delicious, nutritious and healthy. You can combine the main ingredient with anything, and from this the taste will only improve, of course, in the right hands. You can cook an eggplant stew very quickly in a slow cooker, but using traditional utensils, it will take no more than 30-40 minutes to cook.


Stew is one of the dishes known to mankind since ancient times. Its history began from the moment when people stopped eating raw food and began to process meat and then vegetable ingredients on an open fire.

They prepare a dish from vegetables with the addition of meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms, herbs.

Cooking is common to all stew recipes. All components are combined together and stewed for a long time in a common container, seasoned with sauces and seasonings that increase the thickness and nutritional value.

Stew can be made only from products of the same type or mix seemingly completely different components. English writer Jerome Klapka Jerome played on the preparation of Irish stew in his lyrical and humorous work "Three men in a boat, not counting a dog" . The heroes argued for a long time whether to add a water rat to the pan, because there are already leftovers from pies, broken eggs, vegetables, meat and other leftovers from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The British and Irish add vegetables and meat, the French are conservative in this matter - they adhere to the method of separate nutrition, the Germans combine legumes with meat. But the Slavs prefer to make "ensemble" of meat and potatoes.

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Vegetable stew with eggplant and zucchini


  • juicy large carrots;
  • young, medium-sized zucchini;
  • dense eggplant, not small;
  • more juicy tomatoes;
  • bell peppers;
  • pepper mixture;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil;
  • garlic cloves;
  • half a glass of water.


"Little Blue" cut into cubes, sprinkle with salt and set to stand for 20 minutes - while the rest of the vegetables are taken care of. The eggplant preparation will give juice at this time, after which it is washed - only after that the vegetable is ready to be placed in the dish. Peel off the skin at will, seeds from "ripe" zucchiniIt is advisable to remove.

For this dish, it is optimal to cut zucchini and carrots into cubes, pepper into ribbons with the middle removed, chop the onion.

Each tomato is cut diagonally crosswise in the region of the stalk and the fruits are placed in boiling water so that the skin can be easily removed later. The tomato pulp is also cut into cubes.

A deep frying pan is heated, a little vegetable oil is poured into it, and the vegetable slices are placed in the following order:

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  • carrots - fried alone for up to 4 minutes;
  • zucchini with eggplant - for the same time;
  • then pepper comes next;
  • in the very late tomatoes, chopped garlic and seasonings.
  • Then pour boiling water over the fried vegetables, cover the container and cook for up to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. After 15-20 minutes, you can taste the dish - tasty, hearty, summer. When cooking in a slow cooker, the recipe is no different.

    The only caveat is that you should pour less water. At the last stage, everything is stewed closed, and the water evaporates very slowly, so it makes sense to cook vegetables in "own juice" .

    Tomato and eggplant stew

    It is impossible to eat a stew in which the main ingredients are eggplant and tomatoes.

    This dish is usually combined with the main one, and it plays the role of a sauce, giving < span class = "italic"> "boring"

    new taste of stew.


    • eggplant;
    • fleshy tomatoes, not very juicy;
    • onion;
    • tomato paste - half a glass;
    • cumin;
    • spices;
    • half a glass of water.


    Slicing the most common one: "blue" into cubes, chop the onion smaller, peel the tomatoes first, blanch them in boiling water, and then cut into cubes.

    In a deep frying pan mixed with spices tomato paste, tomato cubes and spices, bring everything to a boil, add eggplant. After 25-30 minutes, when the sauce is almost ready and the vegetables are soft, it is poured into the meat, allowed to simmer for another 5-10 minutes and left to brew for 15 minutes.

    As you can see, it is easier to prepare an eggplant-tomato mixture simple.

    Potato and eggplant stew

    If you make a stew with potatoes, you can get enough without meat. There are very few ingredients, so even an inexperienced cook can handle cooking.


    • potatoes;
    • eggplants;
    • onions and carrots;
    • spices;
    • water - by volume about 2 glasses.

    For frying, you need to have sunflower oil on hand, and - if your soul asks - you can add bell peppers to the dish. The carrots are rubbed, the onions are chopped in the usual way, but the eggplants should not be chopped - they are cut into circles.

    Requiredtime should be taken to remove the bitterness - cover the cut vegetables with salt for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Then the vegetable slices are dried with a paper towel and fried on 2 sides in vegetable oil until a golden crust appears on them.

    The frying pan is freed from the contents, the carrots and onions are sautéed. All vegetables are laid out separately, and the pan is again greased with oil, heated, and they are already starting to collect the vegetable stew with eggplant in layers.

    Potatoes, cut into large "rustic" are spread in a deep pan in a thick layer. » in slices. A layer of fried eggplants goes on it, and already on top are carrots and onions. Pour the entire contents of the container with boiling water, add spices, close the lid, and bring to full readiness. To completely stew the potatoes, you need to leave the pan or cauldron on the stove for 20 minutes.

    Meat stew with eggplant

    Usually, the stew serves as a side dish for meat, and meat is cooked separately. If you take a poultry - chicken or turkey - you can make a whole fragrant dish in 30 minutes.


    • fillet turkey;
    • eggplant;
    • tomatoes;
    • seasonings;
    • oil for frying;
    • pre-cooked broth from poultry, although you can do with boiling water.

    The meat is washed, allowed to drain off excess water on a paper towel, and put to fry in a skillet, after closing it. Do not add any spices, otherwise the juice will leak out, and this is still early. While the meat is being fried, the vegetables are cut into cubes - it is advisable to peel them.


    If you want to remove the bitterness, then pour salt on them before they put them to fry the meat, since the bird comes quickly. When the meat is half cooked, eggplants are added to it, and covered with a lid - let the ingredients simmer over low heat. 5 minutes before complete readiness, add mashed potatoes and spices to the container, mix everything, and wait until the meat becomes completely soft. This dish does not need a side dish. Vegetable stew can play the role of a sauce, a side dish and be a separate dish - it all depends on the ingredients involved.

    Hearty, tasty, very easy to prepare.

    Bon appetit!