How to cook leavened buns, roses with different fillings?

Fragrant muffin everyone loves. And when products are not only delicious, but also beautiful – it is doubly pleasant. Look very appetizing buns, roses, made of dough. They seem to be a real culinary masterpiece, but really to prepare them easily. Recipes bread-roses can be different, it all depends on your taste preferences.

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Roses with jam

To bake this yummy, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Milk (500 ml);
  • A glass of water;
  • Two eggs;
  • Three tablespoons of sugar;
  • Teaspoon of yeast;
  • Butter (100 grams);
  • Flour (about a kilogram).
  • For the filling, you can take any jam.

Recipe for roses: a little warm milk and water, add sugar, yeast, a pinch of salt. Leave for a few minutes to let the yeast "alive". Beat two eggs and mix well with a whisk. Stir in two cups of flour, knead the dough, as for pancakes. Leave the dough for 40 minutes.

When the yeast starts to ferment, on the surface, the bubbles will appear. Pour the melted butter gradually disipate flour. If it is inconvenient to knead in the bowl, put on the table. Do not pour a lot of flour, as the dough should be quite liquid, like dumplings.

If you knead very much, it does not rise.

The ready dough put on the table and cover with a towel. After about an hour it should rise. Cut a bit of dough, give it the shape of the harness and cut into pieces with a thickness of one centimeter. Flatten them into tortillas, the edges do 4 incision and in the center put a bit of jam. Take one ponytail and Obratite they jam so that it is as if in the glass. Next, wrap another ponytail. Continue to form petals, the latter locking the entire structure.

When all rosettes are made, place them on a baking sheet and place in a cold oven, covered with a towel. After 10-15 minutes it is possible to include and remove towel rolls slightly rise.

Whisk the yolk, add a little water and brush over the rosettes. This is to ensure that they were beautiful and toasty. For this recipe, you can cook muffins, roses with cottage cheese.

Buns with sugar


They are like children, they like to eat for Breakfast the adults with coffee or tea. The recipe is simple: flour (about 500 grams) stir in the yeast (a teaspoon). Add milk (half a Cup), one egg, two tablespoons sugar and a little vanilla. Knead nekrutoe dough and put in a warm place – it should rise. When its volume is doubled, you knead.

Roll the dough into a rectangle, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, and then roll it into a loaf. Cut off from him small pieces, of a width of 2-3 cm.

Make the scones, cut the"tails" and form rosettes. When all rolls are ready, place them on a baking sheet and leave it for a while, so they "came".

Culinary brush, apply on the top of the egg yolk and bake rolls, roses, cinnamon and sugar at a temperature of 180 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

Roses for fans salty

If you don't have a sweet tooth, pamper yourself with a bread-roses with sausage. Salt baking is a good way to satisfy your hunger.

In a bowl, pour 25 grams of yeast, add a tablespoon of sugar. Grind everything to form a liquid. Salt to taste, stir and pour a glass of warm water. Sift three cups of flour and gradually add to the bowl, stirring the ingredients with a whisk.


Knead nekrutoe dough, and add three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Put the dishes in a warm place for 20 minutes. When time runs out, roll the dough into a large reservoir and slice it into long strips.

Boiled sausage cut into slices, and then cut them in half. Don't need to do too
thick slices. Cut the dough and sausage should be about the same.

Wrap the roll the sausage and dough to make roses. If they disintegrate, they can be placed in molds for muffins.

Brush the tops with egg yolk and send the product in the oven. Readiness convenient to check with a toothpick. Pierce rolls and look at the toothpick – it should not be dough. Roses sausage very flavorful and delicious – no one can resist this Breakfast.

Buns with apples


This is a favorite treat of many children in the school cafeteria for a muffin lined up a long queue. Treat your family with bread-roses with apples – cook dough easy.

Slice apples thin slices, about 2-3 mm. will Nicipality water, add the sugar and cook the apples for a few minutes and immediately place them on a plate.

The finished dough roll into strips 25 cm long and 3 cm wide On each strip lay a few slices of Apple so that their edges overlap one another and were slightly over the top edge of the dough. Gently form a rosette with apples, tuck the bottom edge inside.

Place product on a baking tray and bake at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Top can be sprinkled with sugar or powder.

Hard to find baking these tasty muffins. Their preparation does not take much time and effort, and roses make a tasty and aromatic.