How to cook pilaf with lamb in Uzbek?

Pilaf of lamb – one of the varieties of the ancient Muslim cuisine, the recipe of which requires compliance with many rules. To prepare a real Oriental dish under not only aspasa – recognized masters of the pilaf.

Try to use recipes and cook the most delicious pilaf and correct.

How to cook pilaf with lamb in Uzbek?

Well, that can be difficult to cook pilaf? One only has to boil the rice, fry the meat, add a few spices – and that's that!

We assure you that the resulting according to this recipe the dish can hardly be called a pilaf. The process of making this, simple at first glance, the cuisine is a real art, which does not tolerate negligence. No wonder the recipe of this pilaf is the subject of ongoing disputes. In fact, as an ancient legend, there are as many types of this dish, how many cities in the Eastern world.

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The history of food

Extremely tasty and flavorful dish called "Pilaf" can be safely attributed to one of the oldest recipes in the world. Its roots he comes from the time when the Eastern Nations were just beginning to cultivate rice, while the real birthplace of the pilaf is still a mystery.

There are several thousands of recipes for this dish, because of its long history, pilaf managed to acquire its own traditions in each of the Eastern and Muslim countries. Its main feature is the combination of two ingredients in the dish: the cereal part and meat, called in Uzbek "zirvak".

If in the Central Asian countries zirvak and rump join immediately for further preparation, then in some Eastern countries, these components are prepared separately, then to unite on the plate. But whatever the technology, the most important secret remains the right choice-grade grain part.

Today, pilaf is a common everyday dish in Russia. The choice of technology preparation of this dish is given preference to the Uzbek pilaf, the main ingredients of which are rice and lamb, complemented by spices and vegetables. Pilaf is often cooked over a campfire if weather permits and the mood.

At home cooked in the traditional cauldron with solid walls or in a modern slow cooker, which allows to achieve unsurpassed flavour and aroma even inexperienced Housewives.

The recipe of Uzbek pilaf with lamb in a cauldron

Consider the classic version of the traditional dish, which requires no technical difficulties or the presence of rare ingredients. This recipe is a true family dishes that can safely be called easy and affordable. If desired, this recipe can be adapted for the fire.

So, to cook the traditional lamb pilaf in Uzbek, you will need:

  • 0,5 kg of cereals.
  • 0.5 kg of mutton meat.
  • 0.3 kg of carrots.
  • 3-4 onion head medium size.
  • 50 grams mutton fat.
  • Head of garlic.
  • 150 ml of vegetable refined oil.
  • Spices to taste (usually I take barberry, turmeric, cumin, cumin).

Step-by-step cooking process:

How to cook pilaf with lamb in Uzbek?
  1. The rice is pre-washed until clear water and soaked for 1-10 hours.
  2. An important step is the calcination of the bowl. In a bowl, pour oil and put mutton fat, and then calcined to haze and Golden colour of the oil. Some cooks suggest to prick with a fork the onion head and fry it in a pot almost to blackness, to give the oil its flavor. Of course, the bow then throw it away.
  3. Cut the meat into small cubes, removing all the fascia and tendons. Chopped onion half rings, carrots – oblong bars of 1 cm thickness.
  4. Into the cauldron goes the onion after 7 min meat. Once the meat will acquire a crispy crust, add the carrots and fry all together for 10 minutes.
  5. Comes the turn of spices and cereals. They spread on meat, then pour the boiling water. The water should cover rice with a layer of 1.5-2 cm. Boiling water is poured very carefully because it can compromise the integrity of the grits!
  6. Pilaf bring to a boil over high heat. Within 5-7 minutes, the water should boil away from the surface of the rice, then top to press the head of garlic (cleaned from the husk, but not separated), transferred to a moderate heat and cover with a lid. In no case should not be mixed zirvak and cereal portion before the risotto is ready!
  7. After 30 minutes the dish is ready! Rice and zirvak mix and serve with prunes or other dried fruits.

Pilaf of lamb in a slow cooker

This is a modern version of Oriental food, which experts pilaf and some refuse to call it that. Of course, this recipe is far from traditional art of cooking. However, the slow cooker allows you to get a good result, because pilaf is surprisingly rich and flavorful.

The necessary ingredients for cooking in a slow cooker:

  • 0.5 kg of mutton.
  • 2.5 multistone dlinnozernogo rice.
  • 5 multistation of boiling water.
  • 5 tablespoons of vegetable refined oil.
  • 1-2 onion head.
  • Carrots of medium size.
  • Head of garlic.
  • Spices.

Step-by-step recipe:

How to cook pilaf with lamb in Uzbek?
  1. As in the case of the cauldron, the bowl of a slow cooker can also be heated with vegetable oil – risotto is even tastier.
  2. In a heated bowl lay onion, fried it until Golden brown. Then add meat, then comes the turn of carrots. The sequence can be changed, it's important to start with the carrots, since it burns faster. Fry sirvac should be no more than 5-7 minutes.
  3. Vegetables meat should be evenly distributed on the bottom of the slow cooker, then add spices, pre-soaked rice and boiling water. Experts advise to pour the water using a slotted spoon or spatula so that the ingredients do not mix ahead of time, and the rice was spoiled.
  4. In the middle of the rice stick a head of garlic, cleaned from top husks. Close the slow cooker and set the mode "pilaf". If this mode is not available, you can choose "buckwheat" or "rice". In an extreme case, any slow cooker is equipped with a function of quenching at which the timer should be set for an hour.
  5. After the slow cooker will finish the work and notify the special signal, we should not rush to turn it off. It will switch to "heating" in which risotto should "walk" for half an hour. It is recommended that before "heated" mix thoroughly the dish. Before slow cooker is finished in native mode, the pilaf to interfere with impossible.

The secrets of the most tasty pilaf

According to ancient legend, the recipe of this pilaf of lamb shared with Uzbek warrior Tamerlane a Mullah. It is advised to use the old cauldron, oozing from the fat to the smell of divine food could come to Allah himself.

Experts say that in the legend there is truth – a traditional dish really turns out much tastier if you cook it in smoky, "checked" cauldron, scented pilaf.

Unfortunately, not every home owner there is a cast iron "rarity".

But there are other tricks that will help you to cook really good pilaf with lamb:

  • Selecting rice variety for the dish, not like Thai or Indian varieties. It is not recommended to take and parboiled rice – perhaps it will give the dish the desired consistency. It is best to cook rice from long grain varieties of cereals, among which are especially popular Uzbek virgins-Zira.
  • A lot depends on what part of the lamb to take for pilaf. It is advisable to choose breast, or shoulder blade. Will fit any back, the main thing – that the meat was fresh.
  • The third of the most important secrets to a successful risotto is the right choice of utensils. In a thin-walled pot of risotto will never work – it will simply burn up. Ideal cast iron cookware with thick walls and a rounded bottom evenly distributes heat. In a pot you can cook a dish over the fire. The best dishes for pilaf cauldron, but modern technologies allow to cook it in the bowl multivarki.
  • Spice is a matter of taste. But if you want to bring the dish to the classical version of Uzbek, experts recommend taking the ready mix on the market.

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