How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave: the easy and quick ways

This dish, the main component of which is the egg. From eggs it is characterized in that in it the yolk is mixed with protein or non-existent. Can be prepared with milk or without milk, in a pan, in the oven, in the microwave on a plate, Cup, mug, package.

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Such dishes can be divided into simple and multi-component. The first are those that contain only the eggs and salt, but no milk. In multi-component may include flour, semolina, vegetables, fruit, meat of birds and animals, fish, some milk and spices.

Will focus on how to prepare meals that are, for the most part, designed for the use of milk. This food is cooked even in a circle.

Pan or oven?

In contrast to the classical cooking in a frying pan, a dish in the microwave has several advantages:

  1. It's not.
  2. Does not contain carcinogens resulting from cooking (the perfect food for a child).
  3. Cook more quickly than on gas, electric stovetop or in the oven (about 2 minutes).
  4. The dish can be done even in the circle.

How to cook

How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave: the easy and quick ways
  1. In a bowl, without milk.
  2. In the glass.
  3. In a mug (Cup).
  4. In the package.

Why cook an omelet in the microwave?

First decide for someone trying. It can be scrambled in the microwave (in a mug or Cup), a loved one or a diet of scrambled eggs in the microwave without milk, which you decide to surprise their girlfriends.

Some Housewives only cook in the microwave, sometimes without milk. It does not necessarily reside in the kitchen.

We will focus on simple ways that save time (as with dairy ingredients and all, without milk), even in the circle.

The base recipe is on the plate (without milk)

To begin with – one-component composition without milk. On its basis you can create dishes the most complex of which is layered in a Cup.

To prepare one serving you will need:

  • Eggs – 2 PCs.
  • Salt – to taste.
  • Vegetable or low-fat butter (to grease the dishes).

Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Add salt.

Pour it all into a deep, greased plate and tighten it with cling film. Edge leave a small hole. You can tighten the dishes, but pierce film with a fork to give out a couple.

Put the dishes in the microwave. Set the convection mode at 720 and 900 W. Bake 40 seconds when the mode is 900 W or 50 seconds when the mode is 720 W. If the maximum mode of your furnace and 600 W, set 1 minute.

Using oven mitts, remove the plate, remove the film and stir contents with a fork. Return the film back in place. Bake at the same temperature for additional 45 (50 seconds or 1 minute, in accordance with the power).

If you look through the glass, see how it rises scrambled eggs in the microwave.

So lush dish without milk ready!

Put the product in the cold plate, garnish it with herbs or grated cheese.


To make the scrambled eggs in the microwave without milk turned out fluffy and not stuck to the walls of the vessels is better to use a glass pot with a capacity of up to 500 milliliters.

How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave: the easy and quick ways

The advantage of this method milk is that steam under pressure is only slightly lift the cover, and the upper part of the dish will acquire the proper shape.

Scrambled eggs can be done in a circle.

There is something to strive for!

A few times using the basic recipe, you will come to understanding how to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. But very soon this classic without milk bother you and those for whom you cook.

Then comes the time to develop a multicomponent method, bake foods in a glass, a mug, and even in the package!

Scrambled eggs with milk

This option differs from the baseline only because it has milk. It makes the taste richer than one where the use of milk is not provided. A dish for a child will be especially useful if you to use homemade products.

Prepare in a glass or mug! For some scrambled eggs this will cause the child's interest and will be eaten quickly.

Milk scrambled eggs in Cup in microwave

For the dish for two portions you will need:

  • Two eggs
  • 25 milliliters of milk
  • Salt.
  • Dill, parsley.
  • Two grams of vegetable oil.

Do not use homemade butter!

It is very fatty and can become attached to the walls and the bottom of the glass or mug.

  • Whisk the eggs, milk and add salt to taste.
  • Oil capacity with oil inside.
  • Pour the mixture into the cups (about half each).
  • Put the dishes in the oven.
  • Select mode 900 W and bake for 50 sec. Then pause so that the mixture settles. Get glasses, with a fork mix and put in the oven for another minute.
  • Invert the glass and dumped its contents on the small plates. These cones sprinkle chopped greens and put a little mayonnaise.


Before you mix the milk with the eggs, it should be slightly heated.

If your oven does not support 900 W, increase the time of each operation for 10 seconds.

This recipe is suitable for cooking in a mug. Since we will also use the word "Cup", let's define the concepts. Mug – tumbler with handle, the Cup low and wide container with two handles.

Scrambled eggs in a Cup in the microwave

How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave: the easy and quick ways

Prepared, as in a glass, only requires different proportions: four eggs, 50 milliliters of milk. Accordingly, the Cup need to take a big.

The time of the first baking – 1 minute 30 seconds in mode, 720 and 900 W. the Time for the second time is 30 seconds.

It is desirable to be around and watch as the egg rises, the mass that it does not fall out of the Cup.

Serve food, cut into four pieces and sprinkle with grated cheese.

A glass, mug or Cup?

To get several servings for guests, surprising them with the fragrant mass in the form of high cones, it is better to cook in a standard faceted glasses. Only, it is not very convenient: they heat up and slip out of gloves or mitts.

In a mug to cook more, have something to grab onto, but the material is not each mug is suitable for furnace.

Glass Cup – for the first time.

Scrambled eggs in a package in a microwave

Some Housewives used a plastic bag. The main argument is that the fluffiness of the eggs. But, if you decide on such an experiment, it is worth considering that conventional packages are not designed for significant heating. They release carcinogens that are harmful to health.

Therefore, wishing to prepare it in this way, you should look for special materials or to opt out of such options. Yet, according to some nutritionists, this method is unacceptable for the child.

Cooking in the package using the milk and can give results like this: after removal of the package formed on the surface of the potholes that leave particles of coagulated milk. That did not happen, should buy a fresh home or pasteurized milk. In General, the package should be prepared on the recommendations not involving the use of milk.

Shared secrets, subtleties and tips

  • The most delicious dishes out of fresh eggs and milk!
  • The appetizing yellow color of weight gain after adding 2 to 5 grams of turmeric (a spice made from the saffron family).
  • Before use, utensils must be warmed up.