How to create poofy hair?

Unfortunately, not all of us are by nature thick strands. And so I want to go out with big hair! Beautiful styling, creating the effect of health, romance and grooming at the same time – every woman's dream, regularly watching them.

How to create poofy hair?

How to give volume to long and short hair? By what methods it is possible to add pomp at the roots of thin hair? This you will learn by reading the useful tips from professional stylists.

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Care before laying

How to give hair volume at the roots, if they are by nature unruly and difficult to influence all sorts of means to care for the curls? Of course, I would like to get a result, not applying to this special effort.

He waved comb – and instantly created long hair the desired volume. But there it was!

Will have to work hard to get the effect of a lush head of hair, and best to start with the preparatory phase, namely the application of a special mask.

As much as you wanted to reincarnate, do not rush to create a stylish hairstyle, be patient and, above all, prepare a nourishing hair mask that will soften them visually will make it more dense, giving a substantial amount. The curls will look more healthy, manageable and shiny than before.

Try it at home, make a mask of honey and salt. Never heard of it? And she is able to give both thin and heavy hair great volume. To create the miracle remedy, take 200 g of sea salt.

In a coffee grinder grind it to a state of loose powder. Then heat the honey in a water bath and connect with the ground salt. Should turn out homogeneous in its consistency mixture. Allow to cool slightly, place a container with the resulting mass in a cool dark place at least a quarter of an hour. Now the tool can be safely used!

Apply the mask on the entire length of strands after putting on this special plastic cap for shower. This approach allows all useful components of the mixture to get deep into the hairs, adjusting their very structure.

Honey-salt should stay on hair for 15-20 minutes. You can then rinse and dry the head and courageously begin to create a bouffant.

Dry the head properly

How to create poofy hair?

How to give your hair essential volume with a flat iron, curler or special brush? Should look how to cope with this challenge, the stylists are professionals.

During the drying process the strands can work miracles hairdressing. Feel free to use simple techniques known to masters, and you can turn into a lion's mane, even the scanty and shabby rat tail.

Here are some tips that you can apply at home without the services of salon professionals:

  • before you switch on the Hairdryer, apply on the hair roots remedy foam designed to give hair the splendor; when you work with a Hairdryer, a little lift curls with fingers from the roots upward;
  • the alternative – tilt the head down and in a position to dry your hair;
  • buy store the brush rounded shape with a large diameter, it is better to choose a tool with natural bristles;
  • using this brush (a round brush), twisted strands, dry them with warm air, starting from the roots and to the tips;
  • in order not to negatively influence the structure of the hair, the hair dryer must be kept at a certain distance from the scalp of about ten centimeters;
  • after drying, take a fixation with the super-high Polish and drop the strands back.

Constructed on the head bouffant

Bouffant at the roots – a great way to give her hair the desired volume. Should they do after the curls thoroughly washed and well dried.

How to create poofy hair?

To give the hair the desired shape will help a comb with wide teeth. The upper part separate, curl in thick harness and clamp from the front.

The working area should be divided into three equal parts. Start doing the fleece from the top down from the neck (therefore, from the tips toward the roots).

Slowly work your way to the top. Then outside the region, separated at the beginning of the procedure, safesite ago. To consolidate the effect, spray the varnish of strong fixing. It gives the hair durability.

If you built on the head bouffant wish to know how to flatten it. Use the following method: the entire length of the strands, apply a special liquid balm and wait about 20 minutes.

Take two combs: first, use the one with rare, but large teeth, then the second with a subtle, but more frequent. The balm is washed off with warm water. Thanks to this gentle procedure, the structure of the hair are not disturbed. Tool nourishes the hair and smoothes the scales.

The use of the diffuser

What if the fleece is not quite what you need? Well, if the nozzle-diffuser, which you can use to obtain the desired effect.

Don't forget to apply on wet curls, foam or mousse. Divide the strands into zones and immerse them in a saucer diffuser. They should be placed around the protrusions. Head carefully tilt down and start to dry his head.

The Hairdryer should be kept so that the airflow direction had against the hair growth. Then they will not only dry, but also to sit up.

In order to achieve the effect of super-thick strands, lift them with your fingers, sheresheva hair. After that, the roots are fixed in a vertical position, which will give additional volume. Want to fix the result? On the hair spray some hairspray from a distance of 30 cm.

Luxuriant hair with curlers

To get lush hair, there is another way – a wrap hair using curlers. Regular or large hot rollers – you can use any of the options.

If you use these devices not for the first time, you know what result to expect from the procedure, and can choose the most suitable to the occasion curler. Keep in mind that termomont are used only on dried hair.

As in the previous case, it is important to put on each section of hair mousse or foam, so as subsequently to give the hair volume. Normal curlers hold on the head about 30 minutes, after which provide drying with a Hairdryer and carefully removed.

Hot rollers leave a quarter of an hour, and then gradually dismantled and cooled curls with a Hairdryer enjoyed the cold air. Strands, stranded thanks to the curlers, beat up his hands and fix a strong varnish.

Create beautiful volume with a Flatiron

How to create poofy hair?

Curl your locks using a regular iron to align your hair. This method is most suitable for busy women who don't have time for trendy styling. Easier to wash my hair, sometime to dry it and to collect hair in a ponytail.

But the styling irons do not require complicated manipulations. A little practice and you will get beautiful curls for everyday or special occasions.

Nowadays it is to do monotonous Curling Curling. An important feature irons – uniform steady conductivity. This tool will help to make a bulk hair, to give the desired direction of the strands to wind them in Hollywood-style or straighten and smooth. To create the three-dimensional image, do not select too wide tongs.

Make an elegant Quinceanera hairstyle is a snap. Regularly pay attention to your tresses: use special tools and care while washing, drying and styling – and you can easily achieve the desired effect!